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Team IDTeam NameLatest SeasonLink
513Spring 2011View Stats
8252012View Stats
4594 2017 SilverbacksView Stats
6842011 WinterballView Stats
30852013View Stats
31572014 SpringView Stats
6571View Stats
13032012View Stats
1852Monday Waipio LeagueView Stats
3789ScrimmagesView Stats
32607th GradeView Stats
3224 PACK View Stats
2860 PACK - AFTERMATHLake Andes Tourney 2017View Stats
2886 BLASTERSWinter Season 2013View Stats
5689 Carnage2017 sanctionView Stats
1743 DiablosInn league Fall 2012View Stats
4009 Elizabeth/Middle(North)2014/2015View Stats
3274 Magic Spring 2014View Stats
64950182018View Stats
285102 Carolina MayhemFall Season 2013View Stats
586607 Texas Glory (IL)View Stats
628608 Lilburn T-BirdsSpring/Summer 2018View Stats
18001.21 GigaSwatsWinter 2013View Stats
154210 NorthGarden City SummerView Stats
1023610 u madelia10 U Summer 2024View Stats
929100% REAL JUICE2014View Stats
803910u Charleston Shockers10u Spring 2021View Stats
69410u Diamond Batz2011 / 2012View Stats
194110U Gold 201310U Gold 2013View Stats
57210U Inferno2011View Stats
440810u Lady TitansFall 2015View Stats
610410U LSU TigersSpring 2018View Stats
52610U Mars FastpitchSpring 2011View Stats
947510u Red10u Red Summer 2023View Stats
1001310u springSpring 24View Stats
840910u Vista10u All StarsView Stats
486310U York Fusion Gold2016View Stats
1807111114 U FALLView Stats
863111:11 Burgers 2021 Fall BallView Stats
727812 gauge12 gauge summeView Stats
19012 U StormView Stats
819712U Boonville Pioneers2021View Stats
268212U Crushers2013 SummerView Stats
238312U Giants Lodi2013View Stats
352212U Gold2014 ASView Stats
645912U Mass Drifters2018 12U DriftersView Stats
360712U otsego knights sgsView Stats
582912u Scotia StormSummer 2017View Stats
653012U Tuffy2018 BBYSL 12UView Stats
500113 U Mad City Crush STATS FOR SUMMER 2016View Stats
297613u PinkFlamesFALL BALL 2013View Stats
740914 KaratPWGFS Fall 2019View Stats
1023714u 20242024 SeasonView Stats
619114U Blue AngelsView Stats
437914U CometsFall BallView Stats
113314U Diamonds2011-2012View Stats
646614U Euclid Fastpitch2018 SummerView Stats
156614U Indiana Waverunners Orange2011-2012View Stats
530714U Lady Explorers - Holzinger2017 TravelView Stats
564614U Rensselaer #12017 Summer League View Stats
862014U Thunder 2021-20222021-2022 14U Thunder View Stats
767716 U Double Deuces2020 Summer View Stats
415716U Fire Storm 2015 Summer All-StarsView Stats
330717 OWS2014 Wednesday NightsView Stats
578518th Amendment2017View Stats
502118U INDY HURRICANES2016View Stats
518018U Ruckus MartinezFall 2016View Stats
431118U SJ Gators - Maronski18 SJ Gators 2015-2016View Stats
851719 OSS19 Wing League 2021View Stats
52081901 Baltimore Orioles1901View Stats
12671st and 10 Softball2012 Bethel Businessmen's LeagueView Stats
4521st Lutheran Team DunsheeBemidi Chuch LeagueView Stats
47711st Round DraughtsInaugural Season - 2016 SummerView Stats
59462 Out Storm 12UFall 2017View Stats
3182011 Marlins2011 MarlinsView Stats
7432011 St. E Lady Hornets2011 Fall High SchoolView Stats
13242012 10U Flames/Worth2012 10UView Stats
27642013 Balls Deep Friday 2013 Friday SummerView Stats
36562013 Catonsville Chaos 14U2013-2014View Stats
19392013 Clover Hill HS Varsity Varsity 2013View Stats
18582013 Spring Softball Spring 2013View Stats
37492014 Catonsville Chaos 14U2014-2015View Stats
20212014 Heavener Slow-Pitch2013 S-PView Stats
36442014 jhbstats2014 ALL STARSView Stats
33362014 KnightsVarsity 2014View Stats
32782014 MSO Villagers Black2014 spring/summerView Stats
36832014 U16 Michigan OutlawsSummer 2014View Stats
41382015 Lady Scots2015View Stats
43882015 Wildfire (U10)2015 Tournament SeasonView Stats
51842016 FallBall Valley Cats2016 FallBallView Stats
57152017 TC Band of Brothers2017 6's WildView Stats
55352017 Tipton Varsity SoftballView Stats
54292017 Wilmington Wildcats JV2017 JV HSView Stats
67032018 Fall East Bay Chiefs2018 Fall Extreme LeagueView Stats
66722018 Fall East Bay Chiefs2018 Fall Extreme LeagueView Stats
71462019 10USpring 2019View Stats
72672019 12u AR All Stars2019 All StarsView Stats
70502019 Angels2019 AngelsView Stats
70272019 Edinboro 9-10 Softball Spring 2019View Stats
68892019 GLL AngelsGLL 2019View Stats
69012019 JV Spring Millers2019 Spring JVView Stats
71332019 PVHS All 3A Stats2019 3A Region Overall StatsView Stats
66302021 14u CentralCentral Fall Ball 2018View Stats
86112021 MT jr high softball2021 MT softballView Stats
75982021 Varsity Lady Brahmas2021 varsity Lady BrahmasView Stats
91682021-20222021 - 2022View Stats
88242022 Champion Softball2022 Champion SoftballView Stats
91152022 Hannibal Legion2022 Hannibal LegionView Stats
91072022 VW JV2022View Stats
95852023 Griffins2023View Stats
97182023 Indy Edge2023 Spring/SummerView Stats
94872023 Rappanannock JV Softball2024 rhs softball jvView Stats
95452023 Sylacauga JV2023 Sylacauga JVView Stats
96022023 W-P&RSpring 2023View Stats
96622024 GVGS Dairy Queen2023 J07 Dairy QueenView Stats
4171219 Hitmen2015 NSAView Stats
649322-23 USUE Softball 2019 PVHSView Stats
947423 Sherwood JV2023View Stats
416727th ward2015 SummerView Stats
1025728 SFSIntermuralsView Stats
64002J Crew / M3 / Unified2018View Stats
70913 Sons Bar & Grill3 Sons Spring 2019View Stats
26553 statesshubert 2013View Stats
141360 Mafia2011View Stats
18713D Fastpitch Softball2012-2013View Stats
4003401 Kings2015 AtwoodView Stats
405745+ AvalonSummer 2015View Stats
197945th Street Pub2014 Spring Sunday MorningsView Stats
16984th LinersNorman LeagueView Stats
33785 Mob CCG2014 Softball 5 CCGView Stats
50225 O'clock HittersFall SeasonView Stats
407750 Caliber - Avalon2015View Stats
14305thboro2012View Stats
5425611 Walker Texas RangersSpring 1 2017View Stats
30036969summer 2013View Stats
5827th Grade East M.2014 7thView Stats
100557th Grade Softball2024View Stats
5238850 Boys2017 Half CenturyView Stats
1020387 LRSLast SeasonView Stats
183488 StitchesView Stats
49458U All StarsAll StarsView Stats
59998u Creeks Crushers Fall 2017Fall2017View Stats
102588u Development SirensSummer RecView Stats
9688u lady tigers8 u 2012View Stats
63038U Monrovia #2View Stats
53788U NBGSA PRIDEView Stats
55419/10 Allstars2017 League BallView Stats
362392 AMXSAMXS 2015View Stats
933199 Problems2022-23View Stats
180399 Stl Esprit West1st Year 14U - 2013View Stats
39259th Grade SoftballSpring 2015View Stats
26409th Maroon Rangers2013View Stats
4729A CO 707th SoftballSpring 2016 Unit LevelView Stats
7229A Team Has No Name2019View Stats
8287A. HansenMidwest Speed 2021View Stats
9293AA fitness2022View Stats
3004AA Mizuno - Coronado2013 FallView Stats
7896Aarhus Royals2020View Stats
5920abc123Summer 2017View Stats
9942Aberdeen Bulldogs2024 SeasonView Stats
1277abmmseMB2012View Stats
1444abmmseMCMustang Cadette 2012View Stats
648Abusement ParkFall 2012View Stats
5461AC JV WolvesAC 2017View Stats
3658Academy EliteSummer 2014View Stats
6261accubid concreteView Stats
10182Ace Pools Moose2024View Stats
5247Aces2017View Stats
9158Aces 2022 PlayoffsView Stats
2808AcmeFall 2013View Stats
6193ACME ACARC PITCH 2018View Stats
3860ACS Rams2015 Lady RamsView Stats
1911ACS/HMSVB Grapefruit LeagueView Stats
2092ActioNetSpring 2013View Stats
9185Acton Lightning 12USummer 2022View Stats
7198Acton’sOSMSP 2019View Stats
7802Acworth Methodist Red Team2020 Fall seasonView Stats
446Ada HS-2011View Stats
2626Adjudicators2013View Stats
550Admin2011 BG/WCView Stats
3164Admiral Risty2014 - SPRINGView Stats
2711Adrenaline18U 2013View Stats
202AdrenalineSpring 2011View Stats
4312Adrenaline - WhiteSpring 2015 (14U)View Stats
5017Adrian Lookouts 16U2016View Stats
2830Advanced Air & HeatSummer 2013View Stats
7283Advantax2019 STC Men's Thursday NightView Stats
9678AFOA 2023View Stats
2456After HoursSpring 2013View Stats
6306Aftermath2018View Stats
908AftermathSPring RAC OpenView Stats
2833Afternoon DelightSpring 2013View Stats
2179Afternoon Delight2013 Spring, Melas ParkView Stats
8647Afterschock 12UFall View Stats
3023AftershockFall Ball 2013View Stats
1160aftershockaprilView Stats
3188Aftershock2014 TournamentView Stats
2419Aftershock2013View Stats
216AftershocksSpringView Stats
656AftershocksFall 2011-HURST WomensView Stats
9002Agent BrendaRec LeagueView Stats
8671Agentes libres Temporada 2021View Stats
3724AGSL GatorsFall 2014 Rec LeagueView Stats
7332Aguilas SoftballTorneo 2019View Stats
4703AHS JV 20172016 View Stats
4470AHS Lady JacketsView Stats
7356AHS Ladybug softball2018View Stats
3716Ainsleys AngelsFall 2014View Stats
7435Air Guard Softball2019 Fall BallView Stats
6776Aitkin Gobblers Softball2019View Stats
8579Ak deer creek 2021Jv deer creek 2021 View Stats
5537AK Div 5Winter 2017View Stats
6731Alacranes2018 - All WorldView Stats
3356Alanson Vikings2014 Varsity SoftballView Stats
4506Albertus Magnus College Falcons2016View Stats
1944Alchesay High School2013 Divison IIIView Stats
756Alcoa Tornadoes2011-2012View Stats
1669AlcoballicsSpring 2012View Stats
8592AlcoballicsFALL MENS TUESDAYSView Stats
4310AlcoballicsFall 2015View Stats
2214AlcoballicsAlcoballics 2013View Stats
7118Alcoholics2019 - SpringView Stats
7097AlcoholicsSummer 2019View Stats
7637alcottAlcott 2020 SlowpitchView Stats
9470Alfred Coffee2024 SeasonView Stats
1118All Day Everyday2012 SummerView Stats
5255All In / Tesh Groceries2017 Tournament SeasonView Stats
3021All Out Kaos2014 Tournsport TournamentsView Stats
9572All StarrsSpring 2023View Stats
984Allegany JV2012 Allegany JVView Stats
2889Allen & Co. TradersFall 2013View Stats
3212Allen Canaries2016 Varsity SeasonView Stats
3377Allendale Falcons2014 Softball SeasonView Stats
3176Allergy PartnersSpring Season 2014View Stats
1804Alley CatsWinter 2012View Stats
2606Alley Cats14UView Stats
12AllianzSummerView Stats
500alliewinter/springView Stats
7920AlliRyan.comNorth Florida Pride 14u-View Stats
7901AlliRyan.com14U North Florida Pride View Stats
8944Allison2022View Stats
9197Allston RatsMay 2022View Stats
6102Allyb-AASA142018 SpringView Stats
9437Almany Market2023View Stats
3301ALMANZA 10U2014View Stats
3937Aloha Warriors2015View Stats
3977Alpine 12u2015 RecView Stats
3973Alpine 14u2015 RecView Stats
2018Alvord Softball2013 Varsity SoftballView Stats
1648Always Picked LastMens Fall League 2012View Stats
7012Always Something2019View Stats
6941AMADSpring 2019View Stats
7044Amarillo Freeze2019 Spring SeasonView Stats
3313AmazonAmazon Spring 2014View Stats
5651AMBC2017 "C"View Stats
4194AMBCRichmond Hill SoftballView Stats
7448Ambler eXpress Teal 12U2019 FallView Stats
8564Ambush2021View Stats
3435America's Pastime2014View Stats
7615American Athletics2020View Stats
187American Athletics2011View Stats
3370American Blind & ShutterSpring 2014 C-2View Stats
8662American Freedom Fall 2022View Stats
8655American Freedom 2K12Fall '21View Stats
1193American GladiatorsDbrn 2012 TuesdaysView Stats
2611American Pastime - SGVSummerView Stats
7772American Thunder ATX 16USummer 2020View Stats
4827AmeriFirst Homers2016View Stats
8278Amesbury 20222022 TournamentView Stats
519Amherst2011View Stats
4560Amherst Comets 20162016View Stats
6678Amite School CenterFall 2018View Stats
8230Amity Warriors2022View Stats
10286Ammon AthleticsSpring 2024View Stats
6403Amsterdam Rams2018View Stats
4913Amwell AttitudeSpring/Summer 2016View Stats
7625Anadarko2020 Slow Pitch View Stats
5891AnadarkoView Stats
7814Anadarko Lady WarriorsFall 2020View Stats
6566anarchy2018View Stats
2025AnarchyAnarchy 2013View Stats
5072Angel2017View Stats
677angela vsummer 2011View Stats
2335AngelosSummer 2013View Stats
3616Angels2014 districtsView Stats
4691AngelsSpring - N.E.P.L.View Stats
1790ANGELSwinterView Stats
5044AngelsSeason 1View Stats
6136Angels2018View Stats
8471Angels 12U 2021View Stats
2417Angels Softball2013 Softball LeagueView Stats
5968Ankeny XtremeFall 2017View Stats
4610Anna Rockets 20162016View Stats
6978Annapolis Cougars JVSpring 19View Stats
2876AntidotesFallView Stats
7729Anvil NWView Stats
8199Apache High School2021 SlowpitchView Stats
5989APG'sFALL 2017View Stats
3470Apple Valley EaglesSpring/Summer 2014View Stats
394Appliance WorldSpring 2011View Stats
6369Appliance World2018 SpringView Stats
4292Apponaug PrideTravel 2015View Stats
8495AquaBlastersRegular SeasonView Stats
2575Arcadia 10U GoldAll-star TournamentsView Stats
3646Archbold 14USummer 2014View Stats
8205Archie Moore'sView Stats
838ardrossan xtreme2012 View Stats
3447Arecibo2014View Stats
3832ArgonautsView Stats
472Argos High School2010-2011View Stats
7422Arizona BallhogsFall 2019View Stats
4344Arkansas Assassins2015 League/TournamentView Stats
757Arkansas Team WorthFall 2011View Stats
471Arlington 12U2011View Stats
3996Arlington Softball2015 Spring JVAView Stats
9644Armageddon2023View Stats
8921Armstrong Fastpitch2023 VarsityView Stats
1847Armstrong High School SoftballSpring 2013View Stats
5826Armuchee Lady Indians 12UDistrict 5 All-StarsView Stats
7774Arnold's Concrete2020 summer View Stats
4414Arrowhead CadillacFall / Spring 2015View Stats
3731Arrrrgh!!!Fall 2014View Stats
865ArsenalArsenal 2012View Stats
3851ASH LADY TROJANS2015 Season for Lady TrojansView Stats
688Astoria2011 Fall Ball View Stats
3292Astro LadiesAstro 2014View Stats
9691Astros23View Stats
4927Astros2016View Stats
261AstrosVarsity 2011View Stats
2564AsylumAsylum-2013View Stats
10125ATC Softball2024 ICLView Stats
5145Athleticos Playoffs2016 Championship SeriesView Stats
189ATK/A-1 MARKET/SUTTON SALVAGE2011 Mens PreseasonView Stats
1968Atlanta Bombers2013 Coed TourneyView Stats
6563Atlanta BravesBonBon Dominican LeagueView Stats
6916AtlantaWildD2019 Spring SeasonView Stats
32Atlantis: The Lost BarYear OneView Stats
10259Atmostphere Electric2024 - SummerView Stats
1557Attack2012View Stats
2104Attention DeficitSpring 2013View Stats
3912Attica Ramblers2015View Stats
3796Austin EliteFall 2014View Stats
636austin wildbatsView Stats
1838austinballbustersSoftball Austin Spring 2013 WView Stats
3407Austinwoods2014View Stats
2382Autocatalyst GrizzliesSummer 2013View Stats
7892Automotive Triage2020View Stats
9899Automotive Triage / Haterz2023View Stats
5245AV Venom 8u Gold All StarsSpring 2017View Stats
3498Avalanche/Miken2014 Alaska ASA Tournament SeasonView Stats
10243Avalon Meat Candy 50's 2024 50's SeniorView Stats
2760Average Joes2011View Stats
2895Average Joe\'sFall 2013 CO-EDView Stats
4791Average Throws2016View Stats
7167AVGS Silver WarriorsAll StarsView Stats
2670Avon Protection SystemsPines 2013View Stats
3709AWest JV2014View Stats
6951AWFBAWFB 19View Stats
48AXE JohnsonSummer 2010View Stats
4273Axia Loan Rangers2015 Summer LeagueView Stats
5888Axiom Engineering2017 Fall Mens LeagueView Stats
7434AXion Bad News BearsFall 2019View Stats
9040AXXIS/POG 2022View Stats
4490Aylmer BullsSt. Thomas Men's Slo-PitchView Stats
878AZ BombersSpring 2012View Stats
3797AZ Dream Team2014View Stats
3798AZ Dream Team2014View Stats
6712AZ HotshotsFall 2018 / Spring 2019View Stats
4426AZ Outlaws 2015View Stats
5755AZ OutlawsSummer 2017View Stats
9144Azle Storm 12 U All Stars 2022All stars 2022View Stats
3230Azle ThunderSpringView Stats
2321B & A Sundance2013 B& A SundanceView Stats
3466B Squad2014 SummerView Stats
5576B-Town HitmenView Stats
1246B.A.G.Spring 2012View Stats
6657B.X TransformersView Stats
9816B52 Crew2023 Oxford Fall CoedView Stats
6832B6 TIGERSLAS SWING 2019View Stats
9697B8zims solo2023View Stats
5905Baby Got Bat17' PM Coed Deptford FallView Stats
5298Back In ActionAmes Park and RecView Stats
9825BackDoor SlidersFall 2023View Stats
6009Backyard all stars Winter Mens League View Stats
1931Bad IntentionsTournamentView Stats
615Bad Ju-JuSpring 2011View Stats
8345Bad News BeersView Stats
7725Badaxxes2020 Timber Lounge Badaxxes Co-ed EView Stats
3083Badger Freshmen2014View Stats
4561BadgerBlitzCalypso 2016View Stats
7187Badgers Spring 19View Stats
6691Badmojo2018View Stats
5186BAE SYSTEMS2016View Stats
6483Bag Taggers2018 SJMSPLView Stats
9745BagBoysSummer 2023View Stats
931Bahia Vista Mennonite2012 Spring SeasonView Stats
1539Bait Gone WildTuesday NightView Stats
1582Bait Gone Wild Brew CrewFall 2012View Stats
7548baker roofing spring season View Stats
166Bakersfield College Softball2011 Spring View Stats
2660Ball BustersSeason 14View Stats
3730Ball BustersFall 2014View Stats
4867Ball Busters2017 summerView Stats
6011Ball BustersFall 2017View Stats
9800Ball FondlersDairyland Classic 2023 (Milwaukee)View Stats
8749BallbariansView Stats
7071BalledgeSummer 2019View Stats
1999Ballers DeepSpringView Stats
1318Ballpark2012View Stats
4652Balls and ChainsSummerView Stats
9263Balls and DollsSalem FallView Stats
537Balls DeepMcknight FridaysView Stats
2352Balls DeepASL summer 2013View Stats
535Balls Deep TuesdayGoodrich TuesdaysView Stats
5701Balls N' DollsSummer 2017View Stats
6918balls to the faceSpring 2018View Stats
1707balls to the wall:Fall 2012 Mixed EView Stats
3606BallsNDolls2014 Summer SoccoView Stats
7381ballstothefacefall 2019View Stats
4762Ballz DeepSeason 3 - SummerView Stats
647Ballz DeepSummer View Stats
7653Ballz Deep Alaska2020 LeagueView Stats
4631Bamberg- Ehrhardt B Team 2016View Stats
6531bandits2018 SummerView Stats
5941BanditsFall 2017View Stats
9435Bandits2023 SeasonView Stats
1371Bandits2012View Stats
7819Bandits2020 Covid CupView Stats
608Bandits2011 Mens View Stats
5780Bandits2019View Stats
9596Bandits2023 Mens View Stats
2479bandits2013View Stats
5819Bandits 12U12U - 2018View Stats
4792Bank of the West2016View Stats
2748Bank Street OutlawsSummer 2013View Stats
9657BansheesSpring 2023View Stats
5927BanterFall 2017 Wednesday NightsView Stats
536banzaisummerView Stats
1142Barberton Illusion'sSEGA 2012View Stats
2777Barn MuckersJuly 21st 2013 ForwardView Stats
2803Barnsdall2013-2014View Stats
3669barnum2014View Stats
4760barnwelll high school2016View Stats
6969Barrington Bandits 14u2019 SpringView Stats
8942Barrington Fillies JV22022View Stats
7005Barrington KnightsSpring 2019View Stats
7317Barrington Lightning Travel Team District 14U View Stats
935Bartlett2012View Stats
7583Bartram Trail Softball2001View Stats
4974Base Invaders2016View Stats
7341Base InvadersSummer 2019View Stats
8299Base InvadersSummer CoedView Stats
593baselinerssummer2011View Stats
2791basil2013 View Stats
7576Bassett JVSoftball JVView Stats
9904Bat Attitudes Fall 2View Stats
9196Bat Attitudes2022 SpringView Stats
4306Bat Flip SinglesState Tourney 8/1View Stats
6931Bat Hombres2019View Stats
9345Bat IntentionsChicks With Sticks October 2022View Stats
8397Batavia Blue Devils2022View Stats
2220Batbusters2013 BatbustersView Stats
6686Batbusters 12U JP2018View Stats
619Batbusters Mcgovernspring 2011View Stats
63BatsGirls AAA 2010View Stats
2859Bats2013 SPRING/FALLView Stats
10133Batteraves2024View Stats
9631BATTITUDESSPA 2023View Stats
4664BattitudeView Stats
9681BattitudeView Stats
1007Battitudes2012View Stats
3906Battle Creek Central2015View Stats
4794Battlefords BanditsView Stats
7032Bay Animal Hospital2019 Bay County Softball MinorsView Stats
504bay rocketsogso 2011View Stats
6119Bayou2018View Stats
7672BB2020View Stats
4921BB SBA12016View Stats
2951BBBCrec leagueView Stats
9445BBI Y7South Eastern ZoneView Stats
1905BCHS Eagles2013 View Stats
907BCHS Rangerettes2012View Stats
5278BDBView Stats
4826Bear Base2016 PRE-SEASONView Stats
1005Bear Lake Bears2012View Stats
4274Bear Mountain HighlandersView Stats
1588bears winterView Stats
2538BearsJunior League 2013View Stats
341BearsSpring 2011View Stats
1835Bears softball clubView Stats
2663Bears Summer GamesSummer 2013View Stats
2943Beasts of BurbonBeasts of BurbonView Stats
3496Beauties&Beasts2014 Regular SeasonView Stats
3485Beaver Fever2014 MDSLView Stats
5337Beaverton BeaversView Stats
1875Beef O\'Brady\'s Villages2013 ISSA World ChampionshipView Stats
1921Beefs Brew CrewWinter 2013View Stats
1013Beer Club2012 SpringView Stats
6463Beer View Mirror2018 Summer SeasonView Stats
9252Beerly LegalMens Fall SoftballView Stats
2783Bell Shoals Church of ChristSummer 2013View Stats
8665Belle AireFallView Stats
1042Belle Plaine Softball2012View Stats
3037BellesSpring 2014View Stats
9277BellihammersCOB FallView Stats
6797Belmont bruins2019 seasonView Stats
2849Belmont DucksSummer2013View Stats
9346Belmont Redwood Shores Youth Softball AssociationFall Ball 2022View Stats
5349Belvidere JV2017View Stats
6207Ben BoltView Stats
831Bench WarmersSpringView Stats
6153BenchwarmersSpring '18View Stats
6194BenchwarmersSpring 2018View Stats
703Bencwarmers2011View Stats
434bend lava bears2011View Stats
4111Benson Softball2015View Stats
2648Benzie Central JV2013 JVView Stats
4616Berks Catholic High School2016View Stats
967Beth MeyerMOTTSA SPRING 2012View Stats
1927BethelBethel 2013View Stats
9377Bethel Christian MS SoftballMiddle School 22-23View Stats
2638Bethel FWB2013View Stats
5327Bethel HighSpring 2017View Stats
570Bethlehem Boltz2011View Stats
1967Betsy Layne LadyCats2012-2013View Stats
4872Bettendorf Freshman 20162016View Stats
6166Bettendorf Lil' Dawgs 10U BlackSpring 2018View Stats
8597Bevier C-4Softball 2021-22View Stats
5391BF Badgers2017View Stats
8158BG Bearcats 2021BG BEARCATS TRAVEL 10U SUMMER 2021View Stats
2573BGM2013View Stats
6816BHP JV Softball2019 JV SoftballView Stats
2118BHS Freshmen 2013 SeasonView Stats
9991BHS Indians2024View Stats
428BHS JV Softball team2010-2011View Stats
2072BHS Softball2013View Stats
2117BHS Sophomore 2013 soph gamesView Stats
943BHS/JVJV 2010View Stats
1271Bi County Thunder 12u12u spring/summerView Stats
1908Big Booty BallasIM Softball 2013View Stats
3763Big Boys2013 FallView Stats
1615Big Dirty2012View Stats
7191Big Joes2019View Stats
391BIG SHOTSmens mountain softball leagueView Stats
5290Big spring Hs2017View Stats
6355Big Spring Hurricanes Spring 2018 10U View Stats
2185Big Stick PlayersArizona LeagueView Stats
7393Big TunasFall 19View Stats
2366BileKolecko2013View Stats
7799Bill PicklesBill Pickles 2020View Stats
3266Bill's BombersSpring 2014View Stats
8838Biscayne BaesSpring 2022 - Peacock ParkView Stats
1294Biscuitssummer 2012View Stats
8091Bishop Brossart JVSoftball 2021View Stats
3471BisonSpring 2014View Stats
9593Bitches and ballsHudson valley tournament View Stats
1764BJHS2012 BJHSView Stats
51BKS-17SUMMERView Stats
4491BKW SoftballSpring 2016View Stats
3123Black & Yellow2014View Stats
3598Black & Yellow Softball2014 TournamentsView Stats
9658Black Astros2023View Stats
1308Black BassSummer 2012View Stats
899Black Diamonds2012View Stats
1202Black DragonsRecreational (Minors)View Stats
5998Black Magic2017 FallView Stats
2290Black MagicSpring 2013View Stats
10249Black Panthers2024 Spring 12uView Stats
6189Black River Softball BR Softball 2019View Stats
4141Black Sox2015 Lehigh Valley UnlimitedView Stats
5688Black SoxView Stats
2471Black Widow SoftballSpring 2013View Stats
3217Black Widows10u Spring 14View Stats
9382Black WidowsFall 2022View Stats
5807Blackhawk Spring '17View Stats
1096BlackJacks 20122012 SpringView Stats
5134BlackJax Softball2016 (Fall)View Stats
5502BlacksoxCentral Park Softball 2017View Stats
5494Blacksox2017 Central Park SpringView Stats
9297BlackWidowsfall 2023View Stats
9588Blaine RegulatorsBlaineView Stats
1980Blair SoftballBlair 2013View Stats
544Blanchester Summer Softball2011 Blanchester Summer Softball LeagueView Stats
4455BlastWinterView Stats
569Blast 18U2011View Stats
1397Blaze BlackSpring/Summer 2012View Stats
4960Blaze United2016 Blaze UnitedView Stats
817Blaze-HamScrimmageView Stats
79Blaze99Oregon ASA 2010View Stats
2712BlazersSummer Travel BallView Stats
423Blazers 2011summer 2011View Stats
4999Blazing MallardsSummer 2016View Stats
1923BLDMPlaying aroundView Stats
9032Bleecker PigeonsView Stats
10217Bleecker Pigeons 20242024View Stats
6661BlessedKing's men softball 2018View Stats
5385Blind Brook Softball 20172017 Varsity SoftballView Stats
74BlizzardHeritage JVView Stats
5627BlizzardBlizz2017View Stats
8995Blizzards2022 SpringView Stats
147blodysglovesloaloaView Stats
6487Blood, Sweat, and BeersKickball Summer - 18View Stats
4604Bloomer JV 20162016View Stats
846blue2012View Stats
3076Blue AngelsSpring 2014View Stats
3235Blue Angels2014 SeasonView Stats
7745Blue Angels Gold2020 SummerView Stats
4696Blue Bulls2016 SummerView Stats
9568BLUE DEVILS 12U2023 Spring 12UView Stats
492Blue DiamondsSpring/Summer 2011View Stats
10230Blue FlamesAll stars 2024View Stats
5677Blue Jays2017 Regular SeasonView Stats
71Blue JaysUSDA LEAGUEView Stats
10148Blue Jays2024 Spring 10uView Stats
470Blue Jays2011 Girls Majors Fastpitch Softball View Stats
4937Blue JaysView Stats
5680Blue Label2017 SummerView Stats
5313Blue LightningSpring 17'View Stats
3492Blue Monkey2014View Stats
755Blue MoosezSportzone-NovemberView Stats
597Blue Thunder2011 All-StarsView Stats
1099BLUE THUNDERSpring 2012View Stats
3850Blue Thunder 032015View Stats
5158Blue Thunder 032017View Stats
4544Blue Thunder 032016View Stats
4031Blue TuesdaySummer 2015 TarrytownView Stats
2242Blue Wave2013View Stats
5306Blue Wave Tony Hull2016-2017View Stats
5996BlueberriesBlueberries Fall Ball 2017View Stats
649BluejaysFallBall 2011View Stats
1289Blumshapiro2012View Stats
2059BM Lady Eagles VarsitySpring 2012View Stats
1015BMHS2012View Stats
4946BMWL 20162016View Stats
7512Bo Jackson2020View Stats
560BoardsBoards Fall 2011View Stats
7524Bob's Boys Spr/Sum 2019Spring Summer 2019View Stats
8275[email protected]2021View Stats
7499Bobbleheads - Fall BallFall PlayoffsView Stats
9561BobCatsFreshman season View Stats
3491bobcats2014View Stats
1116Bobcat\'sSpring 2012View Stats
5753Bobs Tires2017 SoftballView Stats
6750Boca BaronSpring 2019View Stats
3120BODY BY BISCUITS214 tournamentView Stats
4050Body Mechanics 2015 10am MensView Stats
2100Bogalusa LadyJacks2013View Stats
3536BOHS JV 2015Spring 2015View Stats
9978BoltsSpring 2024View Stats
9559Bomb Squad2023 Shelton Men's FallView Stats
4086Bomb SquadHopkins 2015View Stats
5489Bomb SquadSpring 2017View Stats
4004Bomb SquadHopkins parkView Stats
7939Bomb Squad 12U20/21View Stats
8882BombersSpringView Stats
558Bombers2011 BombersView Stats
9430BOMBERSView Stats
577Bombers2011 Tuesday BombersView Stats
1290Bombers2012 SaratogaView Stats
904BombersSpringView Stats
2200Bombers2013View Stats
1100Bombers2012 Monday BombersView Stats
709Bombers2011 Hanahan RecView Stats
1935Bombers2013View Stats
1717BombersWinter BallView Stats
113BombersFall - Sunday MorningsView Stats
5960BombersFall 2017View Stats
7033BombersSummer - SavageView Stats
3610Bombers firefightersLowell Sunday Co-edView Stats
4411BomberzFall SeasonView Stats
7655Bombs Away 13UBombs Away 13UView Stats
7656Bombs Away 13UBombs Away 13UView Stats
4177BombSquadspringView Stats
9700Bondurant Bluejays- JV2023View Stats
2392bone crushersSummer SoftballView Stats
6440BonesquadSunnyvale D1 - MondaysView Stats
8051Bonners Ferry BADGERSSpring 2021View Stats
5428Bonneville BeesSchool 2017View Stats
7652Booder HillView Stats
6435BoomSpring 2018View Stats
2646Boom!2013View Stats
826Boom! Protein EverywhereWinter 2012View Stats
6910Boonton JV BombersSpring 2019View Stats
1288Borden A\'s2012View Stats
7739Borrachos2020 coronaView Stats
105borrachosmountain mens softballView Stats
106BORRACHOSMensMountainSoftballLeagueView Stats
9341Bosch Legacy Season 1View Stats
3628bosnbubbaAttleboroView Stats
4372Boston BravesFall Standard Coed WeeknightView Stats
10060Botkins Softball 2024View Stats
3438Bottoms Up!SpringView Stats
1231Bouck ElectricBouck Summer 2012View Stats
155Bourbon County Softball ClubBCSC 8th GradeView Stats
2985Bowlegs Lady BisonFastpitch 2013View Stats
8690BownetView Stats
729bownet diamonds18 gold winter seasonView Stats
5782Bownet MarciaSummer 2017View Stats
1791Boyz of SummerThe Villages 2012View Stats
9084BPBL Bronco BruinsSpring 2022View Stats
1263BPCA Spartans2012 SoftballView Stats
1441BPFDBelle PlaineView Stats
1966BR Tiger SoftballDistrictView Stats
2487Bradford Braves2013View Stats
6936Bradley Gardens Fire SoftballView Stats
9190Brainerd 16U 2022Summer 2022View Stats
2766Brandon Impulse2013View Stats
7309Brass Monkey2019 - Liberty HeightsView Stats
3297Brat PackSpring 2014View Stats
9806Braves2023View Stats
4884Braves Softball2016View Stats
5477BRAVETTESView Stats
3025Breakaways2013/14 - B2View Stats
5930Breaking BallsWinter 2017View Stats
3412Breaking BallsNHSSC SpringView Stats
5138Breaking BatsFall 2016View Stats
6827Breaking BatsSEASON 6View Stats
3311Breaking BatsSpring 2014View Stats
1805BreezeWinter 2012View Stats
4381Breeze Fall View Stats
7123Brentwood Fire2019View Stats
6716Brew BurgersVenice Winter Wed LeagueView Stats
2940Brew CrewNorwich Fall 2013View Stats
5808Brew Crew2017View Stats
384BREW CREWSeason 3 Mens d1/d2View Stats
1125Brew CrewView Stats
2614Brew Crew2013View Stats
6556Brew JaysWinter 2019View Stats
2437Brew JaysMixed 2013View Stats
7017BrewersPlayoffs 2019View Stats
8801Brews N CuesSpring 22 Friday Night E CompView Stats
1211brewster 1Brewster 1 12' LLView Stats
8863Brian's DukesSpring 22View Stats
3948BriannaLL2015View Stats
6188Briar Cliff JV Softball2018 JV Softball SeasonView Stats
6996Briarcliff2019View Stats
5373Brick Bombers BlackTournamentsView Stats
381brickcitySeason 1 - Union 2011View Stats
3974Brickstown Bucs2019 Spring Training - AA SportsView Stats
3529Bridgeport IndiansTourneyView Stats
2277bridgeport suspectsbpt coed 2013View Stats
3562Bridget2014 JVView Stats
1362Bridgewater FirefightersRecreation 2012View Stats
5060Bridgewater PanthersSummer 2016View Stats
2138Bridgewater Raritan JV Softball2013View Stats
368Bridgewater Raynham HS2011View Stats
5055BrightcoveSummer/Fall 2016View Stats
8449Brighton2021View Stats
539Brimfield Lady Indians2011View Stats
568Brinkley FurnitureTournamentsView Stats
3969brisan2015View Stats
9945British Open PubSpring 2024View Stats
3048Brittne Zobrist2014 SpringView Stats
3387BRIX2014BRIX 2014View Stats
2930Broadway Heat 14 U2013 Travel BallView Stats
7182Broke BatSummer 2019View Stats
6665Broke N' NagginFallView Stats
9690BrokeBat MountainSummer 2023View Stats
7015Broken Ladders2019View Stats
8252Broken Ladders 22021View Stats
1387BroncosView Stats
4593Broncos2016View Stats
8227Bronson2021View Stats
3744Bronx AngelsView Stats
3940Brookfield H.S.2015View Stats
3345Brookfield H.S.2014View Stats
4334Brookhaven High School2015View Stats
4968Brookings Dodgers2016View Stats
1495BrooklynSummer 2012View Stats
8584Brooklyn BlastSummer 2021View Stats
7106Brooklyn Blue Jays2043 Fall SoftballView Stats
23brooklyn bonnie orioles2010View Stats
697Brooklyn Cyclones 12U2011 Summer SeasonView Stats
4210Brooklyn Cyclones FastpitchCyclones 16u 2015View Stats
10028Brooklyn NastiesWSL HOF Tournament 2024View Stats
8129Brossart JV2021View Stats
356Brothers From Other Mothers2011 SummerView Stats
2022BRR 12u 2013Spring 2013View Stats
1338BRR12uBRR 12u 2012View Stats
1756BRR12u2012-2013View Stats
1773BrushbackFall 2012View Stats
10117Brushton-Moira Panthers2024View Stats
6272BSCHS2018View Stats
9570BSG Softball 232023View Stats
3507BTP TPSummer 14View Stats
1513Buckeye Heat 98Summer 2012View Stats
2554Bucks13Bucks13View Stats
498Buckshot Softball2011View Stats
1809Bucs2012 GSFView Stats
7759Bud Select/Water Street Pub2012View Stats
661Budco BulldogsFall Co-ed 2011View Stats
1660Budco Bulldogs2012 Fall Co-ed LeagueView Stats
195Buena Vista HS - Varsity2011 SeasonView Stats
7038Buffalo Club2021View Stats
2964Buffalo Lady BisonFast Pitch 2013View Stats
3316Buffalo Pizza2014View Stats
8142Buffalo Prairie Middle SchoolSpring 2021View Stats
555Buffalo Wild WingsSummer 2011View Stats
912Buhler High School JV2012View Stats
4706Build Balance Chiropractic2016View Stats
259Bulldawgs2011 Title DefenseView Stats
7675Bulldog Travel Softball2020View Stats
9822Bulldogs2023View Stats
3826Bulldogs2014View Stats
144Bulldogs2011View Stats
1016Bulldogs2012View Stats
8243Bulldogs2021-2022View Stats
8431Bulldogs 10BMemorial Day Classic 2021View Stats
8060Bulldogs 10uSpring 2021View Stats
4978BulldogzReggie Jackson View Stats
674Bullets 18U-WalterFall 2011-CompetitiveView Stats
1595BULLS 2013 Inaugural SeasonView Stats
6645Bundaberg 17sBundaberg U/17 State TitlesView Stats
5107Burgundy Lounge Punishers FALL BALLView Stats
1159Burlingame Panthers2012 Non LeagueView Stats
1629Burlington 70\'sASA 70AAAView Stats
1355Burlington Expos2012 Season HaspaView Stats
4852Burn U122016View Stats
2361BurnersSummer 2013View Stats
10201Busch leaguers2024View Stats
3488Busted Raviolis2014 SummerView Stats
1600Butler County X-treme2012View Stats
5363Butler JV Softball2017View Stats
6675Butler Stars 10UFall 2018View Stats
7661Butte ChaosMontana Softball View Stats
2341Buttercups!Spring 2013View Stats
1325Buzz Fastpitch Softball2012season View Stats
888BUZZ FISK/SLAGLEwaco tournament 2/25&26/12View Stats
6738BV PrideFall 2018View Stats
1089BVML 12U2011-12 TournamentView Stats
9840BW Retail Solutions 2023Fall 2023View Stats
8990BXTAKEOVERSummer 2022View Stats
8803Bxtakeover Summer 2022View Stats
8255Byram Hills Bobcats2021View Stats
96Byron Center VillageByron coed 2View Stats
4080C Level Pirates2015 SPRINGView Stats
6323CA Hawks2017-3018View Stats
3844CA Rage Spring 2015View Stats
458CaballerosArcadia "C" Summer 2011View Stats
5319CabriniCABRINI 2017 View Stats
208CaciquesCaciques 2011View Stats
217Cafe Antonio'sBridgeton Rec League Spring 2011View Stats
698Cafe AntoniosCoed Fall Ball 2011View Stats
188Cafe Antoniosspring 2011View Stats
9192Cal Nuggets 16u WoodsView Stats
58calaverassliders2010View Stats
2520CaldaSummer 2013View Stats
3546Calda16summerCalda Summer 2015View Stats
501California CrushersSummerView Stats
88California CrushersSummerView Stats
6159California DreamersSpringView Stats
3011California HeatFall 2013View Stats
4878Callaghan's2016 View Stats
3475Calvary Men's SoftballSpring 2014View Stats
2986camboya city2013View Stats
640Camden Lady Lions 2012View Stats
3959Camden Varsity2015View Stats
1177Camelot DevelopmentSunday/ West Haven 20012View Stats
4315Cameron YellowjacketsView Stats
6547Camp Riverbend2018 Camp Riverbend SoftballView Stats
2970Campbell AllstarsFallball Tournament SeasonView Stats
2613Campbell Crush 12USummer 2013View Stats
3399Campbell RageSpringView Stats
448Canastota Raiders2011View Stats
4087Cannan VFWSummer 2015View Stats
7003Canyon Hills Community Church #1Bad Bunny Easter TourneyView Stats
3139Canyon Ridge River HawksView Stats
6622Cape BodsFall 2018View Stats
9154Cape Cod Chaos 14uSummer 2022View Stats
7301Capers2019View Stats
9756CapiCuaView Stats
5848Capital Area CyclonesCyclones 2017View Stats
10153Capital High Bruins JV2024View Stats
7148Capital Prep 2019View Stats
3666Capital RV2014View Stats
7530Capitanes de SantiagoTemporada 2020View Stats
101Capones PizzeriaGuilford SoftballView Stats
91Capones PizzeriaGuilford Park and RecView Stats
4319Capstone Jupiter Fall 2015View Stats
10229Carbondale 5/6Summer 2024View Stats
9552Cardinals2023View Stats
3295Cardinals2014View Stats
2026Cardinals2013 8th GradeView Stats
2775Cardinals2013View Stats
1778Cardinals2012-13View Stats
9580Cardwell Built 8U2023View Stats
4192Carerr StatsCareerView Stats
2873CargillEden Prairie Fall 2013View Stats
9347Carine Div 62022-23View Stats
2147Carlile PediatricsWYL 6U 2013View Stats
5098Carmel CubettesSummer 2017View Stats
194Carmel JVSpring 2011View Stats
5732Carnage2017View Stats
4917Carolina Cobras 12U-Meadows 2016Spring 2016View Stats
412Carolina Diamonds2011View Stats
5914CAROLINA ELITE (church)View Stats
1102Carolina FlamesSpring 2012-travelView Stats
522Carolina FusionSummer 2011View Stats
7918Carolina Xtreme 10u PalmerView Stats
2602Carpenter\'s Market2013 summer rec ballView Stats
2326Carriage Towne Bar and GrillSeason 1View Stats
5185Carson rageView Stats
3175Carteret2014View Stats
3918Carteret High School Softball2015View Stats
3304Carver Wildcats2014View Stats
9698Caseville 12U Softball2023View Stats
2186Caseville Lady Eagles2013 Varsity SeasonView Stats
1175caseyHK CougersView Stats
1628Casey2012 MorganView Stats
8343Caseys Bombers2021View Stats
3543Casper Taxidermy2014 Mens LeagueView Stats
10165Cass Closers2024View Stats
9167Castle rock BBFall 2021View Stats
7586Castle Rockers2020View Stats
9007Castleknock Bearcats2022View Stats
5344CastleridgeSpring Sunday nightView Stats
4537CastleridgeView Stats
8309Catalyst SoftballSummer 2021View Stats
9741Catching DingersRCS 2023 - Session 1View Stats
8382Catz2021View Stats
9820Caught In A Pickle FallFall 2023View Stats
5547Caught LookingCL Season 3 View Stats
2458Caught LookingCaught Looking Spring 2013View Stats
2826Caught LookingFall BallView Stats
5561Caught Looking CL S04 A DivView Stats
4988Caught LookingSummer 2016View Stats
3935Caverna2015View Stats
3225Cavies2014 View Stats
2758CBC Bantams2013View Stats
7168cbc22019View Stats
866CBS Sports - MensSpring - 2012View Stats
9081CCC Red2022View Stats
2074CCHSPre-SeasonView Stats
882cchs2012 View Stats
3758CCHSJV2013View Stats
7265CCHSJV22019View Stats
5517CCS Middle SchoolSpring 2017View Stats
1792CE99FallView Stats
5262Cedar Hill Longhorns2017 View Stats
1070Cedar Springs JV softball2012 Cedar Springs SoftballView Stats
2300Cedar Springs Varsity SoftballCedar Springs Varsity Softball 2013View Stats
8653cedarvale winery fallFall 2021View Stats
1239Cedarview Red Sox2012View Stats
6826Cellar Dwellers2/27/19View Stats
2407Celts F'ersCelt's F'ers 2013View Stats
9195celulandiamunicipalView Stats
9627Center Church Softball2023View Stats
9135Center of AttentionView Stats
7659Central Assembly of GodSoftball 2020View Stats
1066Central AvenueYonkers Grape Fruit League South 2012View Stats
6887Central Cambria2019View Stats
1673Central Iowa Diamonds2012 FallView Stats
3901Central Jaguars2015View Stats
578Central Jersey Tornado2011 SummerView Stats
1531central kentucky fury2012View Stats
2076Central Lady Bears JV2013View Stats
3566Central Lee HawksView Stats
6755Central Magnet Tigers2019 High School View Stats
6541Central Michigan wiffleView Stats
5442Central Montcalm12uView Stats
10200Central SpartansSpring 2024View Stats
1532Central Town Team2012View Stats
2685Central Valley Swarm 12USpring/SummerView Stats
6252Centralia SuperSonics12U2018 12U SummerView Stats
4640Centreville Varsity SoftballSpring 2016View Stats
1101Century C-Squad2012View Stats
1103Century High School JV 2012View Stats
1105Century High School Varsity2012View Stats
1106Century JV Softball2012View Stats
5280Cerritos ChallengersSpring Season 2017View Stats
683CFers2011View Stats
5365CGB Lady Broncos2017 SpringView Stats
6089Chaffey 2018View Stats
2176chai orangetemple league 2013View Stats
1491Chalet2012View Stats
1040Challengers2012View Stats
1896Chameleons2013View Stats
6357Chaminade2018View Stats
1914Chaminade Madonna2014 High School SeasonView Stats
4254Champlin Park 14A Weimerskirch2015 14AView Stats
1851ChampsHSSC 1View Stats
3782chance13Fall TournamentView Stats
6743Changing Times2019View Stats
1158Chaos 2012View Stats
1646ChaosSpring 2012View Stats
3708chaoscoed recView Stats
9972ChaosSummer 2024View Stats
9590ChaosChaos Spring 2023View Stats
2815Chaos2013View Stats
5052Chaos2016 Spring / SummerView Stats
7692Chaos 05 - FurlowSummer 2020View Stats
1893Chaos 16U2013 Winter BallView Stats
1523ChardeeMacDennisSummer Sunday 2012View Stats
5304ChargeCPYL_Spring_17View Stats
1584Charka RanchLifetime StatsView Stats
6747Charleston Walruses2018-2019View Stats
3275Charlestown-jv2014 JV softballView Stats
930Charlie 2012View Stats
4047Charlie Hustle2015 ISP SeasonView Stats
5310Charlotte2018View Stats
10194Charlton Heston Academy2023/24View Stats
9540CharrosTeodoro Higuera Verano 2023View Stats
2322Chatfield2013View Stats
7480Cheetahs FastpitchFall 2019View Stats
2339Chelsea Rohan2013View Stats
8089Cheltenham HS 2021View Stats
974Chembo SliceSpring 2012View Stats
5492Chemic JV Softball2018 SeasonView Stats
1132Cherokee Screaming Eagles2012 Travel SeasonView Stats
8043Chester2021 HSView Stats
4712Chester 10U Tigers2016 SWIPLView Stats
4916Chesterfield Havok 10u2016 Havok 10u (Spring/Summer)View Stats
3627Chesterton Lady Cougars2014View Stats
4541CHHSWinter 16View Stats
152Chicos2011 SeasonView Stats
1768chiefsplayerchoseView Stats
5194Childs PlayCo-Ed Fall 2016View Stats
4603chiles high school2016View Stats
5840Chilhowie Baptist Church Sofball2017 Abingdon Church LeagueView Stats
7912Chin MusicFall 2020View Stats
2313ChinookersDCView Stats
4951Chisholm LonghornsFall fast pitchView Stats
6659chosenKing's men softball 2018View Stats
2496Chosen Fewsummer nightsView Stats
3249Christian Brothers2014View Stats
3258CHS JVJV 2014View Stats
3691chs softballlivingston recView Stats
7618CHSPC 7-8 GRADESPRING 2020View Stats
1960Chuggin' SluggersSpring '13View Stats
38ChupacabrasRutehrford 2010View Stats
3531ChupacabrasFirst SeasonView Stats
403Church of Christ2011View Stats
1442Church of the Living God '122012View Stats
7632Church on the Rock - Apostles2020 St. Johns County Church LeagueView Stats
3314Churchville ZebrasBlue Ridge Softball 2014View Stats
2397CI 9th Grade2013 View Stats
5451CI Bluejacket Softball 20172017 Spring SeasonView Stats
1940CID PensacolaNEP Spring LeagueView Stats
3022CinBcinecinacinrcinccinacintcins2014View Stats
5053Cincinnati Reds2016View Stats
6792Cincinnatus Central Schools2019View Stats
6517Cincy Fusion 2018 Tourneys View Stats
2466cincy magic '00Summer 2013View Stats
5557Cincy Shock 062017 SeasonView Stats
2163cincy slammers1013View Stats
7216Circleville HS JV softball2023View Stats
9729City DeliCity Deli Season 4View Stats
436City Tavern Expos2011View Stats
2449Civil DisobedientsALK Softball 2013View Stats
2498cj bio2013View Stats
8841Clarion Softball50”s 2022View Stats
1001Clark State Eagles2012View Stats
355Classic TranniesLong Branch SummerView Stats
6290CLASSICSSPRING 2018View Stats
9010Clay Center Tigers2022 SeasonView Stats
8354CLCS2021View Stats
10001Cleanup CrewSpring 2024View Stats
4417Clearwater Bullets W.Summer 2015-FallView Stats
1665Clearwater LakersSummer 2012View Stats
5635Cleats N CleavageStrathmore 2017View Stats
192Cleveland AngelsSpring/Summer 2011View Stats
2974Cleveland Angels 02Fall 2013View Stats
199Cleveland Angels SoftballSpring/Summer 2011View Stats
4513Cleveland Panthers2018View Stats
7983Cleveland06Fall 20View Stats
1753Clever Lady JaysSpring 2012View Stats
10087Cliffdale Tide1View Stats
5745Clinch River Jr. League2017View Stats
2690Clint PrideSummer 2013View Stats
6943CLS Gators Varsity 2019Spring 2019View Stats
1826Club RLB Winter '13View Stats
9381ClusteRuckFall 2022View Stats
7113ClutchClass D - Slow Pitch SoftballView Stats
7137Clyde2019 JV SeasonView Stats
5346CMG 20172017View Stats
8390CMHS JVspring 2021View Stats
5398CMS Hornets2017 View Stats
744CMS SharksSeason 1View Stats
9326CMS Softball2022 Fall Softball CMSView Stats
9963CMS Softball23-24View Stats
4268CNC Fabrication2015View Stats
1036cnt33The ZoneView Stats
271co commotion2011View Stats
3601Co-Ed ShowersSummer 2014View Stats
487Coach Laura2011 Rochester JV SoftballView Stats
4479Coalinga Lady ToadsFarmersville TournamentView Stats
7773Coastal Bombers14uView Stats
7037Coastal Riptide TEAL2019 SummerView Stats
2536Cobra 2013 SummerOak Park Thursday Night Men's League View Stats
8536CobrasSummer2021View Stats
9006Cobras2022 TounryView Stats
1359COC Softball2012View Stats
2357Cocalico EaglesHigh School 2013View Stats
9473Cochranton Game #22023View Stats
8933Cochranton JV CardinalsSpring 2022View Stats
1466cody2013View Stats
9950[email protected]2024View Stats
1399Coed2012View Stats
8288Colby-Abby SoftballRegular 2021View Stats
3934Cold CutsSpring 2015View Stats
6434cold guys2018 SUMMERView Stats
5875Colledge Construction View Stats
6278Colledge Construction2018 Regular SeasonView Stats
175Colonial Grenadiers 2011 SeasonView Stats
6924Colorado BulldogsSpring 2019View Stats
2433Colorado Cardinals2013 CompView Stats
2402Colorado Cardinals VigilSummer 2013View Stats
14Colorado Commotionwilcats JVView Stats
5210Colorado Home Fitness2016View Stats
469Colorado Intensity2011 14U BView Stats
4775Colorado Kool-Aid2016View Stats
1705Colorado MajestixMajestix 2013View Stats
1345Colorado Phoenix2012 Thru 5/17/12View Stats
7350Colorado rockiesView Stats
8970Colorado StarsJO Scholarship April 2022View Stats
8141Colts JVSpring 2021View Stats
2346Columbia2013View Stats
1550Columbia County Rampage 18U2012View Stats
4673Columbia Crazy SoxSpring 2016View Stats
6075Columbiana Middle2018View Stats
3609Combat 972014 summerView Stats
9316Come and Take ITFall 2022View Stats
1842Come Get Sum2013View Stats
580Comets Spring 2011View Stats
7414Comets 10u TregoFall 2019View Stats
9714Commack KrakenSCCSA 2023 SpringView Stats
2850Commerce2013View Stats
2671Commission2013View Stats
136Commotion-BoscolaCommotion 2011View Stats
3748Community Christian Fast Pitch2014 Fast PitchView Stats
1244Community Church2012 City Church LeagueView Stats
854CompassSpring 2012View Stats
4131Concord Lady Pirates2015 Lady Pirate SoftballView Stats
1505Concord Public FinanceExeter 2012View Stats
167Concordia 20112011 Hornet View Stats
6053Concordia 20192018View Stats
5485Concordia OriolesConcordia Lady Orioles Softball 2017View Stats
374Cone Crew SoftballNF Mens Softball 2011View Stats
7667Connecticut Mila TigersSeason1View Stats
1443Connection Gene the Coach2012View Stats
919Contract HittersSpring 2012 SeasonView Stats
685CoolarrowsFall 2011View Stats
2674Cooper Sports Fast Pitch2013View Stats
2572Cooperstown CollectionSummer 2013View Stats
9693Coosa Christian SchoolSummer 2023View Stats
1888Coral Springs ColtsHigh SchoolView Stats
9374Corey & Dylan Career StatsSan Diego CAI Tournament - Rayco - 2023View Stats
7109Cornerstone MKE 22019View Stats
2188Cornerstone Title AA GirlsSpring 2013View Stats
7717Corona AngelsSummer 2020View Stats
5987Corona AngelsCorona Angels 2017View Stats
4179Corona Angels 14U - RamosFall 2017View Stats
1820Corona Eliminators 99Fall 12 14uView Stats
1974Corunna Varsity SoftballSpring 2013View Stats
5331Cossatot River2017View Stats
1709COTL 22013View Stats
1074Cou-WHPreseason TourneyView Stats
7800CougarsSeniorView Stats
583Cougars 14USummer 2011View Stats
7426Cougars VarsityView Stats
7149Country Chevrolet2019 minor leagueView Stats
8058Coupeville Wolves 20242023View Stats
3019Courage 16uFALL 2013View Stats
10058Covenant 1F.E.S.L. 2024View Stats
10002Covenant Christian2014View Stats
897Covenant Lions2012View Stats
6488Cowboys2018View Stats
7407Cowgirls2019-2020View Stats
2490cpepdan2113 PlayoffsView Stats
2832crab cake factoryfall 2013View Stats
4435Crabby'sWinter 2016View Stats
4963Cranford Blue2016 SummerView Stats
5907Cranford Fall 8U Black SoftballFall 8U CBSLView Stats
7644Crazy ChickletsASL 2019View Stats
8173Crew2023 TournamentsView Stats
9940CrewSpring 2024View Stats
2551Crewsin for a Brewsin12" Coed Summer 2013View Stats
1331Cricket2012View Stats
1360Cricket2012View Stats
1593Crisp County Cougars2012 COUGARSView Stats
9543Criswells TowingSummer 2023View Stats
9997CRN 2024HSView Stats
2193CRN JVSpring SoftballView Stats
2955Crocker Conference2015 Fall SeasonView Stats
2900Crocker Lady LionsView Stats
2952Crockett High School2013View Stats
8533Crooked NumbersErie Upper E Summer 2021View Stats
4681Cross Country2016 South Hills Softball League - Weeknights - Bronze DivisionView Stats
7305CrossfireSummer 2019View Stats
4058Crossfire (NC)2015View Stats
9456Crossfire 10'2023 - SpringView Stats
9433Crossfire 2014 ClaySpring 2023View Stats
1945crossfire2winter blastView Stats
5617Crosshill CreepsMSL - CRB 2016View Stats
9189Crossroads2022View Stats
9204Crossroads bible church2022View Stats
7753Crossroads Covenant2020 NSCSL Summer/FallView Stats
1848Cruel Turkeys2013 - kadetkyView Stats
9614Crusaders S.C.Summer 2023 (Division IV)View Stats
9042CrushSzn 1View Stats
5988Crush2017 FallView Stats
7874Crush 09Spring 2021View Stats
7453Crush 12U NunneryFall 2019View Stats
1416Crush 12U RedCrush Travel BallView Stats
5990Crush 8UFall Ball Harlingen LeagueView Stats
4204Crush Blue 10U 20152015 10U Crush BlueView Stats
250Crush It2011View Stats
867Crushers2012 RecView Stats
358CrushersSCGSL 2011View Stats
2270Crushers 2spring 2013View Stats
2168Crystal Coast Riptides 032013 Riptides '03View Stats
7406CS LogisticsFall 2019View Stats
6904CSAT Varsity2019 View Stats
153CSHS2011View Stats
2822CT Mirage \'96Mirage '96 2012/2013View Stats
9739CTI Lonestars2022 FallView Stats
340CUBE 3 Studio2011View Stats
852Cubettes2012 SpringView Stats
3553Cubs FastpitchFall 2013/Spring 2014View Stats
3265Cumberland BeaversHigh SchoolView Stats
2871Cuyahoga Heights HSCH High School 2021View Stats
1128CV Fast n FuriousSpring 2012View Stats
2258Cville2013View Stats
1962CVS Rebels 2013View Stats
7752CW softball2020View Stats
2434CWC Blue2013View Stats
1386CyclonesSprint/Summer 2012View Stats
351CyclonesGD 2011View Stats
9713cyclonesspring 2023View Stats
285Cyclones2011 Sunday Co-Ed DIV IIIView Stats
2057CYHS JV2013View Stats
4585Cypress Christian SchoolSpring 2016View Stats
4693Cypress Christian VarsitySpring 2016View Stats
1543D'esopo2012 Regular SeasonView Stats
5003D-BACKS2016 Fall Elmwood ParkView Stats
9749D11 Vipers 16U2023 Tourney SeasonView Stats
6234D2E 8U Spring 2018View Stats
7245Da Boys2019 SummerView Stats
8116Da GoatsMidlothian Summer 2021View Stats
1754Da MoB2012 FallView Stats
1433DA4 PC Lock and KeyMinors 2012View Stats
7813Dad BodsSummer 2020View Stats
5511Daleys2017 (School)View Stats
4439Dalhart Lady Wolves2016View Stats
6841Dalhart Lady Wolves2019View Stats
4046Dallie's CrewSpring 2015View Stats
4260Damage Inc.Kreager Tuesday LeagueView Stats
418Danville Indians2008View Stats
457Dar's Place2011View Stats
7019Darcys Village Pub2019 Houghs NeckView Stats
3178Darren DurkeeTournamentsView Stats
10292Dave2024View Stats
8961Davenport Blue Devils 2022View Stats
9988Davenport Softball2024View Stats
4433Davie Tree ServiceWinter 2016View Stats
7992DaVinci's 20212021View Stats
4056Dawg Pound SoftballVirginia Beach Spring LeagueView Stats
4321Dawgs (SF)View Stats
862Dawson Bulldogs2012View Stats
7543Dayton Broncos 2020DAYTON BRONCO SOFTBALL 2020View Stats
989Dayton Electric2012 SpringView Stats
2804DazzlersSummer '13View Stats
7125Dbacks 20192019 MinorView Stats
8473DBI SoftballSoftball 2021View Stats
7741DC TileView Stats
2508Deacons2013View Stats
4029DealcatcherSpring Co-RecView Stats
6384DealcatcherSummer View Stats
1738Debs 12u2012/2013View Stats
3533Dechert2014View Stats
2691Dedham 10U2013 Tournament TeamView Stats
8414Dee-Mack Softball2021 HSView Stats
2432DefectCo-ed MondayView Stats
8450DEFENDERS2021 SeasonView Stats
3707DeForest StingU-14 2014View Stats
3764Deja VuFall 2014View Stats
4597Del NorteView Stats
3437DEL-MAR SOFTBALLTopeka LeagueView Stats
8922Delco's 702022 Delco's 65View Stats
9599Delgado LandscapingSpring 2023View Stats
1045Delphian School Softball2012 SoftballView Stats
1383DeltaSummer '12View Stats
3214Delta2014 Spring - FremontView Stats
1140Delta EaglesSOFTBALL 2012View Stats
2771DELTA HEAT2013 SUMMERView Stats
8236Delta ModTech 20212021View Stats
8482Delta22021 SpringView Stats
3287Demand Command 10U2014 TravelView Stats
3006Demarini 00Fall/winter 2013View Stats
3858DEMBOYZspring York FieldView Stats
4795Demolish2016View Stats
2560Demon Softball JVSoftball 2013View Stats
4812DemonsView Stats
4368DentalWorksFallsView Stats
4781Depew Wildcats2016View Stats
5902Der Vander HelmsFall 2017View Stats
9031Designated DrinkersWednesday Night LeagueView Stats
9705Designated HittersDesignated Hitters 2023View Stats
9964DesperadosSpring 2024View Stats
2932devilrays2013 Fall LeagueView Stats
1056Devils 972012 View Stats
6607Dewar Lady Dragons 2018 fastpitch View Stats
8968Dewar Lady DragonsSlowpitch 2022View Stats
2191Dewitt Panthers2013 Spring High SchoolView Stats
2677dfever 16usummer 2013View Stats
4745DFW Firecrackers TateCity of Angels View Stats
3548DHC JV SoftballRegular SeasonView Stats
404DiamondGbury Summer 11View Stats
8899Diamond Dawgs2022View Stats
1912Diamond Dirt DobbersSpring 2013View Stats
6884Diamond Divas2019 10U Diamond DivasView Stats
4259Diamond DivasSummer Ball 2014View Stats
1992Diamond DivasSpring 2013View Stats
8722Diamond Dusters 2021 - 2022 U12View Stats
3250Diamond Eaglets Summer 2013View Stats
2921Diamond HustlersFall tournamentView Stats
3999Diamond Kutz2015 Spring - Shaw ParkView Stats
759Diamond Nation2011 Fall/2012 WinterView Stats
4571Diamond WarriorsSpring 2017View Stats
5585DiamondbacksSpring 2017View Stats
9496DiamondsDiamonds 2024 Summer LeagueView Stats
9686Diamonds2023View Stats
402Diamonds2011View Stats
2342DiamondsView Stats
7470Diamonds 10UBurbank 10UView Stats
1408Diamonds MNSWSView Stats
9597Dick's Sporting GoodsCWLL Jr/Sr Softball 2023View Stats
1235Dilley & Soloman2012View Stats
4387DilligafTuesdayView Stats
10045Dimolas2024 - High BridgeView Stats
9728DINGBATS2024View Stats
9660DingersDingers 2023View Stats
9764DinklemansSummer 2023View Stats
6594Diplomaticos2018 ESSC - Spring/Summer - Rec ThuView Stats
5969Dirt Bags2020View Stats
2216Dirt DawgsSpring 2013View Stats
4399Dirt DiamondsFall 2015 10UView Stats
2465Dirt DivasDirt Divas 2013View Stats
7300Dirt DivasSpring SeasonView Stats
1702DIRT DYNASTYFall Ball 2012 - Currin's FieldView Stats
5933Dirtbags2017 FallView Stats
3477DirtbagsBoomer Spring 2014View Stats
5518Dirtbags2017View Stats
5633Dirtbags Fall 20192018View Stats
198Dirty Beavers2011View Stats
1726dirty diablosFall 2012View Stats
1468Dirty DiablosSummer "A" LeagueView Stats
5162Dirty DiamondsFall 2016View Stats
3595Dirty DozensummerView Stats
3846Dirty DozenFall 2015View Stats
1205Dirty South Softball 2012 LeagueView Stats
1700Disco Ninjas2012 WinterballView Stats
4858Dish DevilsDish Devils 2016View Stats
9550Ditka Boys2023 LombardView Stats
8746Div 42021-2022View Stats
9333Div 4 MensWinter MensView Stats
5405Divine Child Falcons2017View Stats
8386Dixon Dr. D-BagsRiverview Summer 2021View Stats
1388Dixon FusionLeague/TournamentView Stats
2526Dixon Senior 22013View Stats
4976DK Force2016View Stats
6370DKT Softball2017 Spring/SummerView Stats
2443dmsl2013View Stats
3298Dobson Hornets 13uSpring 2014View Stats
1964doccspring 2013View Stats
9898Dod P1 Men2023/2024View Stats
5929DodgersView Stats
1843Dogg Pound/Noiz Boiz/Bww2013View Stats
5703Dogs!Spring 2017View Stats
8864DOH Women2022View Stats
924Dolphins2011/12View Stats
7527DomeDome BallView Stats
1544Dominican Angels2012 SummerView Stats
6224Don DadaSpring 2018View Stats
5527Donaldsons2017View Stats
2309Donkey PunchDonkey Punch StatsView Stats
5616Donuts2017View Stats
6371Donuts2018 DonutsView Stats
1638Dooly Dodgers2012 View Stats
2582Dooly's Dodgers2013View Stats
4818Dortmund DragonsRFL 2016View Stats
3641Double D's2015View Stats
6735Double FistersView Stats
7201Double TroubleSpring Summer 2019View Stats
9524Dover Eyota Eagles2023 8th gradeView Stats
8418dover starzSpring 2021View Stats
406Down & HardView Stats
1253Down N DirtyRSPA 2012View Stats
5062Down To Pound2016View Stats
5294Downey Vikings2017 VIKINGSView Stats
3781Downstate Rippers 972014/2015View Stats
1692DP FALLFall 2012View Stats
9865DragonsView Stats
8392Dragons 14UFall 2020View Stats
6509DrankeesSummer 2018View Stats
7055Draughn High SchoolView Stats
9939Draughn High School2024View Stats
443Draven Sonnon2011View Stats
7088DREAM TEAMView Stats
4782Dream Team2016 Summer Deam TeamView Stats
8174Drock TsunamiGarfield Coed Spring 21View Stats
10107DRock Tunnel BombersSpring 2024View Stats
483DropkickSummer 2011View Stats
627drunk n publicAug 13th TurneyView Stats
7258Drunken Tigers2019 SummerView Stats
1524DS Stingers 2012 14UView Stats
591DSA InternationalSummer 2011View Stats
24DSoxSummer 2010View Stats
4757Dub Pub 2016juanita pub fireballers 2017View Stats
5273Dublin Sells MS2017View Stats
4758Dubs Pub All Stars2016 SummerView Stats
380Duck SnortzNovi Park and Rec -DView Stats
478Duck SnortzSeason 1View Stats
2043DucksSpring 13'View Stats
4160Ducks"Federal" DivisionView Stats
5931Dudes Who Do constructionView Stats
2286Duffy\'sDuffy's Spring/Summer 2013View Stats
528Dugan's Dirty Diamonds2011View Stats
342Dugout CrewView Stats
9014Duisburg Flying Bats2022View Stats
9467Dulaney Lions2024View Stats
3128Dulles HSDistrictView Stats
4732Duluth East2016View Stats
3347Duluth East GreyhoundsSpring 2015 varsityView Stats
1189Dunham2012 Spring SeasonView Stats
9666DunkaroosView Stats
9629DUNKIN'Summer 2023View Stats
1DunleavysDearborn Summer 2010View Stats
1467Durabond JanitorsBurlington Slo Pitch 2012View Stats
1339Durty LeprachaunsSummer 2012 Durty LepView Stats
4038Dusters 00Spring/Summer 2015View Stats
4885Dutch HouseDutch House 2016View Stats
5619DuxmenSeason 2 SilverView Stats
10172Dvo. VargasView Stats
4711Dvorak Lawn CareBig Willow Summer 2016View Stats
7268DynamiteLittle LeagueView Stats
10303Dynamite Destroyers2024 HR 13/14View Stats
9833Dynanite2024 SpringView Stats
5360DYS EntertainmentSpring 2017View Stats
5648DYS EntertainmentSpring 2017View Stats
4807DYS EntertainmentSpring 2016View Stats
925Dyson Dance Studio2012 NGSA Minor FastpitchView Stats
296E A COX LADY COUGARSPre-Season 2010/2011View Stats
417E Division All-StarsABA "D" Division '11View Stats
7120E-Town Elite2019 Travel BallView Stats
7557E6 Sportz2020View Stats
7639Eager Beaver A’s2020View Stats
2360Eagle High SchoolSpring 2013View Stats
7392EaglesFall 2019View Stats
9901eagles2023View Stats
859EaglesSpring/Summer 2012View Stats
9953EaglesSpringView Stats
182EaglesEagle Softball 2010-2011View Stats
5624Eagles2017View Stats
921Eagles2012 softballView Stats
9708EAGLESSpring 2023View Stats
5432Eagles2017View Stats
2518Eagles 12Usummer 2013View Stats
2907Eagles FastpitchView Stats
1470Eagles JV2012 JVView Stats
2155eagles132013View Stats
6671East Bay Crimson TideEast Bay 12U Rec Fall BallView Stats
9034East Black RaidersEast Black Raiders SpringView Stats
8156East Central2021View Stats
2996East Coast DriveFall 2013View Stats
162East Hardy CougarsEAST HARDY 2011View Stats
169East Hardy Cougars2011View Stats
164East Hardy Cougars JVEAST HARDY JV 2011View Stats
3355East Limestone 1 10U Spring '14Spring 2014View Stats
2261East Lyme Softball2013View Stats
5332East McDowell Trojans2017 SeasonView Stats
497East Noble JV 2011 EN High School SeasonView Stats
1516East Orange All StarsAll Stars 2012View Stats
1346East Rockaway JVSpring 2012View Stats
2274East Rockaway JV2013View Stats
6085East Stroudsburg2018View Stats
682East Valley StrikerzFall 11'View Stats
1721Eastern Shore ThunderFall 2012View Stats
6412Eastern SoftballVarsity 2018View Stats
1785Eastover WildcatsView Stats
10084EastsideSpring 2024View Stats
548Eaton Radical Reds Softball2011 NVAA 11UView Stats
7107EB Bears -Freshman2019 SoftballView Stats
3174EBCOGchurch leagueView Stats
4053ECAGECAG 2007View Stats
5354Echo Cougars 2017 2017View Stats
1396Echoes2012View Stats
892Echoes EnergySpring/Summer 2012View Stats
6361Echoes Flynn2018View Stats
4929ECI Bulldogs 2016SummerView Stats
6475ECLL Blue Diamonds2018 ECLL JuniorsView Stats
2387ECS. Eagles2013View Stats
6831Eden Roskill U17s2018-2019View Stats
8132Eden Valley-Watkins JV 2021Eden Valley-Watkins JV 2022View Stats
3956Eden Valley-Watkins JV Softball2015 Eden Valley-Watkins JV SoftballView Stats
2197Edinburg Lady WildcatsVarsity 2013View Stats
2896Edison Angels 16UFall 2012View Stats
3804Edison Angels 2000Fall 2014View Stats
2492Edwards2013View Stats
4873Eh Team2016 SeasonView Stats
4645EHS Blue Devils2015View Stats
2084EHS Blue Devils Softball 2014View Stats
9425EHS FontanaView Stats
320EJHS Jags2011 EJHS JVView Stats
6520EL BLUESTARS2016 MBSCView Stats
8834El Dorado High SchoolSpring 2022View Stats
5675El Rio 12U GoldAll Stars 2017View Stats
4445Elba Lady Lancers2016View Stats
6589Eldorado Lady Eagles2018-2019View Stats
871Eldred2012View Stats
2727Electric City BombersSummerView Stats
2619Electric City heatSummer 2013View Stats
5603Element2017View Stats
2450ElementsClass DView Stats
7188Elevation Expos2019 SeasonView Stats
3282Elgin Comets2014View Stats
98EliteSummer 2010View Stats
5277Elite 20182017View Stats
2108Elite Diamonds2013 SpringView Stats
1004Elizabeth Softball2012View Stats
55Elk EnvironmentalExeter Slow Pitch 2010View Stats
1581Elk Grove HeatWinterball 2012View Stats
7319Elk Grove ThunderSummer 2019View Stats
6537Elk Grove Thunder 14U - JohnsonSummer 2018View Stats
3711Elkhorn South Storm2014View Stats
9150Elkhorn-FranksSummer 2022View Stats
1268Elkins High School2011-2012View Stats
6973Elmbrook IV - 20192019View Stats
9565Elmwood Park CrusadersView Stats
9329elproraudy27GOODView Stats
6328Elsa’sSpring 2018View Stats
2441EMA/voodoo2013View Stats
2121Emerald Coast Fellowship MenSpring 2013View Stats
848Emerson KillerV\'sSpring 2012View Stats
1841Emmaus IntensityView Stats
9600emmaus road2023View Stats
7310Empire2019View Stats
6923Empire inc.2019 Summer LeagueView Stats
3423Encounter Christian Ministries2014View Stats
1077Energy 12Summer 2012View Stats
5824englewood softball 20172017View Stats
554Entertainment2011 BG/WCView Stats
4431EntourageView Stats
5580EP 14USpring 2017View Stats
3065ERHS ERHS 2014 seasonView Stats
3479Erie Tigers2014View Stats
6669Erin Dodge Hellcat Demons2012 SeasonView Stats
4430estrellas de villa elisaView Stats
8516Etobicoke Girls U102021 U10 View Stats
10231ETSL Pirates2024 ETSL PiratesView Stats
992Eudora Thunder 01Summer 2012View Stats
8166Eugene Lightning 12u2021View Stats
1340Eugene's Auto SoftballPERRY 2012View Stats
6238Eunice HighDistrict View Stats
2364EV-W Eagles2013 EV-W Girls VarsityView Stats
10076Everett High Softball2024-SpringView Stats
10273Evergreen Park EclipseEclipse 16U 2024View Stats
7192Evolution Digital2019 Bay Softball Tuesday WestView Stats
7085EVW 11U2019 11UView Stats
10086EVW JV SoftballView Stats
2376EWU Club Fastpitch2013 Spring SeasonView Stats
9420ExbatsAbu Dhabi Softball LeagueView Stats
9078Exeter Monarchs2022 Varsity SoftballView Stats
8859eXp Realty2022View Stats
9788Expendables2023View Stats
9789Expendables 23Mt. PleasantView Stats
7997ExplosionSpring 2021View Stats
3010EXPOS2013View Stats
4665Expos/MarinersSpring 2016View Stats
1886ExpressFreedom 2013 SpringView Stats
4002Express2015View Stats
1779ExtremeSummer 2012View Stats
5664Extreme View Stats
2529Extreme Summer of 2013View Stats
1950extreme 12ufastpitch worldseriesView Stats
5149Extreme GreyPre-season 16-17View Stats
1757Extreme Heat 14U Fall 2012View Stats
4363Extreme Infinity SoftballFall Ball 2015View Stats
2854F n\' I2013View Stats
10042Faini Softball2024 14UView Stats
876Fair Lawn JV Softball2012View Stats
4987Fairfield All StarsLittle League World SeriesView Stats
4208Fairfield Fury2016View Stats
3904Fairfield Union Falcons Varsity 2015View Stats
3322Fairgrounds Falcons2014View Stats
5024Fairhaven2016View Stats
269Fairless Hills KnightsSpring 2011View Stats
2161Fairmont B Squad Girls Softball2013 SeasonView Stats
991Fairmont Cardinals2012 SringView Stats
332Fairmont MN C-Squad2010View Stats
5699Fairport Village Inn2017View Stats
5103Fairview TavernWestlake Fall 2016View Stats
3592Faith Baptist2014View Stats
7104Faith Covenant SoftballFaith Covenant 2019View Stats
5820Faith Free Church SoftballSummer 2017View Stats
4116Faith Taylors SoftballSummer 2015View Stats
10282Faithway2024View Stats
3172FAKE CHOWSpring 14View Stats
5962Fake ChowFall 17View Stats
3455Falcons2014View Stats
9751FalconsFalcons Spring/Summer 2023View Stats
8609FalconsFall BallView Stats
3385FALCONS 07Spring 2014View Stats
9336Falcons 1Fall '22View Stats
3009Falcons C grade2013/2014View Stats
1030Falcons Varsity Softball2012View Stats
9018Fallout Monday Summer 2022View Stats
8175FalloutCo-rec Tuesday Summer View Stats
8180FalloutThursday Mens Burnsville SummerView Stats
6387FallstonFallston Blue LightningView Stats
4685Falmouth Clippers2016View Stats
7987Family FellowshipSpring 2021View Stats
9446FAMU DRS Softball22-23View Stats
1656Fans of BaconFall 2012View Stats
1220Fantoon KnightsCoed-SpringView Stats
9730Fargo Area Fastpitch14u Summer 2023View Stats
2540Fargo Truss Systems2013 View Stats
8160Faribault Falcons Varsity Softball Team2021View Stats
2467Faribault NorsemenSpring League 2013View Stats
7720Farm Bureau Sqaud2020View Stats
8260Farm Bureau/ Hybrid Mechanical2021View Stats
6900Farmingdale Varsity Softball2021\View Stats
5563Farmington Fastpitch2017 12UView Stats
1024Fast and FuriousSpring 2012View Stats
6382Fast and furious Summer 2018View Stats
3512FBC Pekin2014View Stats
1930FBCH MenHendersonville Church 2015View Stats
733FBCO GoldFall 2011View Stats
9043FBCT softball2023 SoftballView Stats
894FBH HS2012View Stats
1234FBWS 2012 Southtowns Church LeagueView Stats
691FC 2000Fall 2011View Stats
1208FCHS JV2012View Stats
1526FCS Patriots 2016FCS Patriots 2016View Stats
1680FearlessFall BallView Stats
10157Fearless Ink 10USummer 2024View Stats
4217Fearless Premier2015-16 FriendliesView Stats
3775Federal League - BluesFall 2014View Stats
8138Fennville Varsity 20212021View Stats
1624Fergus Falls OttersSummer 2012View Stats
1249ffcsd mod girlsSpring 2012View Stats
7371FFF mens2019View Stats
3263FGS Cougars 2014Cougars 2014View Stats
3911FHC JV Softball2015 Spring View Stats
3697FHon2014 summerView Stats
6636FHS Black KatsRegularView Stats
3893FHSU TigersVarsity2015View Stats
289Field Falcons2011View Stats
6911Field JV2019View Stats
4669Fierce- AJ MajorsSpring BallView Stats
2041Fightin BeaverscareerView Stats
2173Fightin' Illini 8U Spring 2013Spring 2013 - 8U Fightin' IlliniView Stats
1604Fighting Artichokes2013View Stats
6090Fighting Grasshoppers2018-Spring-SidewindersView Stats
2470Fillies 14 WhiteSpring 2013View Stats
7850Fire HawksMill Creek Fall 2020View Stats
9547FireballsJuniors Season 23-24View Stats
4740FireballsSummer 2016View Stats
3747FirebirdsFall BallView Stats
7441Firecrackers2019/2020View Stats
8044firecrackersView Stats
4206Firecrackers - Alvarez - 18UClub BallView Stats
5181Firecrackers AZ Knezevich 14U2016/2017View Stats
5097Firecrackers CTX RamirezSummer 2016View Stats
7804Firecrackers GalavizFall ball seasonView Stats
6341FiresideSummer 2018View Stats
8065Firestarter Women's Softball2021View Stats
1957Firestone2013 West FargoView Stats
7744Firestorm2020 Harrison Eastern GirlsView Stats
4949Firestorm Fastpitch 022015-2016View Stats
9083Firflys2022View Stats
4364First Baptist Church2016 Adult Fall Softball SeasonView Stats
645first christian church #2View Stats
151First Degree SoftballTourney TeamView Stats
954First Degree Softball2012 WeekendsView Stats
5384First Flight High SchoolSpring 2017View Stats
9480Fisher 2023Fisher 2023View Stats
4474Fishhawk ReplacementsFallView Stats
4865Fishing for Hits2016 SummerView Stats
1421Fitness WarehouseSummer BallView Stats
2430Five Guys2013 SeasonView Stats
9017Five Star Spring 2022Spring 2022View Stats
5374Flagstaff JV Softball2018View Stats
8571Flames 2020Flames 2020View Stats
5733Flames All-Star Team (10U-C)2017 All-Stars (10U-C)View Stats
6056Flames Softball Club2017/18View Stats
9746FlashbackFlashback 2023View Stats
7295Flathead Breeze2019 SummerView Stats
283FlatlinersCamp Arifjan SpringView Stats
2837FLEMSFall FLEMSView Stats
704flint central high school View Stats
4250FLK Black2015View Stats
4222Floirda ImpactSummer 2015View Stats
8947Floors 2022View Stats
637Florece High School2011View Stats
4613Florida COEDFlorida COED 2020View Stats
7570Florida GatorsView Stats
7841Florida Power Black-Kaser2020 Fall SeasonView Stats
1784Florida Select2012-2013View Stats
4805florida stFlorida StView Stats
4675Flossmoor Hurricanes2016 CSBLView Stats
281FLUSHING UNITED2011 Spring NYC Metro ASAView Stats
210flyers2015 FlyersView Stats
1321Flynn BrothersOSAA 10UView Stats
7144Fog DuckersSpring 2019View Stats
7145Fogduckers2019View Stats
1154ForceSeason 2012View Stats
1488Force Elite 98Summer 2012View Stats
7691Force FastpitchU12 SoftballView Stats
9887Fordham Club Softball 2023-242023-24View Stats
4556Fordwich A's2016 SeasonView Stats
5243Forest FireView Stats
5695Forest Warriors Spring 2017View Stats
7069Forgotten Star BreweryCB Stangler 2019View Stats
2036Forkner CowboysSeason OneView Stats
8370Forks Hurricanes2021 SpringView Stats
10100[email protected]2024View Stats
6666FORSCOM/USARCFall Co-Ed 2018View Stats
6095Forss Softball 2021 Tube View Stats
357Fort Collins Buckaroos2010-2011View Stats
1438Fort Collins Stars2012View Stats
3397Fort Dorchester2014View Stats
3043Fort Hood Warriorsusssa sanctioned level d 2014View Stats
5881Fort White IndiansSpring 2017View Stats
2913Fortress - Credit2013 - SummerView Stats
3030Foul Balls2014View Stats
9402Four HorsemenSpringView Stats
7383FPD Lady Vikings2019View Stats
7384FPDS 20192019 Lady Viking SoftballView Stats
9556Franken BeansView Stats
1639Frankie G\'s U122012 BGSAView Stats
7016Franklin 2019ConferenceView Stats
8413Franklin 8U - Lady TigersSpring SeasonView Stats
2296Franklin Miners2013View Stats
2157Franklin Regional MS Panthers2013View Stats
382Franklin Steak HouseSeason1View Stats
953Franklin Wildcats2012View Stats
254FreddiesSpring 2011View Stats
7164Frederick DawgsSummer BallView Stats
5390Fredonia JV Softball2017View Stats
9873Free Agent 2Fall 23View Stats
157FREE AGENTS2011View Stats
1535Free Agents FallView Stats
832Free AgentsSpring 2012View Stats
1650Freeburg Jr. High2012 FreeburgView Stats
9638Freed Jr2023 SummerView Stats
83Freedom 10UFreedom 2010 SummerView Stats
6112Freedom High School JV2018View Stats
8960Freedom Lindenmuth Spring 2021View Stats
3645FreeloadersSummer 2014View Stats
3953Fremont JVB2015 View Stats
4601French River Pirates2016 North Shore Rec Softball LeagueView Stats
2266Fresenius Men'sFall 2013View Stats
5553Fresh MootzSummer 2017View Stats
10008Freshman2024View Stats
2404Friday Hit Squadspring/summer 2013View Stats
4468FROGS View Stats
5351Frost Falcons 2025Spring 2017View Stats
624Frozen Ropes2010View Stats
347Frutland Grizzlies JV2011View Stats
3967FTMS WestFTMS West 2015View Stats
6723Full SendFull Send Tournament View Stats
1304Fully Loaded2012View Stats
8506Fulton FloppersView Stats
2148Fulton Lady Falcons2013 LADY FALCONSView Stats
7613Furuya8th Grade SeasonView Stats
5056FURYFallView Stats
8679FuryFall 2021View Stats
5454FurySpring/Summer 2017View Stats
1284Fury Softball2012 View Stats
5004Fury03's2016 TravelView Stats
4562FusionSpring 2016View Stats
2044Fusion 022013View Stats
3880Fusion 042015View Stats
4964Fusion Fastpitch2016 TournamentsView Stats
2903Future Lady Nights 10UFall 13-Spring 14View Stats
2126Future Payment Tech2013 Spring WedView Stats
6536Fuzion2018 8UView Stats
3535FV Pride2014 All Star DistrictView Stats
2475FW Parker2012-2013View Stats
4704FW Southwest Softball2016 District View Stats
663G.R.I.T.S.fall ball 2011View Stats
3777G2 Heat 16 SchultzSummer 2015View Stats
2130GA ATTACKGA ATTACK 02 2013View Stats
386GA COMBATSpring 2011View Stats
8096Ga girlsView Stats
725Ga PressurefallView Stats
9294GA PRIME 12U2022-2023View Stats
92GA Southern Force2010View Stats
6585Gabby'sSummer 2018View Stats
4489Gadsden Panthers2016View Stats
9975Gaffney Softball2023 - 2024 View Stats
3333Gahanna LincolnVarsity 2014View Stats
8972Gaithersburg Rental Center55 Spring 2022 View Stats
6963Galatia-ThompsonvilleView Stats
3919Galesburg Augusta Rams2015View Stats
3680Galesburg Crush 012014View Stats
1464Gallatin JH summerSummer 2012View Stats
9613Game #2 Cochranton2023 SeasonView Stats
10197Game of ThrowsNSL Weekend 2View Stats
9640Game of Throws2023 LeagueView Stats
221GameDay Playaz2011View Stats
197GAP 98 Red2011View Stats
9275Gap Kids2022 fall/winterView Stats
9310Gap Kids2022 Fall WinterView Stats
5523Gap PoundersBelle Isle Spring '17View Stats
934GAPpower2012View Stats
1064Gar-Field2012View Stats
785Garden DistrictFishhawk Spring 2012View Stats
861Gardendale Rockets2012View Stats
9632Garnet Valley JV Jaguars2023View Stats
4415GarvinWinter 2015View Stats
5661Gary's Pizza2017View Stats
6588GasTournament BallView Stats
8047Gas House GorillasView Stats
9835Gateway (Monday Night Softball)Fall 2023 - Monday Nights View Stats
6684Gateway Grinders16U 2018 Select FastpitchView Stats
146Gators 2011View Stats
6654Gators - HinesFall 2018View Stats
8016Gators 12 - FrazierFall 2020View Stats
8845Gawler Giants Mens2021/22View Stats
6439Gazorpian's Paradise2018View Stats
377gb20112012View Stats
2811GBASA ASSociationFastPitch-Men Div.View Stats
7059gbhs 2019View Stats
4432GCCS Lady Eagles2015View Stats
4803Geared-Up MasterbattersView Stats
9486GEHS JVJVView Stats
3773Gems - Orange2014/2015View Stats
2211General DavisMasons MIllView Stats
9479Genesee Community College 2322-23View Stats
2612Genesee WolvesSpring 2013View Stats
2846Genrep Shockers2013View Stats
1661George County Lady Rebels2014 Slow Pitch SeasonView Stats
5901George Washington Eagles2018-19 Softball SeasonView Stats
1814Georgia FrenzyFall 2012View Stats
1425Georgia MysticSpring/Summer 2012 TravelView Stats
7623Georgia Storm2020View Stats
9393Georgia Storm 14UView Stats
5Gerald Stanely 2009Fall 2009View Stats
7Gerald Stanley2010 DearbornView Stats
4746Geronimo Lady Jays Slow Pitch 2016View Stats
1332GHelite00Spring 2012View Stats
2447GhostbustersMonday/WednesdayView Stats
973GHS-JV-2012JV-2012View Stats
6399Giants2018View Stats
6662GiantsKing's men softball 2018View Stats
9799Gibbs Middle SchoolFall 2023View Stats
3315Gibson Robots2014 McCarren ParkView Stats
6000GigantesTemporada 2017View Stats
4099Gillespie Lady Miners2015View Stats
2495Gilman2013 View Stats
4839Gilmanton2016View Stats
605Gilroy Softball Majors All Stars2011 Majors All StarsView Stats
2410GingerSnap2013View Stats
8854GirardGirard TrojansView Stats
2166Girls Softball Fairmont B Squad2013 SeasonView Stats
1198Girls\' High2012View Stats
7970git r done 20212021View Stats
7190GKHS CView Stats
5123Glass DoctorPrime Time Winter SeasonView Stats
5125Glass DoctorPrime time WinterView Stats
6319Glen Burnie2018View Stats
8177GlenRidgeSB2021View Stats
4283Glenwood Junior Varsity2016View Stats
3661Glenwood1Freshman 2014View Stats
1697Gllobal2012 -2013 Winter/Fall SeasonView Stats
4304Globo GymGlobo Gym Season 2View Stats
4454Globo Gym Purple Cobras2016View Stats
749GloryFall 2011View Stats
690gloves2011View Stats
2486GMBL Coach CarterSpring 2013View Stats
8069GMS Varsity2021View Stats
8672gnb testfall 2021View Stats
3694Go Daddy2014 SummerView Stats
3329Go For GoldSoftballView Stats
8945GOATEDIM LeagueView Stats
8118GoatsSummer 2021View Stats
2696God's Family Church #22013-AView Stats
2637God's Family Church B TeamChurch League 2013View Stats
1787God\'s KidzFall 2012View Stats
6753Gold label Fall 2019View Stats
9619Gold SummerSUMMERView Stats
3554GoldrushsummerView Stats
484Gonzales Police DeapartmentSpring 2011View Stats
1829GoobersWinter Season - Playoffs - 2012View Stats
7400Good News BearsSummer 2018View Stats
8673Good News Bears2018 SummerView Stats
2338Good Ol BoysSpring 13View Stats
3198GoodFellows/Premier Services2014 SeasonView Stats
8149Goodhue Wildcats2021 Softball SeasonView Stats
6768Goodrich JV Softball Spring 2019View Stats
1178Goodrich Sundays Summer 2012Summer 2012View Stats
4743Goodsons on BeaverGreater DSM Sunday LateView Stats
3408Goon SquadABA Friday NightsView Stats
7070GoonsGoons 2019View Stats
480Got EmSeason1View Stats
6454Got The RunsFriendly Summer 2018View Stats
2922Got the RunzFall 2013View Stats
1562Governor MifflinView Stats
8914GPS Softball2022 GPS VarsityView Stats
30Grace CCMensView Stats
2446Grace Chapel2013 Summer TuesdaysView Stats
5659Grace Church2018 Grace Church View Stats
9513Gracelyn Varsity 2023Lansing HS Spring 2023 View Stats
9731Gracepoint SaintsSpring 2023View Stats
3565Grafton Unicorn2014View Stats
6380Grain Bangers2018View Stats
6391Grand SlammersSlammers 2018View Stats
5469Grand Valley Mustangs2017 Spring SeasonView Stats
2870Granite City BombersFall Ball 2013View Stats
6061Granite Ridge Spring 2018View Stats
2330Granville Blue AcesMiddle School 7th/8th Grade 2013View Stats
2585GrapesSummer 16'sView Stats
7385Grave DiggersSpring 2020View Stats
6169GrayhawksSpring/Summer '18View Stats
7508Grays GoonsFall 2019View Stats
1055Grayslake Central Softball2012 Freshman SoftballView Stats
1473Grayson Lady Rams All Stars 2012All Stars 2012View Stats
3564GRBC MondayGRBC Monday 2014View Stats
2910Great Lakes GREAT LAKESView Stats
6572Great Lakes LandcareSummerView Stats
3625Great Lakes SharksSummerView Stats
8451Great Richards2021View Stats
3941Great white Buffalost2015 coed 3 pitchView Stats
9050Great Work Pirates View Stats
44Greeley 14U2010 SummerView Stats
4589Green Bulldogs JV2016View Stats
3871Green Eggs & Slam2015 SpringView Stats
3993Green Machine'sMinors 2015 PellaView Stats
6383Green MonstersSPring 2018View Stats
1251Green Team2012View Stats
6730Greene Varsity Softball 2019 seasonView Stats
5504Greeneville Wildcats2017View Stats
2381Greenfield2013View Stats
9501Greeno Goblins2023View Stats
9503Greenwich 2023View Stats
10232Greenwood Lady Gators2019View Stats
2733Gregory & ClarkSummer 2013View Stats
2852Grell RoofingCo-EdView Stats
8447Grenola LLSB2021View Stats
6656Gresham Rebels 12uFall Ball 18'View Stats
9403Grey WolvesSpring 2023View Stats
4783GriffinsSummer 2016View Stats
6151Grizz2018View Stats
6748Grizzlies2018 - 2019View Stats
2782Grizzlies GoldSummer 2013View Stats
6081GRLL HurricanesSpring 2018View Stats
4955Ground BallersCoppell Summer 2016View Stats
2616Grove City EliteGrove city Elite gamesView Stats
1230Grumpy's Bar2012 Duluth USSA Tuesday NationalsView Stats
6408GSA EAGLESView Stats
5843GSA Gators 18U2017View Stats
10304GTR Softball2024View Stats
721guardian emsView Stats
2192GuardiansSpring 2013View Stats
2085Guerilla GorillasSpring 2013View Stats
10193Guido's Gang/Citrus City2024 FHC 60'sView Stats
6801GulfCoast Hurricanes2019View Stats
5709Gunner SoftballSummer '17View Stats
1385Guys and DollsGuys and Dolls 2012View Stats
5543GwapoDFSAView Stats
962Gwozdz2012View Stats
618Gypsies2011 Renton Monday NightView Stats
5447Hackensack Comets2017 SpringView Stats
9797HackersFall 2023View Stats
8214HackersFall 2021View Stats
315Hackers2011View Stats
4655Hagen ChipsLL1 - 2016View Stats
4021Hairs To YouUpper Moreland MensView Stats
2603Half Price MattressSummer LeagueView Stats
2090hall of famespring 2013View Stats
6513Hallie Heat 14u OrangeSummer 2018View Stats
1808Hamel Cavaliers 70s2009View Stats
8293Hamilton HillsSpring 2021View Stats
9287Hammer Haag2022 FallView Stats
6346Hammer TimeSpringView Stats
3859Hammerheads2015 Sunshine CoastView Stats
3343HammersHammers Spring 2014View Stats
2942HammersHammers Fallball 2013View Stats
1039HAMSAUCE!2012 Spring EView Stats
4328HandcannonsFall 2015View Stats
3482Handful of PeterSummer LeagueView Stats
9655Handsome Dodgers2023View Stats
1374Hanford FlamesSummer 2012View Stats
8190Hangrite2021View Stats
5750Hangs To The Leff's2017View Stats
3718Hanks FallballFall Season 2014View Stats
2555Hank\'s Lady BombersSummer 2013View Stats
515Hanna BlazeSummer 2011View Stats
1494Hanover 10U2012 All StarsView Stats
1685Hanover Fall 2012Fall 2012View Stats
5728Hanover Softball2017View Stats
3302Hanover Wildcats2014 SeasonView Stats
5037Hanson and Sons2016 Carol Stream Fall SeasonView Stats
1275Hap-XSeason 1View Stats
5589Happy HookersView Stats
4532Happy HourBash for CashView Stats
7831Haralson County 2020 HCHS SoftballView Stats
3005Haralson County Rebelettes2013View Stats
7575Hard DrivesSpring 2017View Stats
4953Harris Heat Inferno2016 TravelView Stats
5324Harrison High School2017View Stats
4649Harrison Varsity Softball2016View Stats
3082Harrisville PiratesSpring 2014View Stats
10073Harrisville PiratesSpring 2024View Stats
2317Hartford ToyotaSpring 2013View Stats
3521Harvest CenterAlbany Beer League 2014View Stats
613Hasbeens 2011View Stats
692Haskell IndiansView Stats
10046Haslett 20242024View Stats
1129Hastings Freshman Softball2012 View Stats
4230Hata Inc2015View Stats
3031have fun2014View Stats
420Havoc2011 OttawaView Stats
1818Havoc14U-2012FALLView Stats
7909Havoc '112020-21View Stats
1819HAVOC 16U16U-2012FALLView Stats
4305havoc coedsummer 2015View Stats
4339HAVOC tournament teamView Stats
6732Havoc14-20192019View Stats
413Havoc`Summer 2011View Stats
3809Hawai'i TitansSpring SeasonView Stats
4948Hawaii Pearls Maui2016View Stats
5014Hawaii Pearls Maui2016 Summer MGSA and Summer TravelView Stats
8641Hawk StarsFall 2021View Stats
3238HawksCentennial JV 2014View Stats
2329HawksSoftballView Stats
7996Hawks Gold2020/21View Stats
170Hawley 20112011View Stats
2409Hays Heat2013View Stats
9186Hays Sparks2022View Stats
1204Hayward High School SoftballVarsity 2012View Stats
8861Hayward Hurricane Softball2022View Stats
2578HC XPlosion 032013View Stats
7364HCD\LongstrokesMarch MadnessView Stats
9062HCN Storm2022 School Ball View Stats
3647HCYP Patriots 10USpring 2014View Stats
3321HDC2014View Stats
2171Head Hunters2013 SummerView Stats
2610HeadHuntersCasey C LeagueView Stats
9247Healdton SoftballPost Season 2022View Stats
3443Health Advocate2014 Co-ed Company Softball LeagueView Stats
419Healy Oil2011View Stats
2936HeartbreakersFall 2013View Stats
2174heartland travelerstournamentsView Stats
4084heat2015View Stats
6197HeatAGSA 2018 Spring View Stats
3986Heat2015 Girls SoftballView Stats
2224HEATERSLittle Leauge View Stats
1651Heidelberg Academy Lady Rebels2012View Stats
6123Helena Blazers 12USpring 2018View Stats
256Helena Panthers2011 Helena PanthersView Stats
9584Hell Fires2023 SoftballView Stats
9628Hellfires2023 Softball View Stats
2647Hellfish2013View Stats
4683HellySummer 2016View Stats
1285Hemingway SouthSummerView Stats
6091Hemphill VarsitySoftballView Stats
947Henderson County Freshman2012 Frosh SeasonView Stats
4566Henderson JV2016View Stats
2125Hendersonville Lady Commandos2013View Stats
3818Her-icanes2015 Season View Stats
266Her-ricanes2011 Her-ricanesView Stats
353Her-ricanes2011 Her-ricanesView Stats
203HER-RICANESSpring 2011View Stats
8401Here For BeerSummer 2021View Stats
10017Here for Beer2024View Stats
8292Hereford Varsity Softball2021 Varsity SoftballView Stats
7791Heritage CarpentrySummer 2020View Stats
3063Heritage Eagles2013-2014View Stats
121Heritage JV2010-11 SYView Stats
1954Heritage Panthers2013View Stats
9892Heritage SoftballFall 2023View Stats
10268Hermantown 10U Tournament Team2024 View Stats
1870Herrin tigers2013View Stats
2729hewston2012View Stats
3523HGSL STORM 20142014 SEASONView Stats
6204HH Roadwarriors '082018View Stats
3296HH10AHS20172014 FreshmenView Stats
7007HHJV2019View Stats
2208HHS Lady Commando Softball2013 Varsity Pitching StatsView Stats
3463Hiawatha Church2014View Stats
9489Hickory Ridge HSspring 23View Stats
7883HIcksvilleHicksville Fall 2020View Stats
10154Hidden Fence2024 BPView Stats
3926Hidden Valley2015View Stats
4617Hidden Valley JV Softball2016 SeasonView Stats
1512Hide Yo KidsSummer 2012View Stats
2605High Intensity 12uSummer 2013View Stats
5045HIgh IntesityFall 2015View Stats
4724High Point Christian2016View Stats
3966High School 2015HS 15View Stats
5382High St 55'sMonday Howard CountyView Stats
6523Highland2018 Highland RecView Stats
2001Highland Fighting Scots2013 SoftballView Stats
4568Highlanders Softball 2016View Stats
9688HigMediaSpring 2023View Stats
1859HijosD'VillaElisa Softball TeamAño 2013View Stats
8993HillHill 2022 Majors FallView Stats
8284Hills Spring 2021View Stats
2448Hired Goons2013 SeasonView Stats
5241hit and runView Stats
6442Hit for BrainsSpring 2018View Stats
3924Hit N RunSpring Thursday BBHView Stats
1722Hit N RunDunny TourneyView Stats
821Hit SquadSoftball D3View Stats
822Hit SquadWinter(2012)View Stats
5790Hit Squad2017View Stats
1755HitmenFall 12View Stats
4358HitmenFall 2015View Stats
385HitmenTwaits TournamentView Stats
9981HitmenSpringView Stats
2994Hitmen/H2PSTS 26th OCTView Stats
7835HITT 16U GoldFall 2020View Stats
7785Hitz OutlawsSummer 2020View Stats
1088Hivoltage 972012View Stats
8122HL Richards JV Softball 2021Spring 2021View Stats
10129HLOF Coyotes2023-2024View Stats
6263HLWW Softball2018View Stats
2678HMS JV2015 JVView Stats
3588HMS JV 20142014 JV SeasonView Stats
10067HNTBSummer 2024View Stats
6046HNU SoftballSpring 2018View Stats
8168Hogs r wildSpring 2021View Stats
2990Hokes Bluff Lady EaglesPractice SeasonView Stats
5991Holdeman2017 Summer @ SGView Stats
2106Holland HornetsNON-POOL View Stats
1006Holland Patent Varsity SoftballSpring 2012 View Stats
2247Holley Varsity softballSpring 2013View Stats
2280Hollinshead Auto BodySpring/SummerView Stats
9755Hollister Blackjacks 14USpring 2023View Stats
9362Hollister Heat 14U2022 Fall View Stats
3949Hollister Youth2015 summerView Stats
2396Holliston High School2013 View Stats
916Holly Grove Bulldogs2012View Stats
6906Holmen Vikings2019View Stats
9534Holton Blue Heat 2023 SpringView Stats
1603Holy Hills GreyChurch League 2012View Stats
9072Holy Hitters season 2View Stats
2463Home ComfortPark District Summer 2013View Stats
5191Home GrownWood Bat - 2016View Stats
5192Home GrownCV - Wood Bat - Winter 2016View Stats
5889Home Spun u12G2017 Schools PrimaryView Stats
278homers2011View Stats
2853Homestead Realty2013 Butler SummerView Stats
2941hometeam1232013 U18 D-CRUSHView Stats
6264Honaker Tigers JV2018View Stats
6467Honey BadgersSpring/Summer 2018View Stats
6928Honeybears2019View Stats
6802Honeygo Hurricanes2019 12U seasonView Stats
7491Hooker2019View Stats
7531Hooligans2020 TourneyView Stats
9844Hoos On First2023-2024View Stats
5388Hooter/SW.A.T.2017View Stats
4323HootersParamus Hooters 20015View Stats
8021Hoover VikingsView Stats
1341Hoppers2012View Stats
8894Horace GreeleySoftball2022View Stats
3800Horn Softball2015View Stats
183Hornets2011 Highland SoftballView Stats
3351Hornets Softball2014 Hornets SoftballView Stats
2627Horseheads2013View Stats
2761Horseheads Blue HeatAll Stars 2013View Stats
8313Horsepower2021View Stats
8902Horsham 10 U2022View Stats
3618Hot Boy$ Softball ClubRittman Summer 2014View Stats
9954Hot Heads Spring 2024View Stats
7529Hot Mess ExpressFtL Hurricane ShowdownView Stats
9672Hot SchwingsCGSL 2023View Stats
1144Hot Stix 12U 2012 12UView Stats
3158Hot StuffSpring 2014View Stats
7330hotshots2019View Stats
4442HotShotz White10u 2014View Stats
179Hough Huskies2011View Stats
6438Hounds 2018Hounds 2018View Stats
1349Hounds IICatonsville 2012View Stats
7025House ChurchSummer 2019View Stats
6660House of worshipKing's men softball 2018View Stats
9191Houston homesTexasView Stats
3829Houston ScorpionZ2015 MSLA SpringView Stats
4731HowardView Stats
8683Howard Softball2021 FallView Stats
3262Howell HS2014 SeasonView Stats
3885Howell Rebs2015View Stats
8589HowesFall 6UView Stats
1072HPLL 12u CometsSpring 2012 HPLLView Stats
736HR Vipers 16Fall 2011View Stats
6155HSb2018View Stats
3226HSB22014View Stats
2060HSG DodgersWenter 2013View Stats
6915HSHS JV2019View Stats
6876HSTeamS2019View Stats
2743HT Blue AngelsSummer 2013View Stats
7704HTX Chaos 10u 2020 SummerView Stats
2221Hub city2013View Stats
2355Hudson Raiders2012-2013View Stats
3638Hudson Raiders 14U2014 SummerView Stats
8950Hudsonville JV 20222022View Stats
1262Hueytown 2012View Stats
3209Hueytown Middle School2014 SeasonView Stats
5596Huntsville #2 10U2018 11UView Stats
6320Huntsville #3 11U2019 11UView Stats
3702Huntsville Place Mall Royal'sfirst yearView Stats
3509Hurricane SpankTuesday LeagueView Stats
4662Hurricanes2016 14UView Stats
2680Hurricanes Michigan Lookouts - Novi, MIView Stats
5983Hurricanes2017 FallView Stats
761HurricanesFall 2011View Stats
4897Hurricanes2016 12 UView Stats
1730Hurricanes/NCHSFall 2012View Stats
3341HuskiesView Stats
1572hustleSun Valley Summer 2View Stats
8959Hutch Tech 2022View Stats
2260huttohs012013View Stats
699HypeFallView Stats
4437Hype Fastpitch 16U2016 Spring/SummerView Stats
6783Hype2024Spring 2018View Stats
8680Hørsholm Hurricanes2021View Stats
9560Hørsholm Hurricanes 23DM 2023View Stats
903I Club Fierce2012 I Club FierceView Stats
1718I Club ForceFall Ball 2012View Stats
4883I Like Big Bunts2016 SummerView Stats
9990I'd Hit ThatIM Softball 2024View Stats
2838I'd Hit ThatFall Softball 2013View Stats
7788I'd Hit That2020View Stats
5018I-10 TravelersFlagStaff #2View Stats
3551ICC Riders2014 VarsityView Stats
1306Ichabod Crane2012 VarsityView Stats
3527Icy HawtFall 2014View Stats
2217IdHitItSpring 2013View Stats
6779Idrogo Tribe 10U2019View Stats
3745IE DynastyTravelView Stats
5491iFitness2017 iFitness TournamentView Stats
5493iFitness 20172017View Stats
2477IGSLSpring 2013View Stats
3555Ihry InsuranceSummer 2014View Stats
1830ILBRJH 2012View Stats
3335Illiana VikingsSpring 2014View Stats
1783ILLINOIS ESPRIT 14UFALL 2012View Stats
7313Illinois Ladyhawks2019 SeasonView Stats
3584illinois valley ice2014View Stats
8862ILMO Storm2022 ILMOView Stats
3059ILS Lady RoyalsSpring 2014View Stats
2351IMBIBE2013 Williamsport Softball LeagueView Stats
9752IMG 19summer 2023View Stats
9248Immoral MinorityFall 2022View Stats
4612Impact2016 SGFSView Stats
8071ImpactSpring/Summer 2021View Stats
6550ImpactSummerView Stats
397Impact blue2011View Stats
8733Impact Gold 14UFall 2021View Stats
1361Impact PanthersSeason 2014View Stats
1900Impact Panthers2012View Stats
2795IMPACT PANTHERS 20002013View Stats
6501Impact SoftballSpring Ding TournamentView Stats
4189ImpactPanthers20015View Stats
2885Imperial Beach GFLGFL 2013View Stats
9747In The PinkPop Goes The Pitcher--Sioux City 2023View Stats
319incom2010 summerView Stats
3474IndependenceView Stats
1563Independent2012View Stats
4036Indian Club2015 SummerView Stats
8268Indian Creek JV Softball2021View Stats
2162Indian Lake2013View Stats
7225Indiana Diamond Divas2019 Spring/SummerView Stats
734Indiana gators16u fall View Stats
2652Indiana Gators HeimSummer TourneysView Stats
1617Indiana Rage2012 testView Stats
5106Indiana Terror - KinzerFall2016/Spring2017View Stats
3727Indianola 12U PurpleFall 2014/Spring 2015View Stats
1545Indianola Indians - JV2012View Stats
5604Indianola Indians 14u GoldSummer 2017View Stats
2763Indians2013View Stats
4519IndiansHigh School 2016View Stats
6443Indians2018View Stats
6914Indios de CharlotteSummer 2019View Stats
5295Industriales RMSCeproAragua 2018View Stats
6823Indy Bats2019 TournamentsView Stats
1710Indy Fear U18Fall Ball 2012View Stats
2867Indy Horsepower 18UFall 2013 View Stats
5137Indy Rebels - Hamblin2019-2020View Stats
2694Indy RushSummer 2013View Stats
4079Infectious2015 View Stats
1509Inferno2012 AllstarsView Stats
5174Inferno / J.H. / J.V. 2016View Stats
2651Infschool2013View Stats
5726Ingersoll Midget Girls 20172017 seasonView Stats
8745Inglorious Batters1st SeasonView Stats
9829Inglorious BattersFall 2023View Stats
6647Inglorious Batters2019 June-AugustView Stats
4989Inglourious Battars2016View Stats
1307Injured Reserve2012View Stats
4576Inman 20172016View Stats
387InPro American2011 SummerView Stats
4809Insanity2016View Stats
3892INSIGHT SOFTBALL2015View Stats
489InspiredView Stats
4393IntensityFallView Stats
563Intensity 14s14U 2011View Stats
5176Intensity 14U2016-2017View Stats
2961Intensity Fastpitch2013/14 SeasonView Stats
589Intensity Fastpitch VanPort2011 Summer FastpitchView Stats
5424Intensity Softball 18u2016View Stats
4880International Baseball MachinesFredericton Fun Softball 2016View Stats
5023IntoxicatorsSummer 2016View Stats
5812InvAsianCspl 2018View Stats
8083Iola JV2021View Stats
8335Iowa2023/24View Stats
7716Iowa Blitz10U SpringView Stats
1666Iowa10Mens Fall Ball 2012View Stats
1613IRC BaseballSummer 2012View Stats
6882IRHS JV2019View Stats
8067IronKlad Concrete2021View Stats
8206Ironmark Building Company2021View Stats
112Isenburg2010 FallView Stats
3854ISKL JV BOYS2014/2015View Stats
5285Island Coast GatorsView Stats
1424Island Falconry Chevys2012View Stats
9603IslandersRegularView Stats
2056Islanders2013View Stats
9097Isotopes2022 Ajax SoftballView Stats
1269Isotopes Playoffs2017 PlayoffsView Stats
9876ISUSBFall Schedule 23View Stats
3692It's Go TimeFall 2014View Stats
9573Ithaca Yellowjackets2023View Stats
1448i\'d hit that2012View Stats
2256J Bombers2014View Stats
1885J-WalkersView Stats
2374J.F. WebbSchoolView Stats
306J.R. Caskey2011 A&E LeagueView Stats
3855J/Eagles Maroon2014/15View Stats
2988Jack Aces2013View Stats
842Jackie Rey's Ohana Grill2012 Hawaii County Kupuna Softball View Stats
2642Jacks/Prariewest2013 Vetrans LeagueView Stats
2516Jackson J-Hawks U10J-Hawks 2013View Stats
4125Jackson MerchantsView Stats
9882JacksonHCKJ2023-2024View Stats
4121Jacksons EaglesSummer 2015View Stats
2140Jacobs JV2013View Stats
2662JAFTSpring/Summer 2013View Stats
1608Jager BombersFall 2012View Stats
3504JaguarsSpring 2014View Stats
10083Jaguars 20242024View Stats
2131Jamestown H.S.Spring 2013View Stats
3982Jantz_2015Jantz 2015View Stats
5621JAX NAZView Stats
8041[email protected]2021View Stats
4059JBLE Honey Badgers2016 York County Coed Fall SoftballView Stats
453JC Jaguars 12U Gold2011 SeasonView Stats
1378JCCHUSKIES12u 2012View Stats
475JD Tube2011View Stats
9814Jean-Claude Gran SlammeFall 2019View Stats
8119Jeepers Sweepers2021View Stats
1215jefferson goldspring 2012View Stats
4939JENMAR HEATINGSpring 2016View Stats
8242[email protected]SUMMER 2021View Stats
6008Jersey Boys 20172017 Cape Cod ClassicView Stats
4351Jersey Classics2015View Stats
4228Jersey GirlsSummerView Stats
3348Jersey Shore Huskies2014 Spring / SummerView Stats
1821jersey starfire2012 Fall SeasonView Stats
5114JESTERS2016 Fall Wednesday LeagueView Stats
8821JHS Golden Eagles JV2022View Stats
2503John Champe HS2013View Stats
4089John Glenn KnightsSpring 2015View Stats
2534JokersSummer 2013View Stats
5284Jonas BarenttView Stats
2621JonesvilleSoftball 2013View Stats
3284Jordan Matthews Lady Jets2014 jetsView Stats
6961Josh2019 churchView Stats
8404JourneyJourney 2021View Stats
10206Journey Power Bombs2024View Stats
1046JourneyChurch2012 Myrtle BeachView Stats
2675Joy CCJoy CC SummerView Stats
2358JPSoftball2013 TournamentsView Stats
3877Jr A'sSVGS 2015View Stats
2153Jr Panthers2013 Jr High View Stats
9717JR's Bar & GrillView Stats
4380Juan Pablo Segundo2015View Stats
587juana diaz softball team2011View Stats
312Juiced2011View Stats
4103JuicersJuicers 2015View Stats
2776junction1View Stats
695Juniata JaguarsFall BallView Stats
1801Junior DevilsFall NYS 2012View Stats
5085Junior TrojansFall 2016View Stats
1236Jupiter Seahawks 12U Summer Travel BallView Stats
5089Just 4 funfallView Stats
7193Just a PokeSpring Swing 2019View Stats
4628JV 20162016View Stats
4797JV Chargers2016View Stats
3542jv gold little miami2014 jv softball View Stats
6954JV KnightsSpring '19View Stats
9472JV Lindy Softball2023 JV SeasonView Stats
8900JV newingtonView Stats
6423JV Softball2018View Stats
8831JV Softball (SJHS)View Stats
143jv softball schspreseason2001View Stats
4633JVHillers_2016High School View Stats
416JvStewTigersSpring 2011View Stats
1047jwpsoftball2012View Stats
511K&A Graphics2011 SummerView Stats
4272K&D Hornets2015 Summer BallView Stats
9416K-Bug2023View Stats
3446K.C. MenaceSeason 1View Stats
1874Kaboomba 12uSpring 2013View Stats
6316Kaclik Builders2018 Cranberry Township Adult Co-EdView Stats
6581KADENA AMMOIntramural 2018View Stats
8694Kaiapoi Base Stealers2021/2022View Stats
3462Kaizen 01GPSL2014View Stats
6150Kalama Chinooks2018 ChinooksView Stats
626Kalamazoo Klash 14u 2011Klash 14u 2011View Stats
3802kali strikerView Stats
723kaminski\'sfall 2011View Stats
6485KansasSpring 18View Stats
641kaosFall 2011View Stats
5631KAOSSummer 2017View Stats
4923KAOS Fastpitch2016 SummerView Stats
5528Kaplan2017 SummerView Stats
6050Kara's teamNon-districtView Stats
3750KARMA 14UView Stats
6617KateView Stats
4109Katie 20142014View Stats
5292Kaytidid Trucking2017 Fairfield Men's League View Stats
3766KC Dirt Devils MCD2015 spring/summerView Stats
8800KC Fire2022 Tournament SeasonView Stats
4183KC JazzKC Jazz 2015View Stats
3231KC Strikers CoedFW Spring - SundayView Stats
3652KC War HorsesSummer 2014View Stats
8032KC Warriors SpringView Stats
6314KCANCERspring 2018View Stats
5368KCBA Fox 352017View Stats
9044Keane’s Autoworks2022View Stats
737KekambasSeason 1View Stats
3662kekumbassummer 14View Stats
3368Kellenberg JV2014View Stats
1564Kelley's Massage Parlour2012View Stats
3417Kelley20142014View Stats
2257Kelly's SoftballSpring 2013View Stats
900Kellys Summit SignsMonday Night C 2012View Stats
686Kelly\'s HeroesFall 2011View Stats
149Kelowna Heat '982011View Stats
4658KEMAOSSummer 2016View Stats
5168Kenfac Phillies SL2016/2017View Stats
6508Kennedy 9/10Summer 2018View Stats
7275Kenosha Fusion 14USummer 2019View Stats
9438Kenosha Hawks2023View Stats
5742Kensington Comets Regular Season 2017View Stats
5884Kent BombersSummer Ball -UView Stats
5443Kent Island DevilsSoftball 2017View Stats
1507Kentucky KrossfireSummer 2012View Stats
1508Kentucky Krossfire 16USummer 2012View Stats
3200kenwoodjrView Stats
2030Kermit Yellow Jackets2013 Kermit SoftballView Stats
1171Kevin DameWinnisquam Varsity SoftballView Stats
7316Key Centre2019View Stats
3227Key West Lady ConchsView Stats
3577KG HittersSummer 2014View Stats
3765KGSSL AfterShockView Stats
1484KHALLSpring 2012View Stats
3424KhaosfallView Stats
7765Khaos 10u Pink10u pink 2020View Stats
3465Kickass KickballersBurnsville 2014View Stats
4133Killawatts2015 KillawattsView Stats
2839Killer Bees2013 Wheeling Fall BallView Stats
1181Killer Bees/Sibcy Cline RealtorsWestside Sunday 6:10 2012View Stats
451Killer ClownsSummer Softball 2011View Stats
4496Killer PandasKiller Pandas Winter 2016View Stats
1033King O\'RourkeSmithtown Softball -2012View Stats
1034King O\'Rourke2013 KOR MastersView Stats
6763King Softball2020 King SoftballView Stats
4607King William High SchoolSpring 2016View Stats
474kingorourkeSmithtown 2011View Stats
7496KINGS 18U2019-20View Stats
3884Kingston Lady CougarsSpring 2015View Stats
6099Kingwood AcesSpring 2018View Stats
6447Kittatinny JVSpring 2018View Stats
7247Kiwanis2019 Regular SeasonView Stats
9818Kiwanis Krew2023 FallView Stats
3383klamath basin bandits maroonView Stats
776KMHS Mustangs2011View Stats
3015KMS SCORPIONS2013-2014View Stats
516KnightsKnights 2012View Stats
3219Knights2014View Stats
1008Knights2012View Stats
8003Knights2021View Stats
7078Knights SoftballView Stats
7386Knockouts - KellyFall 2019View Stats
8378Knockouts 20212021 Spring LeagueView Stats
10204Knotty Pine Pub 2024Rockaway Mens 2024View Stats
10085KnowlesChurch LeagueView Stats
628Knoxville Blast2011View Stats
5347Knoxville Outlaws 10U2017View Stats
1630Knuckle Up-Padilla2012/2013View Stats
6450Knuckleheads2018 Knuckleheads D1View Stats
2294KofaLeagueView Stats
3372KoinoniaHolyoke Softball LeagueView Stats
1672Konawa TigersFastpitch 2012View Stats
6569Kostidis Chiropractic Spring 2018View Stats
5380Kotahi DDMSADDMSA 2016-2017View Stats
5371Kotahi Sports Club Inc. 2016/2017 SEMSAView Stats
7941Krazy PitchesWinter 2020View Stats
6451KRHS JV softball2019View Stats
4170Krunch Elite Summer 2015View Stats
201Krunch redTravel summer 2011View Stats
2519KrushSpring 2013View Stats
3216Krusty KrewSpring 2014View Stats
4462Kruzers2016View Stats
6059Kruzers2018View Stats
4461Kruzers2016View Stats
8898KS SluggersSpring 22View Stats
9231KSO 8U White2022View Stats
6163KTB Cadets 14U TravelBurbank ASA 2018View Stats
2887KU 18 GoldShowcase by the SeaView Stats
5867KV DynamiteU18 2017View Stats
10196KV U17 Dynamite2024View Stats
7670KVHD View Stats
5189KY CannonsFallView Stats
3277kylie munozspring and schoolView Stats
10294LA Bl2024 SummerSummerView Stats
9498La Cocheria LMSprings League 2023View Stats
1223La FamiliaVillatapia 2012View Stats
2659LA High Voltage2013View Stats
727LA Honey BadgersSin City 2012View Stats
2215La MaquinaSpring 2013 Big League DreamView Stats
3968La MaticaSummer 2016View Stats
9117Lacey Freshman 222022View Stats
3594lacey frosh softball 20142014View Stats
6223Lacey StormSpring og2018View Stats
1184Lacey Storm 12U 20132012View Stats
2278Lacey Storm 12U 20132013 SeasonView Stats
2115Lacey Storm 12U 2014Spring/Summer 2013View Stats
1343Lacey Storm 14ULacey Storm 14U 2012View Stats
1868LADIES OF WHY HATE?1/5/13 BLDView Stats
3612Lady A's2014 View Stats
8098Lady Aces 14U2021 Spring (12U)View Stats
3276lady astrossummer 2014View Stats
9122LADY BANDITS2022View Stats
242Lady Blue CrewSpring 2011View Stats
405Lady Braves2011View Stats
1677Lady BravesFall 2012View Stats
10122Lady Braves Spring 2024Spring 2024View Stats
3995Lady BucksSpring 2015View Stats
10097Lady BucsView Stats
8870Lady Bulldogs2022View Stats
1977Lady BulldogsSpring 2013View Stats
959Lady Bulldogs2012 Muldrow High SchoolView Stats
7476Lady CardinalsFallView Stats
1376lady cats2012View Stats
171Lady Cavs2011 High SchoolView Stats
8810Lady Chieftains2022View Stats
1889Lady ColtsHigh SchoolView Stats
286Lady Dawgs2012View Stats
400Lady DawgsSpring 2011View Stats
354LADY DOGS2011View Stats
6863Lady Dynamite2019View Stats
3840Lady EaglesView Stats
3342Lady Elks Softball2014View Stats
5472Lady Falcons2017View Stats
6211Lady Falcons2018View Stats
7582Lady Flatliners2020 Tournaments View Stats
9410Lady Future Ones2023View Stats
7579Lady Gators Spring 2020View Stats
7580Lady Gators Spring 2020View Stats
5270Lady Gators Freshman 20182017View Stats
4078Lady Giants2015View Stats
1723Lady GiantsView Stats
982Lady Guvs 20122012View Stats
7657Lady HERricanesSummer 2020View Stats
2920Lady Hustle - SanchezFall 2013View Stats
1150Lady Knights2012View Stats
8285Lady LakersMS Laker Softball 2021View Stats
4209Lady LegendsSEASON 1View Stats
1009Lady Leopards2012View Stats
7856Lady Lightning2021-2022 15u LightningView Stats
1621Lady Lions 16U2011-2012 TravelView Stats
666Lady MarlinsFall TournamentsView Stats
176Lady Mustangs2011 Softball SeasonView Stats
9460Lady Mustangs2023View Stats
1161lady mustangs 2012freshman year 2012View Stats
2772Lady North StarsSummer 2013View Stats
6170Lady Northmen softball2018 Varsity SoftballView Stats
712LADY OUTLAWSfallView Stats
6873Lady Panthers - CMSRegular Season 19View Stats
3390Lady patriots2014 seasonView Stats
1916Lady PiratesSLHSView Stats
6519Lady Pirates2018 Super SeriesView Stats
8059Lady RabbsView Stats
779Lady Raiders2012 View Stats
6905Lady Raiders Softball2019 Softball SeasonView Stats
3405Lady RamsSpringView Stats
333Lady RamsSpring 2011View Stats
447Lady RebelsSpring SeasonView Stats
995Lady RebelsLady Rebels 2013View Stats
1445Lady Rebels2012 18U SOGFSAView Stats
6808Lady Rebels2019View Stats
6844Lady Rebels Softball2019 Softball SeasonView Stats
1003Lady Red Devils2012View Stats
220Lady Redbirds2011 View Stats
3706Lady Redskins2014 SCMSView Stats
2681lady shockersjune 15 tournamentView Stats
7291Lady SlammersSummer 2019View Stats
1010lady stingraysspring 2012View Stats
1458Lady Stormers2012View Stats
6209Lady TigersSpring 2018View Stats
3259lady titans2014View Stats
877Lady Warriors2012View Stats
131Lady Warriorsfast pitch 2010View Stats
2027Lady Warriors2013 high schoolView Stats
1776Lady WarriorsSoftball 2012View Stats
8772lady warriors 12utravel ball View Stats
4772Lady Yellow Jackets 14uSpring/Summer 2016View Stats
3049Lady's Squad2014View Stats
9796LadybugsSpring/Summer 2023View Stats
8094LadybugsSpring 2021View Stats
4028Ladycats2015 Varsity ConferenceView Stats
5434Ladyhawks-DeanSpring 2017View Stats
1038ladylionsLions 2012-SpringView Stats
8974Lake City High School2022View Stats
1973Lake Dallas Falcons2013View Stats
3713Lake Land SoftballFall 2014View Stats
10275Lake LightningStark County 10U TourneyView Stats
1192Lake Region High School2012View Stats
8792Lake Worth SoftballView Stats
8018Lake Worth Softball2021View Stats
8331Lakeland 3Spring 2021View Stats
1463lakeland chiro/vreekesthurs one night 2012View Stats
4255Lakepark2015View Stats
3957Laker Varsity Softball2015View Stats
393Lakeshore Pirates 14U2011View Stats
4882Lakeshore Storm 14u WhiteSummer 2016View Stats
5669Lakeside Concrete2017View Stats
1319Lakeview Church Softball2012 SummerView Stats
5288Lakeview SoftballView Stats
2731Lakeville Lightening 10U2013 Play-offsView Stats
9604Lakewood JV2022View Stats
8062Lakewood LancersView Stats
1748lamar2012View Stats
1704Lamar tigers2012 FallView Stats
411Lame DucksY_CoEd_Summer2011View Stats
4966Lancaster Arrows2016View Stats
4563Lancaster Flying Arrows2016View Stats
4694Lancer 2016Lancer 2016View Stats
9027LandsharksSpring/summer 22View Stats
7616Laney HS JV2020 LHS JVView Stats
2344LangleyAMMO2013View Stats
3883Largo HS Lady Lions2015View Stats
9848Las Estrellas FALLView Stats
6869Las estrellas de Villa Elisa2019View Stats
5657Lasers2017View Stats
3621Lasers White2013/2014 summerView Stats
3481LAST CALLLAST CALL Season 13View Stats
8526Last Minute2021View Stats
2735Latham Liberty2016 Hudson MohawkView Stats
7048[email protected]Spring/Summer 2019View Stats
9202Lauras lughtsSummer 2022View Stats
7432Law So Hard2LView Stats
3905Law.8th9th&10th Grade2015View Stats
3984Lawrence North High School2015View Stats
979Lawrence Tigersj.v. 2012View Stats
8565Lazar's Blazers2021 Summer LeagueView Stats
5795Lazers2017View Stats
6757LCA Knights2019View Stats
2078LCBC 2013View Stats
3990LCCC2015View Stats
3987LCCC Softball2015View Stats
2055LCHS 2013 VarsityView Stats
3353LCHS 20142014View Stats
7614LCHS Lady Eagles2020View Stats
4441LDCC2016View Stats
9469LE Dirty Diamonds 10ULE Dirty Diamonds 10u Spring 2023View Stats
5660Lebanon JV 2017 JVView Stats
3545LeBaron Financial2014 Mens LeagueView Stats
7186Lebreton Bats2019 SummerView Stats
5706Lee's Bar2017 Northern LeagueView Stats
3286Lee-Davis2014View Stats
6857Leetonia Bears2019View Stats
7339LeftoversView Stats
706LegacyFall 2011View Stats
2947Legacy2013View Stats
6359LegacySummer 2018View Stats
1637Legal BeaglesBronze Fall 2012View Stats
8563LegendsSaturdays 2021View Stats
5558Legends2017View Stats
9842Legends Never DieFallView Stats
9784Legends of the Ball2016 OLSView Stats
3323Legion Of Boom2014View Stats
2014LEGIT2013 RecView Stats
6310Lego My Letso2018 Spring Men's LeagueView Stats
1440Leidal and Hart2012 SummerView Stats
1081Leigh2012View Stats
8966Leland & Gray Rebels2022View Stats
5458Lemont Lightning 10ULightning 10UView Stats
2562Lemoore Allstars 10ULemoore All StarsView Stats
7671Lenas TeamsCTW 14UView Stats
3738LeonesSnowflake 2014View Stats
9016Leones del Escogido2022View Stats
6302Leos Lady Lovers2018 SpringView Stats
748Lets Do Linens2011 Coed Fall BallView Stats
10261Lev Aharon 2024 spring league View Stats
6511Levittown AmericanBurlington TournamentView Stats
2388Levittown ExposSummerView Stats
949Lewis County High School2012View Stats
5641Lewis Lynx2017View Stats
3897Lewis River Rebels2015 Lewis River ReforestationView Stats
5634Lewiston Roto RooterSpring 2017View Stats
8188lexington Lady Tigers21View Stats
9103LF Softball 2 (Team Duran)Spring/Summer 2022View Stats
9067LF Softball 2 (Team Duran)Spring/Summer 2022View Stats
7269LFSMAOView Stats
9141LGS 18U 22In house 22View Stats
6791LHFPSpring 2019View Stats
5915LHS 2018Fall 2017View Stats
8637LI Heat 16u FutiresFall 2021View Stats
4846LI Surge BlackView Stats
6533LI Thunder/Jaguars Elite2018 ShowcaseView Stats
2899LibertyFall American LegionView Stats
2489Liberty High2013View Stats
9075Liberty Lady Lions2022View Stats
1130Libertyville Cats Black2012View Stats
7166Licking Heights Velocity2019View Stats
8324Lightning2021 SpringView Stats
1728LightningFALLView Stats
4019Lightning2015View Stats
1410lightningintercourse 2012View Stats
251LightningFGSA 2011View Stats
1492Lightning12U rec LeagueView Stats
2756LightningtravelView Stats
7697Lightning 08SummerView Stats
212Lightning'982011 NFLView Stats
10026Lights OutSpring 2024View Stats
6243Lights OutSummer '18View Stats
8660Lights OutSnow Flake 2021View Stats
1295Lima2013View Stats
4860LimberlostView Stats
2781Lime Drivers 2013Summer 2013View Stats
5564Limp Lizard2017View Stats
2480Lincoln Explosion2013 Lincoln Parks and Rec. CompetitiveView Stats
2343Lincoln Rockets 10U Summer 2013View Stats
1002Lincoln Softball2012 SoftballView Stats
1259Lincoln Softball1111View Stats
6164Lincolnview Junior High Softball2018View Stats
1293Lindale Church of GodSpring 2012View Stats
1237Linden HeightsLinden Heights 2010View Stats
61Lindenwold LionsSoftball 2010View Stats
9432Lindsay Cardinals JVJV Softball 23View Stats
2265Lindy JV2013View Stats
6721Line Drive. 2019View Stats
1576LionsBTSL 2012View Stats
4456LionsSprint 2016View Stats
4765LitigatorsSummer 2016View Stats
3516little miami jv softball2014 jv softball View Stats
2310Little Mohawks2013View Stats
3695Living Stones ChurchLiving stones fall leagueView Stats
1478livingston thunderSummer 2012View Stats
3639Livonia Storm Black2014 SummerView Stats
4115Livonia Wild Black 12USpring/Summer 2015View Stats
2522LL99MayView Stats
1353llanerch hills 2012View Stats
1241LM Tire & Wheel Softball2012View Stats
1147LM Tire Softball Team2012 SeasonView Stats
6561lmsp2018View Stats
8229Loaded BasesSpring 2021View Stats
10016LobosLatin LeagueView Stats
8217Lockport Pride LS21 SpringView Stats
6693Locust DarlingsFall 2018View Stats
6960Log Drivers2019View Stats
3244Logan Grizz2014 View Stats
5038Logan's AaaarrghSummer 2016View Stats
7795Lokahi AZ2020-21 Winter Worlds PhxView Stats
2451Long Balls2013View Stats
2588Long Branch Womens Softball2013View Stats
1199Long Hill Auto2012 Mt. Olive SoftballView Stats
6637Lookin 2 ScoreLookin 2 Score - Playmore 2018 FallView Stats
1606Lookouts - 13U-SSummer 2012View Stats
2707Lookouts 16 u Martineztravel 2013View Stats
9386Los Al Select2022 FallView Stats
3229Los Angeles StingraysGLASA Spring 2014View Stats
6745LOS ASTROS2019/1View Stats
18Los Caciques2010View Stats
6814Los CalientesView Stats
9740Los DomisVerano 2023View Stats
10223Los Douche2024View Stats
10225Los Douche2024View Stats
6063LOS ELEJIDOS DEL REYNO premio de equipoView Stats
3433Los GooniesSpring/Summer 2014View Stats
792Los LlanosSerie Cuartos de FinalView Stats
9427Los Muchachos del Parque2023View Stats
9444Los Muchachos del Parque RDSantiago 2023View Stats
1196Los Pollos Hermanos1st seasonView Stats
9419Los Putos Softball Club2023View Stats
7555Los Red Sox2020View Stats
2923Lost BoyzFall 2013View Stats
986Lou Gehrig LasersSahlensView Stats
5652Lou's BX Yankee TavernLarry League Sp 2017View Stats
668louies legionFallView Stats
2209LOUISIANA FUSIONSpring 2013View Stats
3733Louisville ChuggersFall 2014View Stats
7105Love Bears2019View Stats
2581Lowcountry LegendsSummer 2013View Stats
6186Lowell High2018View Stats
977LowellvilleLHS 2012View Stats
9447Lower Columbia2023 View Stats
5182Loyola Loyola 2017-2018View Stats
10216LPPTNYC-VerdesView Stats
3279LPS Phoenix2014View Stats
8907LRHS SOFTBALL2022View Stats
7809LSL Lions U14 2020View Stats
5898LSW JV2017 JVView Stats
6891LTHS Softball2021 LTHS VarsityView Stats
7776LTRC 2020 Lemon LimesLTRC 2020 Lemon LimesView Stats
1185Lube-Tech2012View Stats
9849LUCASseason 1View Stats
2424LuckySpring 2013View Stats
7731Lucky 7's2020 SummerView Stats
2624Ludington Softball2013View Stats
8355Ludlow Lions2021View Stats
5009lugnutsTBCSLView Stats
6297LV 10U Sunday SelectSunday Select 2018View Stats
2029LV eNVySt. Paddy DayView Stats
2793LVBD2013View Stats
2391LVPsMacken ParkView Stats
3899Lynchburg Sub D2015View Stats
1380Lyndhurst Softball2012View Stats
1068Lynn Valley Speedballs2012 Screwballs Summer LeagueView Stats
1222Lynx51502012 Lynx JV SoftballView Stats
6208LZ Middle School North Wolf-PakSpring 2018View Stats
5357MackenzieView Stats
2965Macon Middle School Tigerettes8th Grade 2013View Stats
1594MacsCrushers2012View Stats
4994Mad City Crush 15UWI DELLS SLUG FESTView Stats
5148Mad City Panic 12UGMMFL Fall 2016View Stats
7152Mad DogsSummer 2019View Stats
7805Madill High School SoftballMHS Softball 2020View Stats
915Madison Blue Streaks2012View Stats
435Madison High School 2011View Stats
5276Madison J.H. KeystoneJ.H. 2017View Stats
7231Madison JV2019View Stats
6472Madison JV Softball2017-18View Stats
4443Madison Rams2016View Stats
4478Madison Rams 2017View Stats
4464Madison Rams JV2016View Stats
4677Madison SergentSR League 2016View Stats
3812Madison Trojans2015 Varsity SoftballView Stats
4016Mae MaeSpring 2015View Stats
3799magicfallView Stats
2912Magic2014View Stats
8198Magnolia Elite 06Spring SeasonView Stats
1454Magnum2012 SummerView Stats
950Magruder High SchoolSpring 2012View Stats
6031Maine ExplosionSummer 2017View Stats
9724Majestix 14u All StarsSummer 2023View Stats
8958Majors2022 Spring View Stats
6168MakoaSpring 2018 Wilson ParkView Stats
1165Malden High School2012 SoftballView Stats
2532Malebox MaraudersSummer 2013View Stats
10281Malindig Bluboys2 Days LeagueView Stats
8856Mallard Head Hot DogsSpring 2022View Stats
5630Malone's2017 View Stats
2325maloney2013View Stats
2182maloney2013View Stats
2959Mama Jeans CrewMJC-Lakewood-2013View Stats
4139Man DownView Stats
6741Man LawFall 2019View Stats
8424MancelonaSpring 2021View Stats
4213Manchester JV Softball2015 JV SoftballView Stats
4787Manchester JV Softball2016 View Stats
236Manchester Panthers JV2011View Stats
7062Manchester Thunder2019View Stats
4277Manchild - Summer 2015Summer 2015View Stats
2596manheim broncossusq 10 u slow pitchView Stats
3900Manheim Township2015 SeasonView Stats
5058Maniacs (Manulife)2016View Stats
7124Manitowoc 10U2019View Stats
3715Mankato Peppers OrangeFall 2014View Stats
9812Mannford PiratesView Stats
8238Mansfield High School View Stats
4840Mansfield Legends2016View Stats
9682Maple Grove Softball2023View Stats
2435Maple Lake2013View Stats
7228maple valley 14U 20192019 twin valleyView Stats
9443MARA ChargersSpring 2023View Stats
1320Marathon Red Raiders2012 Marathon Red RaidersView Stats
5913Marble City BombersNNY Softball Fall League 2017View Stats
3518Marcells Ladycats2014View Stats
7601Marcus HS Softball2019-2020View Stats
2525MaretSpring 2013View Stats
4083Marine CleanSunday SummerView Stats
4413MarinerasCREAView Stats
4821MarinersView Stats
8975Marinette High School SoftballView Stats
7775Marion 8U Gold2020View Stats
6124Mark Twain2018 Baseball MTView Stats
9272Mark Twain softball2022 fall softballView Stats
2553Markham Guns2013 SummerView Stats
4279Marks TireMarks Tire 2015View Stats
9517Marlboro Marlins 9uMarlboro Marlins 9u travelView Stats
8891Marlette Red Raiders Softball2022View Stats
4052MarlinsONSPL 2015View Stats
527Marlins2011 MarlinsView Stats
957Maroon 12Naples 2012 SpringView Stats
6179Maroon Crush 072018View Stats
6681Maroon Crush NealFall 2018View Stats
3721Marriott MayhemsFall 2014View Stats
657Mars 12U FastpitchFall 2011View Stats
658Mars 15U FastpitchFall 2011View Stats
8154MarshallView Stats
936Marshall Lions2012View Stats
2566Marshall RedhawksMarshall Redhawks 2013View Stats
6235Marshfield Tigers JV2018 jvView Stats
5977Martin Juego Bariado y torneo View Stats
8666Marty Magee's HopsFallView Stats
3770Maryland Express TaylorView Stats
6080Maryville Wildcats 08Spring/Summer 18View Stats
5020Maryville Wildcats 18uView Stats
8929Masco 2022View Stats
8090MASD Middle School FastpitchMASD MS Softball 2021View Stats
1972Mason JV SoftballSpring 2013View Stats
2563Mason Thunder 98Summer 2013View Stats
5163mass drifters 14u navydomeView Stats
204Massaponax Panthers JV2011View Stats
5582Massena CentralSpring 2017View Stats
9059Massie Fireballs2022 Massie FireballsView Stats
6503MataRallysLiga Universitaria de Softbol Victoria 2018-2019View Stats
2966Matt LunaHillside Fall 2013View Stats
7086Mattawan Community Church (MCC)2019 - Kzoo LeagueView Stats
2905maulers2013 faffView Stats
9880MavsFall 2023View Stats
4609Mayfair Softball Spring 2016View Stats
5153MayhemSalem Mens 2016View Stats
8869MayhemView Stats
346Mayo2011View Stats
3161Mayors of Tahiti City2014 ACSView Stats
8963Maypearl Spring 2022View Stats
1242MC's Sports BarWaukesha Summer 2012View Stats
5250McBain Varsity SoftballSpringView Stats
3928McClain Lady Tigers2016View Stats
310McDonaldsGardner Little Leauge Softball 2011View Stats
272McDonell Central HS2011View Stats
309McGladreyView Stats
2314McGregorPreseasonView Stats
6054MCHS2018View Stats
9506McLouth High School Softball2023 Spring SeasonView Stats
5203MCP 12UGMMFP - Fall 2016View Stats
2664McPetessummer 2013View Stats
9136MCR Labs2022View Stats
8710MD AS 14CFall 2021View Stats
3779Md Express Taylor 2Fall 2014View Stats
4205MDS Staffing2015 SummerView Stats
3066meagles2014View Stats
9826Mean GirlsL.E.G.SView Stats
6602Mean GreenFall Ball 2018View Stats
3769MeatballsMeatballs Fall 2014View Stats
3768MeatheadsSpring 2015View Stats
673MeatsticksLate Summer 2011View Stats
1781Mecca Muckrakers2012View Stats
6045Medias SuciasWinter 2018View Stats
574Megan FlynnSummer 2011View Stats
6890Melboune H.S. - JV 20202019 SpringView Stats
9471melisacaraspring 2023View Stats
562mellett animal hopital2011 spring/summerView Stats
9298MelonheadsRoxbury 2022View Stats
8250Men's FridaysSpring Men's Friday 2021View Stats
4912Mena Gray View Stats
5057Menace To SobreitySummer (Men's)View Stats
3825Menace2sobriety4Winter 2015View Stats
317Mens Haritage Tuesday NIghts2011View Stats
5215Mercedes Lady TIgers View Stats
1351Mercer County Xtremesummer leagueView Stats
8153Mercer Island Coast2021View Stats
3572Merchants Bar Coed Softball2014 SeasonView Stats
3537Mercier2014 Early BirdView Stats
2199Mercy MarlinsSpring 2013 JV MarlinsView Stats
2384Mercy RuleSpring 2013View Stats
5392Meridian JV 2017 JV SeasonsView Stats
2372Merill Blue Jays JV2013 View Stats
2312Merrill2013View Stats
6249MeteorsFriendliesView Stats
2461Meteors 32013View Stats
1519Metrowest Hawks2012 Tournament ScheduleView Stats
1879Mets de PanamaChino PanameñoView Stats
7256MettsFall Ball 2019View Stats
3820MHBS2015View Stats
2086MHS MustangsSpring 2013'View Stats
1240MHVIKINGS2012View Stats
3102Miami Bears2014 Softball LeagueView Stats
6044Miami Lady Canes 14U GreenSpring 2018View Stats
2577MIC Rebels2013View Stats
2454Micheala King2013View Stats
2759Michigan RAGE 16U Blue2013 Tournament SeasonView Stats
3753MicroAgeFall 2014View Stats
8349Mid ohio2021View Stats
2644Mid-Michigan ChaosSummer 2013View Stats
6069Mid-Valley YANKEES (shetlon)View Stats
4070Midatlantic Softball2015 SeasonView Stats
4444Middle SchoolLazers Summer 2016View Stats
1018Middle Township PanthersHS 2012View Stats
6129Middlesboro Lady JacketsView Stats
4957Middletown HS South2017View Stats
10048Middletown Orange 10uSpring ‘24View Stats
2784Midland Information ResourcesFall League 2013View Stats
858Midland Softball 2012 softballView Stats
6309Midtown A'sSpring 2018View Stats
6135Midway Lady Waves 20182018View Stats
3365Midwest Nationals McGloneFall 2014View Stats
732Midwest Sluggers Blue2011 FallView Stats
9528Mighty DrunksBrentwood 2022View Stats
2683Mighty TitansSpring 2013View Stats
5345Miken Pipe Inc.2017 Miken Pipe IncView Stats
1486MikeysSummer 2012View Stats
7077Mike’s Oil Wolfe PackMinor League SoftballView Stats
7726MikulaDearborn summerView Stats
8372Mikula ChiropracticView Stats
7442Mikula Thursday Night2019 FallView Stats
6634Mikula Wednesday nightsWednesday Night FallView Stats
6824Mile High ClubSpring 2019 - TuesdayView Stats
6987Militia2019View Stats
1657Millbrook Adrenaline2012-2013 14UView Stats
8886MillburnSpring 2022View Stats
5692Millcreek MiddleSpring 2017View Stats
9860Millennial falconsFall 2023View Stats
10150Miller Concrete2024 slowpitchView Stats
6446Miller Farm SupplyOsage LeagueView Stats
2485Milliman2013View Stats
7020Millis AAA Gray2019View Stats
5396Minford High School2017View Stats
5403MinicoHighschollView Stats
2537MINIONSSummer 2013View Stats
5266Minnesota Twins2017 mlbView Stats
1431Minor League Indians2012View Stats
3604Minor Threat2014 MagnoliaView Stats
4224Miracle2014-2015 MB-GView Stats
9431Miramonte2023 MiramonteView Stats
9743Misfit ToysSummer 2023View Stats
3403Misfits2014 Lowel BBB CoedView Stats
6898MisfitsRecreation View Stats
9406Misfits2023 Jan-AprView Stats
6579Misfits2018 Summer LeagueView Stats
3985misfits2017 Spring View Stats
9337MisfitsCoed Fall SoftballView Stats
8572MisfitsMen's Open Bronze (Fall 2021)View Stats
7259Misfits 2EMSL Spring 2019View Stats
4382MisfitzFall 2015View Stats
5584Mishawaka HS Lady Cavemen2017 HSView Stats
2507Miss BLAST 01View Stats
2736Miss Scotties Bawl DawgsTravel TournementsView Stats
479Miss Shen DynamiteSpring/SummerView Stats
3821Miss Shen Rebellion 12u AFall 2014View Stats
730Miss shen VipersFall BallView Stats
3441MissFitsSpring 2014View Stats
6815Mississinewa High School2019 High School SoftballView Stats
3472Missouri StormSummer 2014View Stats
2483Missy\'s Bar & GrillBrackett LeagueView Stats
4357Mitchell JVFall 2015View Stats
1913mitchell mustangs2013View Stats
5335Mitchell Mustangs JV2017 springView Stats
786Mixed MuttsFall 2013View Stats
1793Mize Diamonds2014 FallView Stats
3857Mize High School2015View Stats
696MizfitsFall Ball 2011View Stats
1742MJ Sluggers2012 WinterView Stats
1330mlgs2012View Stats
5212MN LIT/VPIMN LIT 2017View Stats
3016MN Snocatz 16U PinkTurkey Trot TournamentView Stats
233MNHHS Maroons2011View Stats
6396MNW Cougars Jr. High Softball2022 MNW Jr. High SoftballView Stats
6490MNW Jr. High Softball7th Grade SoftballView Stats
549Mo-Co Rush2011 14u seasonView Stats
4075Mobile Thrillers - Fuller2015 Spring/Summer 12UView Stats
304mod squadsummerView Stats
6573Moderate ChopPleasanton Spring 2019 D1View Stats
2848Modern SmilesCity of Rockville Fall 2013View Stats
8277ModSquadTCGSL SummerView Stats
5230Mofos2017 WinterView Stats
5353Moist Pan tiesSpring 17'View Stats
82Mom stat keeperSummerView Stats
3803Moncton RebelsU14 2014View Stats
10056Monday Knights2024 seasonView Stats
2394Monday Night Mayhem14 Seasons of MLSView Stats
6514Money Mad FatSummer 2018View Stats
2953MoneyballersCape Coral Tuesday Co-Rec Softball View Stats
5665MoneyballersSpring 2017View Stats
8842Monmouth RipTideSpring USABL 2022View Stats
2133Monroe Central2013View Stats
3909Monroe falconsSoftball 2015View Stats
6424Monrovia HS2018 HS SeasonView Stats
6128Monrovia LightningSpringView Stats
246MonstarsWinter Jan 2011View Stats
3328Monstars2013View Stats
427Monster TrucksSummer 2011View Stats
5169MONSTERSSpring 2016 MajorsView Stats
2070Montabella Varsity Softball2013 ConferenceView Stats
1472Montclair 14U All StarsAll StarView Stats
5455Montclair FreshmanSpring 2017 View Stats
8626Montgomery County MS 2021View Stats
4229Montgomery Mavericks 16UMavericks 16U Summer 2015View Stats
920Monticello ModifiedModified 2012View Stats
7119Monticello Sages 12u2019View Stats
6967Montini Softball2019View Stats
9109Montrose Spring 2022View Stats
477Monty Burns RingersMedford Men's League Softball B DivisionView Stats
6921Moo's BluesSpring 2019View Stats
10065Moore Catholic HS VarsityView Stats
8512Moorfielders HB12021View Stats
3704moose's lz2018 Summer BallView Stats
4587MoraviaMoravia 2017View Stats
4093More Cowbell2010View Stats
5413Morehead State Eagles View Stats
9090Morgan's2022View Stats
9357Morley Eagles Div 52022/23 Summer SeasonView Stats
710Morrisville Lady PanthersFall 2011View Stats
8224Morse Shipbuilders Softball 2021 Spring Softball View Stats
460Mortgage Source2011View Stats
5265Mortimer JordanSpring 2017View Stats
6317Mosinee Maroon 52018View Stats
2235MOT Blue DevilsSpring 2013View Stats
292Motley Angels F&FRegular View Stats
3965Mount Vernon JV-A2015 Spring LeagueView Stats
6604MP BulliesCOH FALL 2018View Stats
9738MP Slow Pitch2023View Stats
10280MPA View Stats
9647MPHS TigersMPHS Softball 22/23View Stats
4973Mpls Magic2016View Stats
2511Mr. John 2013 UPMC Hospital LeagueView Stats
1264mrfenceitleague 20012View Stats
5516MRHS MS SoftballSpring 2017View Stats
1283MSBA Midget Hurricanes2012View Stats
8209MSM JV Softball Spring 2021View Stats
4389MSN2015-16 14UMSN Travel 2015-16 View Stats
8139Mt. Carmel Lady Aces2021 Covid SeasonView Stats
2915Mtn. Grove Lady PanthersFall 2013View Stats
5431Muckrakers2017View Stats
3864Mucks2016View Stats
7757Mud City Hammer Hats2021View Stats
2255Mud DogsSpring 2013View Stats
5835Mud HensSpring 2017View Stats
6410Mudcat 2018Mudcat 2018View Stats
604Muffin ToppersYMCA 2011View Stats
10099Mukwonago Indians JVSpring 2024View Stats
5068Multiple ScorgasmsShineramaView Stats
5717Multiview 20172017View Stats
5540Munising Mustangs2017 SEASONView Stats
3222Murray High Lady TigersLady Tiger Softball 2014View Stats
5711MuskegonView Stats
948Muskingum JV2012 JV SeasonView Stats
1342Mustangs2012 NF JVView Stats
2207Mustangs2013View Stats
3007MustangsFall 2013View Stats
2373Mustangs2013View Stats
7523Mustangs 2023Mustangs 2023View Stats
8596Mutant LeagueFall Weeknight View Stats
8042MuttsCotinaView Stats
4151MV Shockwave2010View Stats
2107MVHSSpring 2013View Stats
10186MVIL AutobotsCorporate Slow Pitch 2024View Stats
3886MW Softball2015View Stats
2512MWCS yellowjacketsSpring 2013View Stats
3807mwp timber wolves2015View Stats
3599My Alarm Center2014View Stats
8652My TeamFall 2015View Stats
7845My Team 20202020View Stats
2460Myrtle2013 Slow Pitch View Stats
1890Myrtle BeachVarsity 2013View Stats
5845Mystery Men summer 2017 View Stats
4952Mystic Valleyspring 2016View Stats
3167N.W.O.JB Softball Tourney 3/8View Stats
10068N/A2024View Stats
9022NAFletesSummer League 2022View Stats
1958Nampa High Softball2013View Stats
265Naptown HeroesAACO Summer LeagueView Stats
9049Narbonne HS2023View Stats
4890Nardini/PledgeTuesday league 2016View Stats
308Nashville JV Softball2011View Stats
9687Nasis Middle School2023View Stats
181nasty habitSpring 2011View Stats
7306National Life Coed2019View Stats
10047Native AthleticsSpring 2024View Stats
9351Natural Peaches2022 FallView Stats
9352Natural Peaches2022 FallView Stats
5016NavajoFallball 16View Stats
3182Navy SealsSpring 2014View Stats
6228Navy ThunderDYSA Spring 2018View Stats
8905Nazareth Blast 10u2022 Spring SeasonView Stats
4346NB/A3View Stats
3887NBSOFT2015View Stats
3868NC Challengers2015View Stats
9169NC Villages2022View Stats
2259NCCS Cougars2013 CVACView Stats
9387NCCUView Stats
2568NCE/UH Titans2013View Stats
1449NCGYSL 12UB Softball2012 NCGYSL 12UB Tri-CountyView Stats
8713NCSS team 22021 Summer/FallView Stats
2069NDSCS WildcatsNDSCS 2013View Stats
6631NE Diamond Gems 18U Showcase2018 Fall / 2019 SummerView Stats
2600NE Indiana Thunderboltz2013 View Stats
2709ne nightmare2013View Stats
777NE ScoutingTournament 1View Stats
10015Nebraska National 16uView Stats
184Nebraska Nemesis 012011View Stats
633Nebraska Nemesis 012010-2011View Stats
20Needles Dodgers2010View Stats
1381neglias2012View Stats
8470NEGold national 15u summer 2021Summer 2021View Stats
10147Neisens Corner Bar2024View Stats
9512Nelly’s Night OwlsView Stats
1579NemesisPre-NationalsView Stats
4350Neshaminy Shock FastpitchFall 2015View Stats
9240Nevada Challenge Cup 2023Rumble in the DesertView Stats
1035New Bern Diamondbacks2012 Tournament SeasonView Stats
4226New Breed2015View Stats
6291New Brockton Lady Gamecocks2018 #HaveAPlanView Stats
1490New Castle Explosion2012 New Castle Explosion 12uView Stats
2223New Castle Trojans2013 TravelView Stats
7136New City Softball2019 Church LeagueView Stats
4234New England Vipers 16U2015 TournamentsView Stats
1567New Era SoftballSummer BallView Stats
2299new friendship2013View Stats
5202New Image Concrete/Legit/Carnage2017View Stats
8428New Life Lutheran Church2021View Stats
4404New low/mcpetesFall 2015View Stats
5497New Milford JV Softball 20222017View Stats
3574New Oxford Flames 12U2014View Stats
6376New Prague Red 12USummer 18View Stats
9868New Tricks2023 GSWSView Stats
9558New Wave 2023View Stats
2184New Waves2013View Stats
3989Newark2015View Stats
2438Newark JV2013View Stats
6206Newark JVView Stats
4905Newark JV 2016JV 2016View Stats
1123Newark Lady Reds Softball2012View Stats
1333Newport High2012View Stats
350Newton Jr. HighNewton Jr. High 2011View Stats
5086Newtown Rock Gold-Garvey2016-2017View Stats
2181neXtneXt 2013 SeasonView Stats
2668Next Level 10uPanama City TournamentView Stats
2700NforcersSummer 2013View Stats
3736NG Purple TigersFall 2014View Stats
10096NGSL Storm 12/14U 20242024 SpringView Stats
2747NH Black Widows2013View Stats
9340NHCS Lady Eagles2022 NHCS MS SOFTBALLView Stats
2088NHHS 2013View Stats
2874NHHS ShamrocksFall 2013View Stats
3180NHS Lady Raiders Softball2014View Stats
3310NHS Varsity 20142104View Stats
3457NHSVarsity2014 VarsityView Stats
6825Nice Hits!Spring 2019View Stats
4954Nice SnatchFall BallView Stats
9606Nifter2023View Stats
9605Nifter2023View Stats
5406Night MaresView Stats
2429Night Time Ninjas2013View Stats
8744NighthawksfallView Stats
4095[email protected]continental diamond 2015View Stats
1823Nikkeiwest50+ TournamentView Stats
3972Ninja CrewSpring 2015View Stats
5207NinosWarwick twilightView Stats
316Nipmuc Warriors SoftballSpring 2011View Stats
6016Nisqually Pounders2018 Senior SoftballView Stats
10287Nite Owls2024 coedView Stats
2679NITRO2013 SUMMERView Stats
8718NitroNitro 10uView Stats
5144Nitro GoldFall ball 2016View Stats
3759NJ BanditsFallView Stats
1873NJ Fury 16u2013 Fall SeasonView Stats
2289NJ Spirit 14u2013 spring leagueView Stats
3643NKY Stealers2014View Stats
185NLMK2011View Stats
7955NLMS2020 FallView Stats
5560NLV GrapesNLV 2017View Stats
2769NMolineSummer 2013View Stats
2787Nmysoseason 12View Stats
4611NNLL Oklahoma Sooners2016 SpringView Stats
1151No Glove No Love2012View Stats
5865No Glove, No Love2017View Stats
5700No Glove, No LoveSummer 2017View Stats
9732No Limit2023 RVCView Stats
4528No ShowsView Stats
4888Nobles TimbrmartGrand Falls LeagueView Stats
9421[email protected]2023 Utrip statsView Stats
7437NomadsFall 2019View Stats
3354None 2 WasteNone 2 Waste 2014View Stats
2253nor cal bombers2013 majorsView Stats
5731Nor Cal Bownet RaySummer 17View Stats
726Nor Cal Elite 16U 2011Fall 2011View Stats
5136norcal blitz 12ufall 2016View Stats
778NorCal Ninjas2012View Stats
3819Nordonia Knights2015View Stats
4700Norfolk Aggiespring 2016View Stats
8669Norfolk CrewASANA World Series 2022View Stats
8549North2021View Stats
6313North Andover Scarlet Knights2018View Stats
6872North Bend High School2019View Stats
1021North Branford Wild Cats2012 WILD CATSView Stats
9733North Carolina Blue Mold2023 SeasonView Stats
8817North County Gas CompanySpring 2022View Stats
2275North Duplin Rebels VarsityView Stats
2222North East HighspringView Stats
1456North End Church of Christ2012View Stats
9389North Florida Glory BlueFall 2022View Stats
1126North Lakes Academy2012View Stats
371North Mason H.S. Bulldogs2011View Stats
5916North Star Softball 20172017View Stats
5318North Wilkes MiddleSpring 2017View Stats
1312North YonkersSpring 2012View Stats
3232Northampton SoftballVarsity 2014View Stats
5228Northcote16/17View Stats
4233Northeast Quicksilver 162015View Stats
3686Northeast Stars Northeast Stars 16 2014View Stats
2233Northern Polar BearsView Stats
3168Northern polar bearsView Stats
305Northern StampingsSpring 2011View Stats
3239Northern York2014 VarsityView Stats
870northlake christian2013View Stats
1951Northlakechristian 2013View Stats
8829Northport #1Spring 2022View Stats
4076Northwestern2015View Stats
3579Northwestern Huskies JV2015View Stats
3041Nortons SouthsideWinter 2014View Stats
4476Norwalk2016 Spring SeasonView Stats
5718Norwalk 7th Grade Softball2017View Stats
7170Norwin JV [email protected]Spring 2019View Stats
5910Norwood Lady Pirates2017 Fall SeasonView Stats
5892Not Here to Make FriendsLower WoodlandsView Stats
205Nottoway JV Cougars2011 CentralView Stats
8540Nova 12021View Stats
8005Novatos vipView Stats
1255NPsoftball21View Stats
3459NRL fire 2014View Stats
7067NRPBA2019 SpringView Stats
918NSA Midsouth Storm2012 TourneysView Stats
1609NSA World SeriesNSA World SeriesView Stats
7608NTX HeartbreakersView Stats
2692NuBar2013View Stats
2412Numbers4Sports.comSummer 2013View Stats
10NuthouseSummer 2010View Stats
1139Nutley SoftballNutley Varsity 2012View Stats
10102NW 8U8UView Stats
10252NW Allstars 10U Blue Flames10U AllstarsView Stats
9312NW Crushers FastpitchFall BallView Stats
4690NW Cyclones Softball2016View Stats
4546NW JV2016View Stats
8280NW Ohio EaglesSpring/Summer 2021View Stats
7464NW Silver 65’sSt George 2019View Stats
5526NW Thunder 02Spring 2017View Stats
5719NWCSCoed ShortView Stats
2968NWGS Lady Cubs 8U2013 Fall SeasonView Stats
5531NWHS Lady Vikings2017 VarsityView Stats
5165NWI WolfPak12u 2016-17View Stats
629nWo 4 LifeFall LeagueView Stats
9332NY Diamond Girls 20262022 FallView Stats
7638NY Mets2020View Stats
8465NYA Varsity Softball2021View Stats
2938NYC GothamsPlayoffsView Stats
8692NYPD 1stView Stats
9886O's Hill 18U Gold2023-2024View Stats
6020Oakland Softball Club2018View Stats
863Oakleaf High School JVJV Spring 2012View Stats
3126Oasis Christian academySpring 2014View Stats
3382Oasis High School 2014View Stats
5135Oberlin CollegeFall Ball 2016View Stats
1311Oberlin Phoenix2012View Stats
2262obliterators2013View Stats
5566OBUMCSpring 2017View Stats
4374OC 1Fall 2015View Stats
2717OC EliteSpring/Summer 2013View Stats
3760ocean finest2014 jersey shore pbaView Stats
1936Ocean Springs Grey Hounds2013View Stats
6432Oceanside Fastpitch 12U12u All Stars 2018View Stats
9850OCGSA 8U Blue SelectOCGSA 8U Blue SelectView Stats
9485Ochoa Rockets2023View Stats
9130OCMS2022View Stats
1906Odd BallzSpring 2013View Stats
8479OddSox/Lots of PotentialSummer 2021View Stats
10209OEYBS_MS SBOEMS-SB 2024View Stats
8191Off ConstantlyTon Spring/Summer '21View Stats
8494Off Constantly SundaysPlattekill Spring Sundays '21View Stats
4295OFMS Fastpitch2016 OFMS View Stats
9142OG and the MudbonesSeason 2View Stats
5088Ohana Tigers 16u - Hsieh2016/2017View Stats
9874OhanaTigers-Ruiz2023-2024 seasonView Stats
4534Ohio Championship FurySpring Ball 2016View Stats
2665Ohio Classics 18uSummer 2013View Stats
1556Ohio Danger 982012View Stats
1601Ohio ExplosionOhioExplosion 2011 2012View Stats
4874Ohio Fever 14uSummer 2016View Stats
2762Ohio GloryOhio Glory 2013View Stats
4392ohio hawks2015 - 2016View Stats
3620Ohio Hawks Lasley2014 SeasonView Stats
3600Ohio Ice PurpleSummer 2014View Stats
414Ohio Sapphires 10u2011View Stats
7036Ohio StateSpring 2019View Stats
5005Ohio Valley Phantoms2016View Stats
89Ohio Xtreme2010View Stats
994OHS Softball2012View Stats
4520OK chaosSpring 2016View Stats
512OK Crossfire2011View Stats
7171Ok Intimidators 05View Stats
565OK WickedSpring 2011View Stats
90Oklahoma BooyahsTournamentsView Stats
5054Oklahoma DauntlessSpringView Stats
8117Oklahoma PatriotsSpring 2021View Stats
4924Oklahoma Rampage Spring/Summer 2016View Stats
6342Oklahoma StrongSpring TournamentView Stats
6819OKLAHOMA TUFFSummer 2019View Stats
7294Oklee Lumber2019View Stats
8074Olathe East High SchoolOlathe East 2021View Stats
7004Olathe Storm2019 Spring SeasonView Stats
3095OLB002012-2013View Stats
6404Old Chicago Roseville - SundaySummer 2018View Stats
6664Old Guys2018View Stats
4922Old Lyme WildcatsLOLMS Softball 2016View Stats
3505Old Lyme Wildcats Middle School2014View Stats
7516Old PiratesSlowPItch Torneo NettunoView Stats
7158old starsView Stats
1688Old TimersFall Co-Ed PlainwellView Stats
2927Oldsmar FastpitchFall 2013View Stats
6615OlimpicosFallView Stats
3389Olivers Wallbangers2014View Stats
4684Olmsted Tornadoes2016 ExhibitionView Stats
2425OLVisiseason 1View Stats
2421OLVisitation VikingsSummer 2013View Stats
1849Olympia Blansko2013View Stats
889Olympic College-2012NWAAC 2012View Stats
3591Olympus High2014View Stats
2506OMG!Summer '13View Stats
10130Onalaska 20242024View Stats
4027One arm bandits 2015 Bartlett Sunday View Stats
4996One Hit WondersSummerView Stats
4309One Hit Wonders2015 Martinsville Fall LeagueView Stats
4659ONE NIGHT SLAMView Stats
9544One Win WondersSpring 23View Stats
2380Oneills12013 SpringView Stats
6722Onsite Recon-2019Spring-2019View Stats
5314Ontario Bomb SquadSpring 2017View Stats
9863OP Softball Varsity2023 Varsity Softball SeasonView Stats
3774OPAA Wild AngelsFallView Stats
1179OPEN2012 SpringView Stats
3636Operation MozartTeddy Ebersol Sunday SummerView Stats
6894Oppo Hits AttractSpring 2019View Stats
5696Ops #22017View Stats
1169Orange County DynastySpring 2012View Stats
1714Orange CrushFall 2012View Stats
3069Orange Crush 03Spring 2014View Stats
378Orchard Bar & GrillSchenley 2011View Stats
8531Order of the StonecuttersSummer 2021View Stats
599Oregon MagicSummer 2011View Stats
1044Oregon Rampage2012 SpringView Stats
7709Original SportsWSL World 2020View Stats
168Originals HerringtonSpring 2011View Stats
1926Orioles Dames 22013View Stats
7871Orlando Lady TitansSummer 2020View Stats
4174Ornery OriolesSU15View Stats
1071Orofino Maniacs2012 Maniac ScheduleView Stats
5448ORR Bulldogs2017 SeasonView Stats
2598Orthodox AutoSpring/Summer 2013View Stats
4847Ortiz lawn & tree service 2016 twin rivers View Stats
3942Ortonville High School2015View Stats
8701OSA Fall 16U Girls2021 Fall SeasonView Stats
9680Osage City Lady Indians2023 Summer FHLView Stats
8185OsanJames Wento RTF Preseason TournamentView Stats
2405Osbourn High School2013View Stats
2865Oscars Pub and Grill2013 Fall LeagueView Stats
150Osceola WarriorssummerView Stats
8152Oswego Outlaws 11U BravermanSpring 2021View Stats
3719Oswego Outlaws MH/SW2015 12uView Stats
6012OTAY FLEXTourneyView Stats
3506OTS VIKINGSSummer 2014View Stats
3550Otsego Knights2014 JV View Stats
3561Otsego Knights 14U2014 14uView Stats
3903Otsego Knights JVJUNIOR VARSITYView Stats
4173Ottumwa JV2015 SummerView Stats
3795Out of our LeagueFall 2014View Stats
462Outlaws2011View Stats
8613Outlaws2022View Stats
5539OutlawsJanuary - August 2017View Stats
4928Outlaws2016 Spring/SummerView Stats
5705OutlawsSpring 2017View Stats
5878OutsidersTotal Sports S1View Stats
7943OutsidersFall 2020View Stats
4132Overbrook Lady Rams2015View Stats
3034OVERRATED2014View Stats
505overtimeSummer 2011View Stats
843Oviedo Lions 2012View Stats
4166Owl & FirkinSummer 2015View Stats
8194OWLS2021View Stats
2395OWLS222013View Stats
6567OWS2018a2018View Stats
1402PA Ball HawksSummer2012View Stats
7484PA Lady Steel 11UOktoberFastView Stats
2411PA PanthersSS U10View Stats
1734PA PanthersFall 2012View Stats
2991PA Panthers 12U2013 FallView Stats
5102PA Wild2016-2017View Stats
8433PacerGVCC 2021View Stats
1864PACK 2018 City LeagueView Stats
3445Page MS2014View Stats
3094Paint Time2014View Stats
3033Paint Time2014View Stats
6465PAL Summer 2018Fall/Winter 2017/2018View Stats
9206Palatine Jaycees2022View Stats
6492Palmas2018 SpringView Stats
6599PanicFall 2018View Stats
3510Pantano BurrosHomerun "Low Bid" TournamentView Stats
7173Panther Fastpitch 12u 2019Summer 2019View Stats
2436Panther Pub and EateryPP&E 20013View Stats
267Panther Softball2011 VarsityView Stats
2834pantherssummerView Stats
2901pantherspanthers 2013View Stats
6247PanthersALL STARSView Stats
960Panthers2012View Stats
9641Panthers2023View Stats
4015Panthers2017View Stats
622Panthers 18UDerby League_2011View Stats
2315Paoli Xpress 14u Black2013View Stats
2821Paraburdoo Softball2013View Stats
3701Paramus HootersView Stats
849paris jcSpring 2012View Stats
3539Parish Hill HS Pirates2014View Stats
6160Park2018View Stats
3029Park SquareSpring is OursView Stats
9490Parker Hawk Wright2023 Spring SeasonView Stats
3236Parkland JV2014View Stats
2284Parkview Vikings2013View Stats
3270Parkville High School20014 varsity seasonView Stats
1462Parma PizzasummerView Stats
6027Partidenses Ausentes Spirit Softball Team 2019View Stats
334Parting Ways UnderdogsJones BeachView Stats
8052Pasadena WolfpackSpring 2021View Stats
1407Pasco Elite2012View Stats
8888Past Our PrimeSpring 2022View Stats
1559Pastime 16u/Cheryl HardenVictory lanes summer league 2012 View Stats
232Patch High2011View Stats
4270PathfindersBase SeasonView Stats
9372Patrick Taylor Tigers2023 Varsity SeasonView Stats
349Patricks2011View Stats
8889Patriots2022View Stats
4026Patriots (Moonlight/Men)2015 View Stats
1924Patterson Lumberjills2013View Stats
1500Paul masse2012View Stats
4176Paul's Place2015View Stats
67Paulus Guns2010View Stats
1148Pawson7Spring 2012View Stats
1569Pawtucket Mens leaguesummer 2012View Stats
300Paychex #12011 View Stats
3427Paynesville FP2014 NCView Stats
4327Payson CougarsSummer 2015View Stats
3137Payson Indians2014 softballView Stats
933Payson SHS2012View Stats
9620PBFP 10U Red2023 SummerView Stats
7200PC Pyro2019View Stats
2013PC Royals2013View Stats
5777PC#22017 little leagueView Stats
4965PCFRSummer 2016View Stats
6897PCHSView Stats
6758PCU Under 18 girlsView Stats
2521PDUBS2013View Stats
6087Pea Ridge2018View Stats
2633Peace/St.Matthews2013View Stats
4161Peanut GiantsSpring 2015View Stats
228Pearce13-4AView Stats
9656Pelham Bay Diamond Thieves 2023 Summer View Stats
8427Pella 7Pella 7View Stats
1493Pella Christian Junior High 2012PC Junior High 2012View Stats
2767Pella Christian JV2013 Softball SeasonView Stats
415Pembroke Academy JV2011View Stats
2226Pendleton County High School2013View Stats
9702Penguins KCSpring/Summer 23View Stats
1377Peninsula Breakers Silver2012View Stats
5065Penn Friends Community ChurchChurch 2016View Stats
2918PenningtonHSView Stats
279Pennsville2011View Stats
816Peoria Hyvee2011 SummerView Stats
1163Peoria Hyvee/PitchersSummer 2012View Stats
8946Perkiomen Panthers2022View Stats
7073Perry 8u2019View Stats
1899Perry Pirates Softball2013View Stats
2413Perrysburg JV2013View Stats
5115Peruti PropertiesView Stats
2856Pete Magic SportsFall 2013View Stats
1811PFA #3Fall 2012View Stats
455PH Cowboys2011View Stats
3963PH Panthers 20152015 SeasonView Stats
6115PH PiratesSpring 2018View Stats
7276PH Rebels2019View Stats
7345PH Rebels fastpitch 2019View Stats
1025PharaohsPre SeasonView Stats
5672Phase Electric2017 Phase Electric - Burnsville - Tuesday Rec 1View Stats
5166Phenix City Peaches 042016-2017 FallView Stats
1257Phenom2012 View Stats
2320PheonixSpring IntermediateView Stats
4735Phi KapSpring 2016View Stats
7366philadelphia angelssummer 2020View Stats
4512Philadelphia UniversitySpringView Stats
4040phllc2015View Stats
2340PHN Hiskies20136View Stats
9105PHOENIX 2022 Super SeriesView Stats
8004Phoenix College Softball 20212021 PreseasonView Stats
6395Phoenix Pirates 20182018View Stats
3299phs bruins jv2014 JV SeaonView Stats
8107PHS JV2021View Stats
9124PHS JV2022 Softball SeasonView Stats
4895PHS JV Softball2016View Stats
10098PHS Mustangs Spring 24View Stats
7101PHS softball2019 Spring/SummerView Stats
1839phspanthers2013View Stats
7465Pickles ‘N BoozeWinterView Stats
7935Pies20/21 HillsView Stats
1182Pike Starlets2012View Stats
3898Pikeville Panther Softball2015 Varsity SoftballView Stats
3876Pikeville Panther Softball2015 Varsity SoftballView Stats
6415Pilgrim Lutheran Church2018View Stats
4530Pilloni Chiropractic View Stats
1749Pilot Grove Lady TigersFall 2012View Stats
94Pinckney Rebels2010View Stats
559Pines Thunder KellySummer 2011View Stats
3502Pingers2014 SummerView Stats
2305Pink Ladies2013 SpringView Stats
2015Pink Panthers8U Spring 2013View Stats
6241Pink PanthersSummerView Stats
9782Pink PanthersSummerView Stats
922Pintos FPSpring 2012View Stats
651Pinz Friday Fall BallPinz Friday Fall Ball '11View Stats
1280Pinz Sundays Goodrich Summer 2012View Stats
9146Pioneer2022View Stats
4497Pioneer Mustangs2016View Stats
3346pioneers2014View Stats
9055Pioneers 22Team 15-2022View Stats
2789Pipe CleanersSpring 2013View Stats
4352piratesLiga Kino 2015-2016View Stats
6624PiratesPittwater 2018/19View Stats
1297Pirates COEDCOED 2012View Stats
7629Pirates Division 6 2019Summer 2019/20View Stats
3358Pirates JV2014View Stats
8395Pistol Pete's2021View Stats
8508Pitch Please2021 Summer WeekdayView Stats
3163Pitch Slap2014 Summer LeagueView Stats
2307Pitch SlapSpring 2013View Stats
814Pitch SlappersJAN 2012View Stats
5606Pitch SlapsSpring 2017View Stats
4526Pitches be crazyMarchView Stats
5000Pitches Be CrazySummer 2016View Stats
4722Pitches Be TrippinDearborn Summer 2016View Stats
606Pitching StatsOregon Magic 2011 SeasonView Stats
2818Pittsburgh Diamond Stars2013View Stats
4394Pittsburgh Passion 12U Morreale2015 Passion PreseasonView Stats
5841Pittsburgh Spirit Gold2017View Stats
383pizza village2011View Stats
4353PK Prem WomensView Stats
8010Plainedge JV Softball 20212021 JV seasonView Stats
9795Plan B2023 SummerView Stats
9684Planet SmoothieSummer 2023View Stats
2169Platinum FireTravel BallView Stats
1577Platinum Gold2012 SUMMERView Stats
9923Playmaker Express2024 WSLView Stats
8728Please Catch ItFall/Winter 2021View Stats
1084Plover 17\'s2012View Stats
1724PlowboyzMen's Fall LeagueView Stats
8636plumbing Fall 2021View Stats
1149Plumbright Softball2012View Stats
277Plymouth2011 JV View Stats
7421Pocket Aces2019 Fall BallView Stats
6512Pocket Girls Softball U12All Stars U12View Stats
1590Pogues MahoneSeason 1View Stats
2676Point Fastpitch 16USuumer 2013 16UView Stats
1887PoisionSpring 2013View Stats
8698Polo2021 FALLView Stats
1327Ponaganset2012View Stats
4326Pond Creek-Hunter PanthersView Stats
6397PoniesNSPAAView Stats
718Pony Tail ExpressFall 12UView Stats
3281Ponytail ExpressSpring 2014View Stats
2549PonytailsSpring BallView Stats
4553Poolesville Softball 2016View Stats
3907Pop Rocks14u JSAView Stats
669Pope County Jr. Lady PiratesFall 2011View Stats
6219Pope John XXIII Softball 20182018View Stats
909Poquoson JV SoftballSpring 2012View Stats
4467PorkysPrimavera 2016View Stats
6073Port City Thunder - Stevens2018View Stats
4670Port Clinton View Stats
8223Portage Jv2021View Stats
2457POS SOFTBALLSummer 2013View Stats
595posse2011View Stats
6293PostmastersSpring 2018View Stats
7357Potential For ActionSummer 2019 CoedView Stats
545Potluck2011View Stats
552Potluck2011 BG/WCView Stats
2159Pound Town2013 tournamentsView Stats
2635Pound TownRiver Trails 2013View Stats
4096Pour House2015 Waverly LeagueView Stats
740Power Surge 16U2011-2012View Stats
5193PowerexView Stats
1855PowerstrokeNSAView Stats
1716PowerSurge2012-13 TravelView Stats
482Powhatan S.W.A.TSpring 2011View Stats
7252PQ 10u ThunderAll StarsView Stats
3155PQGSA 14U2014View Stats
1238Pratt Thunderstix2012 TournamentView Stats
1514Precision Concrete CuttingFostoria's Mens LeagueView Stats
3411Precision softball2014View Stats
3927Premier spring View Stats
2368Premier DentalWebster 2013View Stats
4856Premier Bankees 2016 seasonView Stats
9578Premier Flight2023View Stats
2071premier softball2013View Stats
4550Premise HealthMid State Thursday 2016View Stats
6307PresJV 2018View Stats
137Prestige SoftballNOv 20th Tournament - Brian PicolloView Stats
9276Prestige Worldwide2024 FallView Stats
4569Prestige WorldwideSpring 2016View Stats
1157PrideSLL 2012View Stats
9170prideView Stats
3624Pride2013-2014View Stats
9716PridePride Summer23View Stats
5986pride 2025fallView Stats
8082Priem - Purple ReignSpring 2021View Stats
29Prime Time PiratesFlat Rock Thursday Night MensView Stats
2858Prime Time Playas2013 Summer SeasonView Stats
1747Prime Time PlayersFall 2012View Stats
6642Primos HermanosCopa Municipal IIView Stats
4902Primtime Elite Summer 2016View Stats
2597Prince of Peace Mentor2013View Stats
4017Pro-Cut2015 Leb Rec LeagueView Stats
7590Prodigy 12U FlammeSummer 2020View Stats
3086Prolimpiso01-2014View Stats
3952Prospect Knights--FreshmenFreshmen 2015View Stats
1379Prospects 972012View Stats
8951Prosper Shockwave 10uPBSA Spring 2022View Stats
4135ProTeckProTeck 2015View Stats
3856ProTeck PuppiesCompany Spring/Summer leagueView Stats
10239PSA Krato2024 PSAView Stats
336PSHS2011View Stats
2129PSHS Softball2013 SeasonView Stats
2068PSHS TigersSoftball 2013View Stats
4471PSJA MemorialView Stats
8865PSL DodgersSpring 2022View Stats
7988PSL PADRESWinter 2021View Stats
4037PSSI2015View Stats
542Pub 511Summer 2011View Stats
1541Pub ScoutsSunday AM Softball LeagueView Stats
3960Pullara Construction2015 TournamentView Stats
742Puma Women2011-2012View Stats
9933Pumas Fastpitch 16U2024View Stats
7566PunaticsView Stats
2701Pure Fastpitch 10U2013View Stats
5367Purple CrushView Stats
9669Purple PainSpring 23View Stats
6913Purple Panthers - NSB Mustang Spring 2019View Stats
5525Purple ThreatMajor Softball 2017View Stats
6420Purple UnicornsMachine 2018View Stats
963Purr Fusion2012 ECSAView Stats
2201Putnam High School2013 SeasonView Stats
2248PV Varsity Softball2013 Spring SeasonView Stats
2933PV X-Plosion \'01Fall '13View Stats
7418Pwood DingersView Stats
9082Pylons2022View Stats
1417qapdxSummer 2012View Stats
5825QC EliteSpring -Fall 2017View Stats
1679QC FIREBIRDS 022012-2013 FASTPITCHView Stats
7707QC Firebirds 05Summer 2020View Stats
2499Quakertown Freshman2013View Stats
2749Quartz Hill Allstars2013 AllstarsView Stats
4425Queen Creek Crush2016View Stats
3827Queens2015View Stats
571Queens of Diamonds 14U Gold2011View Stats
87QUICKSEAT2010View Stats
5842QUICKSILVER BLUEsummer 2017View Stats
9302Quinlyn JohnsonFall 2022View Stats
3633Quite PrimedSummerView Stats
1517Racks FastpitchSummer 2012View Stats
139radcliff fundingsummerView Stats
4625Radnor U10 - The Dirty Dozen2016 Spring/ Summer View Stats
1187RAFS Wolf Pack2015 Spring/SummerView Stats
2935Rage2015 WBView Stats
130Rage2010-2011View Stats
249Rage2001 Rage 10U JewellView Stats
1736RageView Stats
4972Rage 2016Rage 2016 7thView Stats
4985RAGE Fastpitch 14uSUMMER 2016View Stats
5011Rage Softball2016View Stats
66Ragsdale Tigers2009-2010View Stats
2992RaidersMFSA 2013View Stats
9012Raiders2022View Stats
6140RaidersSpring 2018View Stats
3676RailroadSummer 2012View Stats
4033Rally Crappers2015 Summer SeasonView Stats
1373Ramona All-Stars 20122011-2012 All-StarsView Stats
881Ramona Dawgs 14U2012 14UView Stats
2231Rampage2013 Las CrucesView Stats
4769RampageSummer 2016View Stats
9946RampageSpring 2024View Stats
4291Rampage 10UState Tournament View Stats
3890Rampage Red2015 Spring/SummerView Stats
3806ramprededison angles tournamentView Stats
7150RamsView Stats
506RamsSummer 2011 All StarsView Stats
1256Rams 8U2012View Stats
6999Ramstein RamsView Stats
8266Randolph ModifiedSpring 2021View Stats
819Randolph RageSpring 2011View Stats
10222Rapids2024View Stats
9300RapidsFall ball 2022View Stats
9721Rapids20232023View Stats
191Rappahannock2011 High SchoolView Stats
1413Raptors2012 SummerView Stats
7706RaptorsSummer View Stats
9649RaptorsView Stats
276Raptors 972011View Stats
701Raptors97Fall BallView Stats
3363RASA Royals2014View Stats
2645RASA \"Dirt Devils\"2013 SpringView Stats
6393rattlers2018View Stats
9057RATZ2022 RATZView Stats
445ravewarren senior leagueView Stats
7287Ravenna RevengeRavenna Rampage (Spring)View Stats
6172Ravens2018View Stats
180Raymond S. Kellis JV Softball2011 JV SoftballView Stats
9173Raynham Summer 2022 All Stars2022 Summer All StarsView Stats
1225RB Spirit2011-2012View Stats
2054RBHS2013 SpringView Stats
531RC ACE 12U Gold All-Stars12U Gold All-StarsView Stats
7617RCBC Tatiyana 13View Stats
3480RCS jv2015View Stats
3421RCS JV Softball2014View Stats
9754Reading Blue Jays2023View Stats
4453Reagan Lady BulldogsView Stats
5993Reagent GradeSeason 29View Stats
2264Real LifeSpring 2013View Stats
52really thoughsan diego tournamentView Stats
795Rebels2012View Stats
509Rebels2011View Stats
2657RebelsRebels 2013View Stats
719Rebels 98/99Rebels Fall 2011View Stats
2673Rebelz2013 LAWRView Stats
1336RebootTournament 1View Stats
7081Reckless 2019 Big WillowView Stats
9047Red Bank Regional2023View Stats
3169Red DevilsSoftballView Stats
4831Red Devils a men Winter 16View Stats
1622Red Horsemen (Masters)2012 Summer MastersView Stats
6184Red HotsSpring 2018View Stats
1918Red HotsLNGS Pring BallView Stats
5119Red Hots2005 SummerView Stats
3269Red Raiders2014View Stats
533Red Raiders 01Spring 2011View Stats
6685Red Storm Indy2018/19 FTT 14UView Stats
10114Red ThunderSpring 2024View Stats
4947Red white & brewView Stats
6025Red White & Brews2018View Stats
561Redbirds2011 Summer SeasonView Stats
5538Redding/Easton SoftballSpring 2017View Stats
7373Redhawks 14U2019View Stats
1197RedlinersASL 2012View Stats
8406Rednecks2021View Stats
1671Redskins2012 FallView Stats
1932Redstick 007\'s BlueSpring/Summer 2013View Stats
3257redstorm2014 varsityView Stats
4619RedStrong2016 Red StrongView Stats
9126Reedsburg U142023 RedView Stats
5231Refs Be HatinWinter 2017View Stats
2488Regents2013View Stats
2595Regina Royals2013View Stats
6455RegionalsView Stats
5971REGULATORSRegulators Co-Ed View Stats
3511Reisterstown2014View Stats
10118Rejects2024 RejectsView Stats
7771RelativesLisle 20View Stats
4269Relentless2015 SpringView Stats
7239Relief PitcherDoubleheader seasonView Stats
7208Relief PitchersView Stats
4666Reloaded2016View Stats
5934Renegades11U Renegade Fall BallView Stats
8189Renegades2021 SpringView Stats
4302Renegades2015 Spring SeasonView Stats
5588Renegades 12uFall 2017View Stats
753RENEGADES01FALL2011View Stats
8833Reno Athletics2022View Stats
3410ReplacementsSummer 2015 (Spring Training)View Stats
6587ResistorsSummerView Stats
9343Retta RaptorsMens Church League EView Stats
10093Revolution CECSA 2024View Stats
928RGV Thunder14uTaylor Tourn.View Stats
3902Rhinos2015 Cruces SpringView Stats
5855RhinosSummer 2017View Stats
1946RHS JV2013 RHS JVView Stats
7108rhsjv2019View Stats
2282Rice Builders Fall BallFall BallView Stats
5995Richie the RooferWinter 2017View Stats
25Richmond Rockets 14U2010View Stats
7913Rider High SchoolFall 2020View Stats
2328Ridge2009View Stats
2023Ridgeview Ravens2013View Stats
3173Ridgeway Church of the Brethren2013View Stats
2715Riner Rentals Shockers2013View Stats
4785Ringers2016 SeasonView Stats
1518Ringwood Rebels 14U2012 SummerView Stats
1909Rio Vista Eagles2013 Spring 10-2AView Stats
7497Riot Squad1stView Stats
3678Ripon Rampage 14sSPRING 2014View Stats
5613RiptideREC 2017View Stats
3751RiptideSpringView Stats
8621RiptidesFall Ball 2021View Stats
3739RiptidesRiptides Fall 2014View Stats
2926Riptides 032013 TravelView Stats
5955Rising Starr Panthers 2017 Middle School View Stats
4502RITG 142015-2016View Stats
3234RivalsSpring 2014View Stats
8332River Edge Hawks2021 RecView Stats
2530River Falls Wildcats2013View Stats
4149River North Construction -- Civic Center2015 Civic Center Mens LeagueView Stats
654River Valley SWATScrimmageView Stats
5217River's Edge Softball2017View Stats
4687Riverdale Lightning Lightning 16View Stats
7018Riverside JV Softball2019 SeasonView Stats
9778Riverside Naturals2023View Stats
8422Riverton Parke2020-2021View Stats
4590Riverview Sharks2016 Softball SeasonView Stats
3746Rizzoli and IslesSeason 1View Stats
1891RMN2013Fall2012View Stats
3058[email protected]BrowardView Stats
2667Rob Miller Homes2013View Stats
9948Robert BadillaSpring 2024View Stats
1313Robert C Byrd2012 High SchoolView Stats
2527Robert Senn2014View Stats
1053Robinson Rams 2013 Robinson View Stats
2615Robur 582013View Stats
8007ROC Elite Risen2019 SummerView Stats
9313RochDoverMens2022 FallView Stats
2337Rochester AG Monday 2013 Men's "B"View Stats
612Rock 30/HollevoetSeason 1View Stats
2213Rock Hounds2013 SpringView Stats
969Rock Island JV Softball2012 JV GamesView Stats
10090Rock ridge c team2024View Stats
8321Rock Ridge JV2023View Stats
10116Rock Ridge JV2024View Stats
4448Rockers 042016View Stats
4761Rocket Fuel2016 - SpringView Stats
4837Rocket SurgeryHCSPL 2017View Stats
9162RocketsSummer 2022View Stats
1301Rockets2012View Stats
2883Rockets 20142014View Stats
4062Rockies2015 RockiesView Stats
890Rockwood High School2012 SeasonView Stats
8115Roe's House2021View Stats
5198Rogue Softball Club2016View Stats
2847Rogue SquadronFall 2013View Stats
9992RoguesSpring 2024View Stats
10074Rogues Saguaro 24Saguaro CupView Stats
4813Rolla Aftershock2016View Stats
2194Romeo JV.20132013 JVView Stats
4754Ronan Maidens2015-2016View Stats
6458Roosevelt Lady Mustangs 2018View Stats
8305Roosevelt Varsity Softball2021 Roosevelt Varsity SoftballView Stats
2917Rosarinas2013 - Hagamos HistoriaView Stats
5900Rosemount 12U Fall 201712U Fall 2017View Stats
8954Roslyn's Stats2021-2022View Stats
6895RossvilleSpring VarsityView Stats
9161RosterfariansSpring 2022View Stats
5571Rotan High SchoolPre-SeasonView Stats
7218Rotten To The Core2019View Stats
4661Rough Ryders2016 SeasonView Stats
8087Rough Ryders2021 AAA Senior BallView Stats
4854Rover Plus 92016 Tournament StatsView Stats
1934ROWDIES12U PYL SPRING 2013View Stats
3869Rowland Raiders2015View Stats
7034Roxbury Legends2019 GrandmastersView Stats
7962Royal Highlands 12020-2021View Stats
5707Royal Lepage 2017View Stats
5747Royal SkullsView Stats
9624Royals2023View Stats
4473RoyalsRoyals Summer 2016View Stats
4766Royals 20162016View Stats
970Royalton CommunityNew Life Church League - 2012View Stats
2579Roys BoysSummer 2013View Stats
8920roysummer2022summer 2022View Stats
2801RPM TruckingSummer 2013View Stats
9775RRM BenchwarmersView Stats
8730RRuckus2021 FallView Stats
3743RSHS softball2014 Raytown SouthView Stats
3051RTGSA Fullerton Titans 2014Spring 2014View Stats
2075Rudd Middle School2013View Stats
8868Rude Awakening 2.0Langley Spring 2022View Stats
5113Running on emptyFall BallView Stats
4808Rural Retreat Lady IndiansSpring 2016View Stats
6331Russel Elementary2018View Stats
1282Rustburg AngelsAngels 2012View Stats
1097Rusty Trombones2012 SpringView Stats
4543RuthlessTournaments 2016View Stats
4715Rutter RoofingGVCCSL 2016View Stats
2561RW Andrews14U 2013View Stats
5948S Softball2017View Stats
78S.B. STARS2010View Stats
2370S.O.P. Sons of PitchesDalton C.R.A. Co-ed summer leagueView Stats
6780Sabercats 10U2019 Sabercats 9UView Stats
1011sable10292012View Stats
10111Sabres JV12024View Stats
771Sacramento High2010/11View Stats
1695Sacramento VenomFall seasonView Stats
2686Sacred Heart2013 jvView Stats
4871Safeharbor Softball2016 Polar BearView Stats
107Saint CloudFall 14uView Stats
1971Saint Patrick\'s Fighting Irish2013View Stats
886Saint Peter SaintsSpring, 2012View Stats
9810Saints2023View Stats
7096Saints2019View Stats
3843Saints softball2015 Varsity SoftballView Stats
7221SAJOMA View Stats
9507Saks 8u Softball 20248u Softball 2024View Stats
5394Salem Rocks JV2017View Stats
3852salina central jv2015View Stats
3586Salmon of CapistranoNokomis - Summer 2014View Stats
10075Salmon River ShamrocksSpring 2024View Stats
7619Salsa DragonsSalsa Dragons 2020View Stats
3456Salted Rim2014 SpringView Stats
2841Salted RimFall 2013View Stats
211Sami\'s Stats2011View Stats
9984SampleView Stats
408SanburnsSpring BallView Stats
4055Sanders2015 FridaysView Stats
4320Sandites2015 Fast PitchView Stats
7370Sandlot Soldiers2019 RegencyView Stats
926Sandtown FlameZPark 'n' RecView Stats
660Sang AveFall Ball 2011View Stats
9648Santa Paula 8u All Stars All Stars 2023View Stats
2459Santa Rosa DruidsSummer 2013View Stats
8765Santee U-60Sportsplex Winter 2022View Stats
2796SarahWe'd Hit That 2013View Stats
652sarahs gamesummer 2011View Stats
9970Sasakwa Lady VikingsSlowPitchView Stats
8912Saskatoon Synergy2022View Stats
3039Sasso's2014View Stats
1075Saucon Junior High2012View Stats
1389Saucon Valley Aftershock 14UA2012 Aftershock 14UAView Stats
2426Sauga SwaggaSpring 2013View Stats
28Sauk Prairie Eagles JV Softball2010View Stats
8857SavagesMarkham Business Slopitch 2022View Stats
9626Savages2023 Slo-PitchView Stats
1694Sayville NLDSNOWFLAKE 2012View Stats
8610SB 101Fall 2021View Stats
9843SBBB 23-24Fall 23View Stats
9851SBBB Junk Stats 23-24Fall 23View Stats
7398SC Elite FairclothSummer 2020View Stats
3487Scallywags2014 Roseville DView Stats
6494Scared HitlessCoed Summer 2018View Stats
1662scared hitlessst lukes mens softballView Stats
7560SchoenemensMens Monday LowerView Stats
426SCHS Softball2011View Stats
1366Schuylerville Stampede2012 TravelView Stats
874SCLL GatorsSpring 2012View Stats
3603ScoopsCoonRapidsScoops 2014 Summer Blaine GoldView Stats
7679Scoreboards2020 Seven HillsView Stats
8478Scorpions2021View Stats
9106Scott Park A's2022 IntermediateView Stats
5036ScrappersSummer 2016View Stats
7904Scream 062020View Stats
7257Screaming Donkeys2019View Stats
2087SCS20132013 SpringView Stats
4961Scufflin' Gills/Mile High USSSASummer 2012 OlympicView Stats
303SD ShowView Stats
941sdhs2012View Stats
275SE JH Softball2011View Stats
9324SE VideoFall 2022View Stats
3402Sears PowerSpring 2014View Stats
6222Sebastian Sharks2017-2018View Stats
4549Secaucus High SchoolSpring 2016View Stats
9929Seguin Astros2024 Seguin Spring BallView Stats
5333Seitz 8th Grade Girls Pirates2017View Stats
9766Self FP GirlsFallView Stats
3596Selinsgrove Bratz2014 Snyder County View Stats
8738Sellersville ScreamFall 2021View Stats
1880Selma'sWinter 2013View Stats
6372Selmon's SpringView Stats
671selzer ego boosters2011CoedSoftballView Stats
6213Seneca 2018 View Stats
6201Seneca East JV2019View Stats
5559SentinelsSeason 2017View Stats
1153Sequoits2012View Stats
3490SES 16uSpring 2014View Stats
6411Settle SLAYers2018 ECSAView Stats
8935SEYAA 8-10 Dodgers 2022SEYAA 8-10 Dodgers 2022View Stats
10289Seymour Flames 10USummer 2024View Stats
8380Seymour Flames 10U Red2021View Stats
10121Seymour Flames BlackSummer 2024View Stats
6353Seymour Majors Fall 2018Spring 2018View Stats
5963SFBLSpring 2017View Stats
659SFcrewFall ball 2011View Stats
5740SFFD2017View Stats
8121SFK 20212021View Stats
8334SGI Lady GriffsView Stats
3950SGT BSpring 2015View Stats
9541[email protected]2023View Stats
2293Shakey Jakes2013 Mt. OliveView Stats
2587Shamrocks2013View Stats
99SharksSMAFFView Stats
978Shawnee Mission FusionSpring 2012View Stats
9143Shay2022View Stats
1435SHEARER CARPENTRYBeer LeagueView Stats
3361Sheboygan South2014View Stats
2189Sheffield Wolverines2013View Stats
2103Shelby High School2013View Stats
6623ShelbyvilliansFall 2018View Stats
2154Shen Varsity Softball2013 Varsity SoftballView Stats
8072Shenandoah Zeps2021View Stats
2654Shenanigans2013 - Summer- Men's D:3View Stats
937Shepard Astros JV2012 SpringView Stats
3891Shikellamy Braves2014/2015 SeasonView Stats
3255shiocton chiefs softball2014View Stats
621shipping depot2011View Stats
8030Shirley Katz2020 MajorsView Stats
584SHOCK2011 SummerView Stats
3771Shock&AweFall Season 2014View Stats
598ShockersFall Ball 2010View Stats
2649shockers2013View Stats
2198Shockwave 022nd year 10uView Stats
3524Shomrei Torah Softball2014View Stats
4990Shooting StarsRegular SeasonView Stats
4824Showtime2016 summer View Stats
8924SHS Blazers2022View Stats
3532SHS golden bears 2014High SchoolView Stats
1922SHS Panthers2013View Stats
3223shs softball2014View Stats
2276SHS Softball2013View Stats
2243shsout2013View Stats
9452Sibley east2023View Stats
7494SideLinesYear Round SeasonView Stats
6268Sidewinders2018 SSUSA World Masters Championship - VegasView Stats
9366SidewindersView Stats
3915SIFalcons2015 JVView Stats
8624SigEp AFall 2021View Stats
3874Siloam Springs Lady Panthers2015 Siloam Springs SoftballView Stats
8911Silver Bullets2022View Stats
120Silver Eagles16U Fall 2010View Stats
8546Silverbacks 2021 League YearView Stats
9015SilverbacksNew Manager 2022View Stats
7651Silverbacks D Squad2020 Slow PitchView Stats
1369Simi Valley Silver Bullets2012 All StarsView Stats
655Sinches Liquor Fall Bar League View Stats
3476Sinister2014 SummerView Stats
10038SirensSpring 2024View Stats
4559Siuslaw Varsity Softball2016View Stats
6134Siuslaw Vikings VarsityVarsity 2018View Stats
2570SJ Golden Gloves2013 Co-Ed SeasonView Stats
7884SJ Mystics 18U Elite Fall 2020View Stats
6616SJB A-TeamFall 2018View Stats
1686SJB Red Bud2012 School BallView Stats
7674Skallywags2020View Stats
1274Skeels Electric2012 SkeelsView Stats
610Skeels Electric2011 SeasonView Stats
449Skeeter ElectricC North C/DView Stats
5444SkeetersSummer 2017View Stats
1252SkeffingtonsSummerView Stats
4063Skippers2014View Stats
9720Skol TeamInvierno 2023 View Stats
5012Skulls FSUMarch 2021 - Spring TrainingView Stats
1872Skyline Spartans 20132013 SeasonView Stats
7605Skyline Vikings 2020Spring 2020View Stats
6633SL 082018 Fall BallView Stats
9515Slackers Spring 2023View Stats
9542Slackers EDHSpring 2023View Stats
2778Slam 10uSummer 2013View Stats
1636SlammersFall 2012View Stats
297SlammersRCSA 2011View Stats
2323SlammersClinton LeagueView Stats
1510Slammin\' 6th2012View Stats
2695SlapJacksSummer 13'View Stats
1059Slappin PitchesSpring 2012View Stats
7486Slater Lady Cats2021View Stats
8085Sleepy Eye2021View Stats
8171Slightly Damaged 2021 SpringView Stats
8843SlothmenSpring 2022View Stats
6339Slow Pitch SoftballMen's Summer 2018View Stats
9615Slug n Chug2024View Stats
9635SluggersView Stats
4023Sluggers2015-16 fallView Stats
10151Sluggs View Stats
7116SlumpbustersSummer ‘19View Stats
3659Smack 12U2014 SummerView Stats
2298Smack My Pitch Upmens sundayView Stats
1991SmackoutSmackout 2013View Stats
7127Smash2019View Stats
7263Smash 8USummerView Stats
7131SMASH BROS2019View Stats
7176SMASH BROS /UAW2019View Stats
4819Smash Bros.2016View Stats
4940Smash-It 18USummer/FallView Stats
9254SmashitEvansvilleView Stats
4599SMHS Rockets2016 Varsity SeasonView Stats
6282Smithfield Lady SharksSpring 2018View Stats
5712Smithville Lady Tigers2017 Minors Little LeagueView Stats
9803Smoke B.B.S.L WeeknightView Stats
9267SmokersLate SummerView Stats
7738Smokin AcesView Stats
6215Smokin Bases2018 Co-EdView Stats
2232Smokin GreensSpring 2013View Stats
6701Smoking BasesCoed Walton Summer 18View Stats
2428SMPU2013 SMPU COED View Stats
3268Smyrna Middle School2014View Stats
1328smyrna travelers 12travel ballView Stats
3027SNAFUThursday Night LeagueView Stats
6217Snake Farm2018View Stats
9630SnipersView Stats
206SnypersSpring 2011View Stats
172So Cal Arsenal2011 View Stats
3783So Cal Breakers Vega/Hill2014/15View Stats
1391So Cal DiamomdsSummer 2012View Stats
2929So Cal Explosion2013-2014View Stats
3665So Cal Fearless 162014 SummerView Stats
1547So Cal Knuckle Up - PadillaView Stats
1774So CAl SliderzFall 2013View Stats
432So Cal Venom2011View Stats
3720So Cal Wicked - FergusonFallView Stats
2904So Cal Wicked FergusonTravel Ball -FallView Stats
855So Cal Wicked \'98SPRING 2012View Stats
375So MD Shockers 10uCherry Blossom TournamentView Stats
5965So What Fall 17Fall 17View Stats
8489Sober in the Morning2021 Late SpringView Stats
7323SoBoCo Just Eagles2019View Stats
2608SOC StormStorm Summer 2013View Stats
3047SOC Storm-RelphSpring 2014View Stats
5002SoCal Dirtbags 16UView Stats
4256SoCal FillysSpringView Stats
5117SoCalAthleticsLimoFALL SEASONView Stats
1032SocietyPark Ridge Softball 2012View Stats
2765SoftballSummer 2013View Stats
2385SoftballMGSL 2013 SpringView Stats
6984Softball - 20192019View Stats
9286Softball - RGOSSC 2022 FallView Stats
9442Softball 232023View Stats
898Softball Madness2012View Stats
4185Softball Team2015View Stats
9220Softballs R Game2022 ProamView Stats
7336Softballs R GameFall 2019-2020View Stats
2618soju boyzsummer seasonView Stats
794Solera Slo-PokesWinter 2012View Stats
8407Solo Shots & DirtbagsSummer '23 - DirtbagsView Stats
7666SolonJV2020View Stats
7013Somers Pub/ Sport Tech2019 Post SeasonView Stats
7372SOMERSET 16UDightonView Stats
2042Son of Pitches2013View Stats
3613Sonic 10U2014View Stats
9369SoniiquesSeason 22/23View Stats
8703SonnersFall 12U SoonerView Stats
4246Sons of PitchersSeason IView Stats
5967Sons of Pitches Son's of Pitches FAll CO-ED 2017 kellyView Stats
9776Sons of PitchesSummer 2023View Stats
2558Sons Of PitchesView Stats
8487Sons of PitchesSOP 2021View Stats
1649Sons of PitchesLiberty Park Tuesdays Co-Ed Rec 3211View Stats
5917Sons of Pitches View Stats
3838Sons of Pitches2015View Stats
8262Sons of PitchesSummer 2021View Stats
4982Sons of pitchesCo-Ed softball 2016View Stats
116Sons of PitchesFall/Winter BallView Stats
1217Sons Of PitchesView Stats
10027Sons Of Pitches DurhamSpring 2024View Stats
5906Sons of Pitches IrvineAugust-sept 2017View Stats
5027Soo Legacies 16U2016View Stats
5530Soo Purple CobrasSeason #2 - 2017View Stats
2091Sophomore BHS2013 Soph SeasonView Stats
2116SOPs2013 SpringView Stats
2225SOPs2013View Stats
3734Sotally toberFall 2014View Stats
6813Soul SquadSpring 2019View Stats
8588Sound Home MortgageFall 2021View Stats
8676SoundworksView Stats
4303South Alabama RageSummer 2015View Stats
2604South Boston RoyalsSouth Boston Royals-2013View Stats
2897South Brunswick Vikings 12U GoldFall 2013View Stats
8844South Florence Softball2022View Stats
1048South Fulton JV2012View Stats
4406South GA Lady Sharks2015-2016View Stats
1917South Georgia Fury 14U CostlowView Stats
7537South Haven Waves 10UWaves 10u 2019-20View Stats
3241South Holt2013 SummerView Stats
2806south jersey devils2013View Stats
4049South Jersey Extreme2015 ExtremeView Stats
1049South JV Softball2011-2012View Stats
3626South Ridge Community Church2014View Stats
9138South Shote VikingsView Stats
8344South SideSouth Side 2022View Stats
3870South Side HitmenSummer 2014View Stats
4391South Texas Legacy 14uWinter 2015View Stats
6126South Wagga2018View Stats
7565Southeast Iowa Heat2020 Spring SeasonView Stats
3762Southern AttitudeView Stats
1412Southern Belles2012View Stats
7479Southern Chaos 2019 Fall TravelView Stats
2142Southern Door2014 SeasonView Stats
1555Southern FierceSummer Ball 2012 View Stats
9317Southern Impact2023 Fall SeasonView Stats
4804Southern Indiana Redbirds 12USpring/Summer Travel BallView Stats
108Southern Indiana TNT2010View Stats
5308Southern MilitiaTournamentView Stats
2723Southern Rams2013View Stats
2730Southern Rams JV2013View Stats
6586Southern Tier Thunder 12u2018/2019 SeasonView Stats
2703Southington Lightning2013View Stats
762Southtown TitansSouthtown Titans 2012 View Stats
4316Southwest Georgia Academy2015-2016View Stats
9448Southwest High School Raiders 2023 Lady RaidersView Stats
7520Southwest outlaws 2020View Stats
3705Soy CaballeteView Stats
6697SP Gold10U Fall 2018View Stats
9786Space CadetsSummer 2023View Stats
6940Space Force01 Spring 2024View Stats
50Spalding House 20102010 MensView Stats
4341spalding JagsfallView Stats
4162SPAM2015View Stats
9068spareparts1View Stats
9623Spareparts2View Stats
5816Sparta DiamondsSchools Out TournamentView Stats
7254Spartanburg Phillies 10U2019 Travel BallView Stats
2183Spartans2013View Stats
4753SpartansIntrmural LeagueView Stats
1194Spartans2012View Stats
2722Spartans 18USpartans 18U SummerView Stats
8493Spartans 51 mens Sunday nilesView Stats
1634Spartans IMSSCSS Agosto 2012View Stats
6632SparxxWinterView Stats
4778Spears ElectricVidalia Summer LeagueView Stats
10146Spence8U-2024View Stats
2024sphshigh schoolView Stats
8809Spin Cycle10u SpringView Stats
5253spiritView Stats
10233Split SquadSpring 2024View Stats
1652Spokane SoftballMid-Summer 2012View Stats
1091Sponsorless2012 SummerView Stats
2559Sports Fans Pizza2013 SeasonView Stats
311SPORTS ONE2011 MASAView Stats
337SPORTS ONEMASA 2011View Stats
1765Spotsy Havoc 16uFall 2012View Stats
2239Spotsy Havoc 16U16U Spring/ SummerView Stats
6092Spring 2018 10u ForceSpring 2018 10 ForceView Stats
6187Spring 2018 10U Lightning Spring 2018View Stats
6064Spring 2020Missfits 2020View Stats
9318Spring Road Church‘22 Fall (Berliner)View Stats
2478Springfield Bandits 12uSummer 2013View Stats
6877Springfield Central High School2019 Softball SeasonView Stats
2497Springfield IsotopesSummer 2013View Stats
5484Springfield Tigers2017View Stats
2158SpringhouseSpring 2013View Stats
9589Springs Valley Lady Blackhawks2023View Stats
893Springwood SchoolVarsity 2012View Stats
7117Sprouts2019View Stats
6464SPYA 12UD2 LighteningSpring 2018View Stats
7220SquadSpring 2019View Stats
4106Squalicum High School2015View Stats
1452SqueezeSpring 2012View Stats
1782SqueezeFall 2012View Stats
8219Squids2021 View Stats
8556Squids - GoldSummer Base League 2021View Stats
1812Squirted FoulWinter 2012View Stats
5922SRA 14U/16U Fall SoftballFall 2017View Stats
2987SRE WorldView Stats
8163SS-213/27/21 Spring BreakView Stats
783ST Gators2012View Stats
2620St John\'s UMC2013 Summer View Stats
5279St MarysSahlensView Stats
6260St Mike2018 Spring SummerView Stats
9054St PatsView Stats
693St Peters Xplosion14UFall2011View Stats
4067St, Charles Varsity2016View Stats
2127St. Anthonys2013View Stats
1115St. Cecilia 6th GradeSt. Cecilia 6th Grade Fastpitch Softball 2012View Stats
7449St. Charles West2019View Stats
616St. Clair StealersGrand Blanc TourneyView Stats
243St. Georges Hawks Softball2011 DIAAView Stats
2548St. John AmelithSt. John 2013View Stats
1427St. John's UMC2012 - Church SoftballView Stats
2204St. Louis Adrenaline2013View Stats
1503St. Louis ILLUSIONS2012View Stats
2840St. Luke's 2013 Summer Co-Ed2013 Summer Co-EdView Stats
9466St. Martinville Lady Tigers2022-2023View Stats
8232St. Mary LL Softball 20212021View Stats
7658St. Michael's Co-Ed2020View Stats
7322St. Patrick ChurchCACS 2019View Stats
10037St. Peter's B 2024MCLMSBL 24View Stats
8248St. Suzannes2021View Stats
3540St. Thomas More2014 SpringView Stats
4737St. Vincent Palloti High School 2016 Season View Stats
8014ST.BRENDAB2021 FHSAAView Stats
7353StablesSummer 19View Stats
1985Stade Toulousain SoftballAquitaine 2013View Stats
200Stampede2011 View Stats
8583Stamping SluggersMonday Co-Ed WhiteView Stats
4486Stanton2015View Stats
4810Star Lite Room2016View Stats
3142Stars8U Spring 14View Stats
3801Stars & SpikesFall 2014View Stats
4278Stateline 10U Fury2014-2015View Stats
8033Staten Island AthleticsView Stats
9987Statesville Softball 2024SHS Softball 2024View Stats
4892Steal BreezeSteal Breeze U8View Stats
790Stealers 99Stealers 99 2011-2012View Stats
1326Stealerz12 All Star 2012View Stats
4241Stealth2015 SummerView Stats
5519Stealth 12UFall 2016-17View Stats
8849Stealth BombersView Stats
3197stebbins hs2014View Stats
1689Stemmle Plumbling2012 Fall BallView Stats
9930Sterlington Middle School2024 SMS SoftballView Stats
7719Stetson Building products Women’s Monday DH View Stats
4789Stew's Bail Bonds2016View Stats
5423Stewarts Lawn Care Provo Spring 2017View Stats
3132Sting 2001Spring 2014View Stats
7662Sting Homefield Elite 12U2020 TourneysView Stats
1481Sting WhiteSummer TournamentsView Stats
1212StingersSpring 2012View Stats
573stingers 16u blacktravelView Stats
1316StingraysSpring 2012View Stats
295StingraysSpring 2011View Stats
1209STIX Fastpitch 14USTIX 16UView Stats
2653STIX Fastpitch 16U2013 Stix 16UView Stats
2306stl bravesspringView Stats
6699STL Fusion-HoodFall 2018View Stats
847STL Nuisance2011 USSSAView Stats
2798stlfusion032013View Stats
9983StocktonView Stats
6803Stoll IndustriesChurch League 19View Stats
6233STOLTZFUS2018 Spring/SummerView Stats
10208Stomers2024View Stats
1658Stonehands2012 Monday NightView Stats
3848Stonewall Jackson Generals2015View Stats
3841Stonewall Jackson Generals2015View Stats
1455storm2014View Stats
7852Storm2021View Stats
4200Storm2015View Stats
6760STORMSpring 2019View Stats
10173StormSaison 2024View Stats
1560Storm 14U - 201214u 2012View Stats
2349Storm 2014HGSL 2013 SEASONView Stats
3861Storm 2015Spring 2015View Stats
7908Storm 2020 FallStorm 2020 FallView Stats
1571STORM Fastpitch STORM 14UView Stats
7756Storm Summer 2020Storm Summer 2020View Stats
2656STPS Ponies2013View Stats
4806Straight Cash Homie2016 30+View Stats
10269Straight Outta Transit2024View Stats
634Strange Brew2011 FallView Stats
2146Stratton faxonSpring Plex 2013View Stats
1098Strictly BiznessSummer 2012 Night LeagueView Stats
681StrikerzFall 11'View Stats
2541Strikerz2012/2013View Stats
9461Strikezone2022/23View Stats
4668StrongbacksShipyard LeagueView Stats
2902StudsSummer 2013View Stats
3002StugotsPlayoffsView Stats
6220StumblersSummer 2018View Stats
294Stupid Loose2011 Adult D LeagueView Stats
2474SubprimeSummer Tuesday BBView Stats
301Suburban Marlins 2011Suburban Marlins 2001View Stats
3344SUCIOSSUMMER 2014View Stats
680Sudden ImpactFall 2011View Stats
2291Sueur Rats2015View Stats
600Suffern Stix2010/11View Stats
4005Suffield Academy2015View Stats
5430Suffield Academy2017View Stats
7444Suffocated BunchView Stats
8257Sullyssummer 2021View Stats
8729SummerGlen D1S&F 21-22View Stats
3834Summy's 552015View Stats
2984Sun Devil 14uFall 2013View Stats
3290Sun Prairie JV SoftballStoughton JV 2017View Stats
6486Sunbury BrawlersBrawlers Majors 2020View Stats
1228Sunbury Eagles Post 5032012 Sunbury Summer LeagueView Stats
5671Sunday - Thunder Buddies2020View Stats
9715Sunday BluesView Stats
1952Sunday CrewSun. Spring 13View Stats
2268Sunday Hit Squadspring/summer 2013View Stats
6535Sunfire Sr. A2018 SeasonView Stats
564SunrazeTournamentsView Stats
9274SuperbuffsFall BallView Stats
7404SuperFlexDP Fall 2019 TuesdaysView Stats
8337Superior 14U 20212021View Stats
7463SupersonicsFall 2019View Stats
9500Superstition SluggersMen's D Season 2 - 2023View Stats
2894Surgeon Generals2013 WinterView Stats
284Surgical ShootersCamp Arifjan Spring 2011View Stats
7876Surrender CobrasFall 2020View Stats
7609Surrender CobrasFall 2020View Stats
2113Surrey Storm2013View Stats
3151Surry Smack 14u A2017 14u AView Stats
4823SuspectsLisle 16' SpringView Stats
424Sutton Salvage/ATK/A1 MarketMens League 2011View Stats
9735SuziesView Stats
972SV PANTHERS2012 SeasonView Stats
9364SW 70s2022 Winter Tune-up Fountain HillsView Stats
4723Swaby's Ladies Who's on First2015 Women'sView Stats
5766Swagn WagnSummerView Stats
1770Swamp DonkeysSpring 2013View Stats
551Swamp Rats2011 BG/WCView Stats
6769Swansea High2022 Varsity SoftballView Stats
6526SWAT2018View Stats
7126SWATView Stats
4511SWATSpring/Summer 2016View Stats
2316SWAT Softball2013 SummerView Stats
6971SweathogsSpring 2019View Stats
7103SweepersThe Sweepers!View Stats
5748Sweet HeatWreck ballView Stats
2745Sweet Home Huskies 12U Fastpitch2013View Stats
8971Sweet Spot2022View Stats
9947SWFL Elite 12USpring 2024View Stats
1691SWINGERSFall 2012View Stats
2975SwingersFALL 13View Stats
2066SwingersSpring 2013View Stats
2272SwingersSummer 2013View Stats
363swingerssummer 2011View Stats
2453Swingin Singles2013View Stats
5046Swingin' 3-1Summer 2016View Stats
5861Swinging SpinesSummer leagueView Stats
2740Sydney Travel/High SchoolSummer 2013View Stats
8110Sylacauga JVSeason 2021View Stats
6147SynergySpring View Stats
818Synergy 16U Byron2012View Stats
2311Synergy SwingersSpring 2013View Stats
6360Syracuse Dirty Jays2018 Dirty JaysView Stats
7189T BirdsFreshman Varsity YearView Stats
3170T Force2014View Stats
9449T'Woods Mudcats2023 SpringView Stats
3589T-A Middle League2014 SummerView Stats
3590T-A Pony League2014 SummerView Stats
9832Taber Street Auto2023 Fall LeagueView Stats
6687Tabernacle TigersFallView Stats
3484TACAMO LegendsView Stats
1429Taft Eagles10-11View Stats
8813TailgatorsSpring 2022View Stats
7325Tailgators2019View Stats
10069Taipei Kings2024View Stats
37talitas mexican cafespring 2010View Stats
4738Tallboys2016View Stats
7534TamaihRiot 2020View Stats
5940Tambro2017View Stats
3810TampaBay PiratesSpringView Stats
4293Tanks2016 SeasonView Stats
1124TarHeels2012View Stats
6676tarsulichFallView Stats
7973Tat 2 Dragons Maniax2020 RedcliffeView Stats
1836tat2dragonssummer 2012/2013View Stats
6795Tavares Destroyers10u Spring 19'View Stats
2501Tax Dodgers2013 DodgersView Stats
1411Tayler2012View Stats
1401Taylor WalkerHS 2012View Stats
514Tübingen HawksSoftball Verbandsliga 2011View Stats
5111TC 8U2016 Fall 8uView Stats
2732TC Predators 20002013View Stats
5143TC Royals2016-17View Stats
4901TC SaintsTCGSL 2016 6-10View Stats
952TC STARS 16 BLUEScrimmagesView Stats
3060TC-2001Spring Summer 2014View Stats
665TCBC - BFall Co-Rec 2011View Stats
6106TDHS Riverhawks2018View Stats
7369Team 1 - The Thunderstorms2019 SummerView Stats
4081Team 192015 Intramural TeamView Stats
1877Team 2Sping 2013View Stats
5225Team 2Winter 2017View Stats
247Team Anderson 2000Spring/Summer 2011View Stats
2971Team ApeShitHutch (Fall 2013)View Stats
7219TEAM BALCOStreamwood Summer 2019View Stats
644Team BettermannSting 2011/12View Stats
148Team BlackIndoor 2011View Stats
6742Team BlissChuco InvitationalView Stats
958Team BOHICA2012/Team BOHICAView Stats
905Team BoombahSpring/Summer 2012View Stats
7205Team churchView Stats
543Team Detroit Dearborn Summer 11 CoedView Stats
4390Team Easton 12UFall Travel 2015View Stats
4903Team FSummer 2016View Stats
9871Team Florida ‘09 Cooper2023 FallView Stats
5426Team Girls Softball2017 Spring SoftballView Stats
8998Team GreenRalston 2022View Stats
3267Team introSummer 2014View Stats
1502Team JAX \'00Spring 2012View Stats
3780Team Lightning 2016 Fall Coed Oak View Stats
3975Team Michigan 12UView Stats
5713Team nameView Stats
5323Team name2017View Stats
8066Team nameSpring 2021View Stats
7628Team nameSpring 2020View Stats
10104Team name2024View Stats
2937Team Nebraska 10\'sView Stats
5078Team Nitro 16U EliteView Stats
4429Team Piccone2016View Stats
4248Team PIIHBHayward Summer 2015View Stats
830Team PrincetonHaltom City leagueView Stats
9208Team Risen2022View Stats
5749Team RyanBattered & Boozed 17View Stats
1837Team Salvo2012 Eylria Fall BallView Stats
2020Team SkullcandyTeam Skullcandy 2013View Stats
8490Team SlattSummer SoftballView Stats
7907Team Steel 18uFall 2020View Stats
5211Team Tampa - HernandezFall 2016View Stats
2884Team TeranTeam Xtreme Season 1View Stats
7760Team Toyota2020 Mens 50View Stats
6196Team Under Armour- BDH2018 Spring SoftballView Stats
5499Team Under Armour- Monday NightsSpring 2017View Stats
5629Team X-Treme2017 Stow YESView Stats
6644Team ZariSept 2018View Stats
4517TeamMorrisVarsity 2016View Stats
6300TeamPunisher932018 HIgh SchoolView Stats
2422Tecumseh2013 VarsityView Stats
5096Ted's Boys2016 Labor DayView Stats
7758Teders2020View Stats
7243Teders2020View Stats
8009Tegrity2021 Spring View Stats
5857Temple 1 -- 20172017View Stats
1583Terrifying TigersSummer 2012View Stats
1771Terror 16Alvin RRView Stats
3469Terry Ranger Softball 20142014View Stats
7260Tesson Station2019View Stats
1201TestConferenceView Stats
1058TESTSpring 2012View Stats
258testSpring coedView Stats
7958Test 2020Fall 2020View Stats
7288Test Team2019 SchoolView Stats
8test teamtest seasonView Stats
10108Test TeamSpring 2024View Stats
6759TestingPonytails Season Spring 2019View Stats
2998Texas Cobras Fall 2013View Stats
5282Texas Outlaws2017 Spring SeasonView Stats
760texas outlawswinterView Stats
3657texas rage2014View Stats
2567Texas Rapid Fire Gold 00View Stats
8707Texas VengeanceFall 2021View Stats
754Texas ZoomView Stats
1104TFS RebelsSpring 2012View Stats
2431TG Softball 9th2013View Stats
8895TGITSummer 2022View Stats
9915TGSC2024View Stats
1108Thamen DS 12012 - 4e klasseView Stats
1943Thatcher Eagles2013 SeasonView Stats
1060Thats My Girls1View Stats
1273The Alley2012 SeasonView Stats
1337The Alley 20122012 SeasonView Stats
1260The Angry GuzmansView Stats
307The Animals2011View Stats
2244The BarflysSpring 2013View Stats
6405The Beers2018 SummerView Stats
4857The Big DirtyDRSPL 2016View Stats
2794The Blues2013View Stats
1619The Bow JacksonsSeason #2View Stats
4835The Bowlers2016View Stats
7424The Boys Claredon Park Tuesday Fall 2019View Stats
33The Bronx All-Stars2010 Verizon Softball leagueView Stats
3742The BrotherhoodFall 2014View Stats
10021The BumblebeesSpring 2024View Stats
3520The BustoniansTwap 2014View Stats
6822The cannonsKinsmen 2019View Stats
9727The CaribbeanSpring 2023View Stats
1683THe ClashThe ClashView Stats
1344The Cogs2012View Stats
3835The Cone Crew2015 NF SoftballView Stats
6239The Coolers2018 SeasonView Stats
4980The Crosstown Jerks2016View Stats
4598The Dalles Rivrhwawks2016 Non-LeagueView Stats
365The Deforest Sting2011View Stats
6543The DickbirdsSumer 2018View Stats
9051The DILFS2022 Playoffs (Summer)View Stats
313The Dirt DevilsFairfield BobbysoxView Stats
4570The DirtballsSpring 16View Stats
2862The DisablersSummer 2013View Stats
9035The DisappointmentsSummer 2022View Stats
5947The Englewood TavernFall 2017View Stats
9073The Equation2022View Stats
1640The Force 18USummer 2012View Stats
7471The foundryElyria west View Stats
7472The foundryElyria West Fall 19View Stats
3473The Friendly ConfinessummerView Stats
3824The Funky CrewSpringView Stats
841The FurySpring/Summer 2012View Stats
4779The Gavel2016View Stats
617The Gomers2011 Tuesday Men D (Fall)View Stats
1796the good, the bad, the uglyfall 2012View Stats
4124The Gooniesgoonies 2015View Stats
5921The GoonsSummer 2017View Stats
9815The great hambinos2023 seasonView Stats
1138The GroggeryThursday Co-Ed 2012View Stats
4336The Hawks2015View Stats
4710The Herd2016 Tuesday Night DHView Stats
8514The Herd2021 Forest HillView Stats
4935The HIT CrowdSeason 1 2016-Short Co-reCView Stats
9583The Hit SquadSpring 2023View Stats
632The HitmenFall 2011View Stats
9289The Incredibles Yonkers Fall League 2022View Stats
1365The Isotopes2012View Stats
5081The Jesters of Tortuga2016 Fall - Men's D RichardsonView Stats
3409The Justice League2014 Mitchel FieldView Stats
1699The Lake Norman LightningView Stats
3557The Loft2014View Stats
1291The Louisiana Mud Dogs2012 Mud DogsView Stats
7235The MayorsSummer '19View Stats
4896The Mean Green2016View Stats
6358The Miltowne MudHens2018View Stats
966The Misfits2012 Summer OC BallView Stats
4962The NaturalsSpring 2016View Stats
1623The Notorious P.I.G.Sunday Night SoftballView Stats
6325The Oakvillains2018View Stats
5953The Odd SoxFirst SeasonView Stats
5744The PailheadsFall 2017View Stats
687The Pita StopFall 2011View Stats
2868the postfall 2013View Stats
8867The PredatorsSpring 2022View Stats
2473The Reckoning2012View Stats
1121The RevolutionFridley Summer 2012View Stats
594The Runs2011 SeasonView Stats
2877The Rusty Chandeliers 2013 Fall Slow PitchView Stats
2347The Schweaty BallsSummer '13View Stats
6608The Shore 1Fall 2018View Stats
6326The ShotgunnersSpringView Stats
8452The Soft ServesSeason 1View Stats
6930The Spitting Llamas2019 SeasonView Stats
2546The Swingers2013 Summer BallView Stats
553The Tools2011 BBG/WCView Stats
7250The Town 12019View Stats
5639The TribeSpringView Stats
4000The UnknownsSpring/Summer 2015 View Stats
9811The WoodFall 2023View Stats
4692The Yaks2016View Stats
1079The Yo's2012View Stats
2946thermcool2013 fallView Stats
2576thesamsquanches2013View Stats
8561This Team SlidesView Stats
5196Thomson Yarddogs2017 Yard DogsView Stats
9033Thornlie Hawks2022View Stats
2105Thornwood HS Varsity Softball2013 SpringView Stats
3362Thrashers!Captains CupView Stats
3632Three J's2011View Stats
4094Three Lions Pub SoftballSpring/Summer 2015View Stats
177THS Softball2010-2011 View Stats
2464ThunderAS 2013View Stats
9092Thunder2022 SummerView Stats
3917ThunderSpring 2015View Stats
1867ThunderView Stats
9464ThunderSpring 2023View Stats
140ThunderSummer '10View Stats
5951ThunderMBA Fall 2017View Stats
3687Thunder2014View Stats
5383Thunder 052017View Stats
5870Thunder BuddiesBig D SummerView Stats
3375Thunder Buddies2013 Regular SeasonView Stats
4759Thunder DucksView Stats
6077Thunder MonkeysSpring 2018View Stats
1450Thunder15u15u Thunder 2012View Stats
4243Thunderbirds2015View Stats
1762ThundercatsView Stats
3608ThundercatsMWR 2014View Stats
1701Thurman CafeFall BallView Stats
3673Thursday St. Patrick's SoftballSummer 2014View Stats
7493Ticklers2019-2020 SeasonView Stats
3910Ticonderoga SoftballView Stats
2238Tidal Wave2013View Stats
3283Tidal WaveSpring 2014View Stats
6655Tidal Wave UppersFall 2018View Stats
6886Tidewater Air Service2019 8U View Stats
10018[email protected]HS Bess 2024View Stats
4730Tiger Bay Rays2016 Cardiff Softball LeagueView Stats
8222Tiger GroupSpring 2021View Stats
7906Tigers2020/2021View Stats
6116Tigers 2018 JR HighView Stats
7281Tigersnational qualifierView Stats
7721Tigers2020View Stats
3450Tigers2014 RecView Stats
1894Tigers BlackCompetitive/ScrimmagesView Stats
5936Tigers Fastpitch10U C - Fall 2017View Stats
3767Tigers Softball KS2015View Stats
7375Tigers-Qualifiersnational qualifierView Stats
3693TIMBER CITYFall 2014View Stats
4518Timberline JV2016View Stats
9683TimberSafe PineBugs2023View Stats
5880TimeOut Softball Summer League2017View Stats
3717Tina-AvalonFall 2014View Stats
9112Tinley Bulldogs 16USpring/Summer 2022View Stats
7921Tinley Park Bulldogs2021View Stats
255Tipton Rosemark Academy2011View Stats
5533Tipton Varsity SoftballView Stats
8646Titans Fall 2021View Stats
4129TitansTitans 2015View Stats
851TitansJack Benny 2012View Stats
5264TL Hanna JV Softball2017View Stats
8245TMB B Squad2021View Stats
927TMHS Wildcats2012View Stats
1400TMMG2012View Stats
1856TNT - Simi 10USpring 2013View Stats
7951TNT Florida Black 12U2021 Spring SeasonView Stats
4747TNT SOFTBALL2016View Stats
9001TOBAY PiratesView Stats
10149Tobay TigersSummer 2024View Stats
7798TOBAY TIGERS2020 LISSAView Stats
6429TOGSA - 12U Gold2018 All StarsView Stats
7585Tolar High School Varsity 20202020 Softball SeasonView Stats
437tom bishopSpringLeague2011View Stats
10033tom47472024View Stats
547Tomahawks 16u2011 16u TomahawksView Stats
8798Tomahawks 2K10Spring 2022View Stats
4066Tonawanda Warriors Softball2015View Stats
5476Tonganoxie 20172017View Stats
1631Tonkawa Lady BucsTHS Softball 2012View Stats
7058Tony C's2019View Stats
5407TOOLSPORTClintonwood Spring/SummerView Stats
6711Top Flightseason 4View Stats
9765Top Gun 07Summer 2023View Stats
9601Top Hat/PlacewayView Stats
68Topeka KryptoniteSummer 2010View Stats
4997Topham Park MJW2016 SelectView Stats
5594Tori O'Toole'sSummer 2017View Stats
976Tornadoes2012 Spring TornadoesView Stats
1876Tornadoes2013View Stats
769Tornadoes/Bombers2012View Stats
10000Tornados SoftballSummer 2024View Stats
1057Torrington RaidersTorrington H.S. Varsity NVL SeasonView Stats
883Torture softball2012 softballView Stats
9617Total TurfSJSSL FallView Stats
9710Total Turf SSBView Stats
3392Totino-Grace Eagles Varsity2014View Stats
3245touchdownSpringView Stats
109Touchout2010 SummerView Stats
5666Tournament StatsHomerun "Low Bid" TournamentView Stats
5445Toxic Evergreen 2017View Stats
1548TPS Sluggers2012 Summer TravelView Stats
2285TR Wildcats2013View Stats
4180trackside 30summer 2015View Stats
6646Tracy Renegades - SaenzFall 2018View Stats
4407TradewindsFall 2015View Stats
10135TrailblazersSpring 2024View Stats
6600trailer trash2018View Stats
4377TransformersKCSL Fall 2015View Stats
4623Translate ThisTranslate This 2016View Stats
5655Transporte Rodi2017View Stats
9127Trash Pandas Trash Pandas 2022View Stats
3528Tree FROGSFROGS Spring 14View Stats
2509Trenton-DK2013View Stats
9670Tri City Remodeling 2023 Tri-City RemodelingView Stats
1711Tri county Spartans 18u2013View Stats
2251Tri State Twisters2013View Stats
1000Tri-State Hitmen2012View Stats
3605Tri-State Thunder 16USpring 2014View Stats
1696Trinity Christian SchoolVarsity SoftballView Stats
7595Triple CrownSpring View Stats
8276TRITON HS '212021 CAL SoftballView Stats
8302Triton Varsity SoftballSpring 2021View Stats
81TrojanettesSummer 2010View Stats
6853TrojansView Stats
2398Trojans2013 SeasonView Stats
10168Tropics2024View Stats
4065Trouble/Double TroubleTrouble 2016View Stats
214Troy HS 2011 Softball2011View Stats
6005Troy Intensity 14U2017 Fall TournamentsView Stats
3380TroyanosZapata Primavera 2014View Stats
3814TRU 2 IT2015 tournament teamView Stats
9875True BlueFall Ball 2023View Stats
6663TruinfadoresKing's men softball 2018View Stats
4614Try HardsFall '14View Stats
609TSA Thoroughbreds12U fastpitch travel softballView Stats
6277TsunamiSpring Slow PitchView Stats
4410Tsunami 12UFall 2015View Stats
782TucsonFall 2011View Stats
1122Tuff LuckPre-SeasonView Stats
3185Tulare Union JVJVView Stats
244Tunkhannock JV2011View Stats
2234Turkeys Nest Teachers2013View Stats
7789TurtleheadsSummer 2020View Stats
9903Tuscany Bar & Grill 2023 - 2024View Stats
2212Tuslaw2013View Stats
7740Tutu TrainNSA 2020View Stats
2401TVBC SB2015 TVBC SBView Stats
2869Twin RiversFall 13View Stats
6195Twinny's Fireballs2018View Stats
9792Twins summer 2023View Stats
9689Twins U15 A2023View Stats
2828Twisted MistersFall 2013View Stats
10040Twisted Sisters2024 SpringView Stats
4709Twisted Vine BreweryThursday Spring 2016View Stats
1363TwistersSpring 2012View Stats
7002Two Men and a Truck2019 RMSLView Stats
6127TX CHARGEView Stats
2151Tx Cobras 02Spring 13View Stats
1272Tx Fire2012View Stats
5334TX RangerettesSpringView Stats
9937TX SavageSummerView Stats
7924Tye09Fall 2020View Stats
165tyler2011View Stats
7853Tyson Beatty2020 SBW Thur Fall LeagueView Stats
5904u 16 pei2017View Stats
4523U-Prep A Softball 20162016View Stats
1786U12 LightningSummer 2013View Stats
2491U12 Queen City UltimatesCC LeagueView Stats
6374U12 Westman Magic2018View Stats
9020U15A Regina Royals Reign2022View Stats
3617U16 Academy2014 tournament View Stats
6295U16 Sparks2018View Stats
3732U18 doylestown mustangsFall 2014View Stats
6275UAW Smash Bros2018View Stats
1528Ubly Bearcats2012 high school seasonView Stats
1476Ubly LegacySummer 2012View Stats
8766UC Softball2022View Stats
7607UCLA BruinsSpring 2020View Stats
4678UCLA BruinsSpringView Stats
6746Ucla club softballView Stats
2472UHC Hammers2013View Stats
2139UHS Red Storm SoftballSoftball 2015View Stats
1949Uline2013 LVunlimitedArchSlo-pitch seasonView Stats
6670UMass Club Softball2018-2019View Stats
7001Umatilla2019 VarsityView Stats
6093Ump YoursSpring 2018View Stats
864UMW Eagles2012 SpringView Stats
2944UNCC Club Softball2013-14View Stats
9725Uncle Bucks2024View Stats
9095Uncoachables2022 Spring/Summer SeasonView Stats
5325under 19 northcoteunder 19View Stats
9292UnderestimatedFall season View Stats
2586UndergroundQCSL - 2013View Stats
2911Underhand JobsFall 2013View Stats
2445Union High School2013View Stats
2170United Local Softball2013 SeasonView Stats
3248Unity Pee Wee Panthers2014View Stats
3828University of Louisville2015 SeasonView Stats
1310UnknownD thursdaysView Stats
7132UNKNOWN2019 Summer SeasonView Stats
607Unknowns #1Summer 2011View Stats
1816UNRCNacional de Clubes 2013View Stats
8699Untamed 14U GrayUntamed 14U Gray - 2021 FallView Stats
592Upper leagueUpperView Stats
7768Upstate Stingers 2020View Stats
2038Ursuline High SchoolVarsity HS 2013View Stats
9526Us Guys2023 Summer 10UView Stats
557USA Athletics2010-2011 View Stats
8554USADSAView Stats
2533USAG Humphreys2013 HumphreysView Stats
585USCG MDFT Meade interView Stats
1620UT 19082012 D State TournamentView Stats
667Utah FuryFall 2011View Stats
672Utah Fury2011 Fall SeasonView Stats
1752Utah Lady Pirates2012-2013View Stats
3289Utah Thunder2014View Stats
5083Utah Twisters 02Fall 2016View Stats
4436UTEP SOFTBALLFall 2016View Stats
1729VA Bat Busters 14UFall 2012View Stats
3619VA JV Lady Rams2014View Stats
77Vacaville SWAT2010View Stats
5768Vakulskas Electric2017 SYA LeagueView Stats
4039valencia fros?soph2019View Stats
3879ValiantsNon LeagueView Stats
4701Valley Banditz SPRING 2016View Stats
2557Valley City Captains Pub2013 Softball Season - Valley City LeagueView Stats
395Valley Force 14U2012View Stats
1287Valley Force 16U2012 Travel Ball View Stats
5833Valley RageSummer 2017View Stats
7665Valley Rage 12U Keber2020 Summer Tavel SeasonView Stats
2688Valley Storm 992013 SeasonView Stats
1489valpo triple crown threat2011-2012 travel ballView Stats
3563Van Vleck Lady Lep 2014View Stats
6879Van Wert Cougars- JV2019 Van Wert Cougars JVView Stats
9999Vancouver Connections 502024 SeasonView Stats
4515Vancouver Misfitz2016 Spring 1st seasonView Stats
2111Vancouver Wildcats 972013 springView Stats
5774Vandelay IndustriesSpring/Summer 2017View Stats
5094VansFallView Stats
5803Vapor Station 2017View Stats
2379VaquerasLiga Municipal 2013View Stats
4886Varps 20162016View Stats
3556Varps vWoD League 2014View Stats
5778Varsity B.G.View Stats
398Varsity Club2011View Stats
5268Varsity Softball Lady AggiesView Stats
4573Varsity Westview Wildcats2016 SeasonView Stats
3439VB BombersSpring Mens Div 10 View Stats
6849Veer for BeerSpring 2019View Stats
2590Velez SoftballASBA - Campeonato 2013View Stats
1653Velmas DinerSummer 2012View Stats
10143[email protected]Spring 2024View Stats
8095Venezuela Torneo Sábados View Stats
1135VennehjemSummer 2012View Stats
1172Venom Spring / Summer 2012View Stats
3703VenomMens Fall Softball 2014View Stats
7335VenomView Stats
1384VENOM 12 USummer 2012View Stats
2535Venom Fastpitch 14U - Ohioi2013 Summer Travel SeasonView Stats
9157Venom U18View Stats
3113Verizon Wireless2014View Stats
4010Verona WildcatsSpring 2015View Stats
4487Vestavia Hills 8U Rebels 20162016 Vortex Spring PDLView Stats
1947VG Elite 10U2013View Stats
7270vicious cycle 20222022 View Stats
9551VictoriaView Stats
2109Vikettes2013View Stats
1080Vikings2012View Stats
8301vikings2021View Stats
4736Village Animal Hospital2016View Stats
379Village Idiot Brew CrewSpring 11View Stats
3079Vinegar StrokesFirstView Stats
6977Vipers FAS open (spring 2019)View Stats
6030Virtual Combine2017-2018View Stats
3156vitos tavernSUMMER 2014View Stats
8775Vivid2022View Stats
5220VLE18UFall 2016View Stats
9011VM 2022 18U Spring2022 SpringView Stats
1247Vortex2012View Stats
6236VR U162018View Stats
8847VS Tigers 222023View Stats
2855Vulcans2013View Stats
9029W. K. Rebels2023View Stats
422W.W.W.2011 Ladies WellandView Stats
433W.W.W.2011 Woman SoftballView Stats
1501Wabash Bandits2012 fastpitchView Stats
3040Wabash Pride2013 SeasonView Stats
9509Wabasha-Kellogg JV Softball2024 SeasonView Stats
3391Wabasso Rabbit Fastpitch2014View Stats
1170WAC 14U NationalSpring 2012View Stats
2000Waggener HIgh School2013View Stats
5756Wagners - Magersupp2017 SummerView Stats
2094WAHI BD Softball2013View Stats
6852Waitakere Bears2018-2019 U15 GirlsView Stats
1229WaldenburgMacomb Corners Season 1View Stats
8980Waldorf SoftballSoftball 2022View Stats
343WalgreensSpring 2011View Stats
69Walking Billboard Printwear2010View Stats
4450WallkillSoftball 2016View Stats
10136Walnut Point Family FellowshipWPFF Season 2024View Stats
1120Walsh2012View Stats
253Walther Lutheran 2011View Stats
3631Wapello Arrows JVWapello Arrows JV 2014View Stats
9290War DawgzFall 2022View Stats
8786Warner UniversitySpring 2022View Stats
3961Warning track powerSandy Crecent EastView Stats
7226Warning Track PowerJune 2019View Stats
1394Warren Hills JV2012View Stats
6258Warren Hills Streaks2018View Stats
2482Warren Mott Maruaders2013View Stats
9401Warren Wave-RingWinter Season 2022-23View Stats
662Warrensburg Lady Tigers2011View Stats
2297Warrior JVSpring 2013View Stats
540Warriors2011 Summer fastpitchView Stats
9995Warriors2024View Stats
1938WarriorsSpring SummerView Stats
5729WarriorsMundelien ClassicView Stats
3725warriors Terror /white 16uView Stats
7068Warriors Spring American Legion LeagueView Stats
238Warriors2011 - POB Over 40View Stats
6658Warriors (HIRT)King's men softball 2018View Stats
213warriors 2011spring 2011View Stats
10299Warriors Fall 2024Fall 2024View Stats
1530Warriors u12Summer 2012View Stats
10066Warriors VarsityVarsity 2024View Stats
676Wasco HSW1 - Fall 2011Wasco Fall 2011View Stats
496Wasco HSW2 - Sharks2011 Spring/SummerView Stats
6532Washed Up Wildcats1st YearView Stats
8528Washington Demon's JVWashington JV 2024View Stats
6185Washington Lee HS2018View Stats
787Washington MadnesssummerView Stats
4866Washington MS2018View Stats
5685Washington MS2023View Stats
9704Washington State Bank2023 SeasonView Stats
2934Washington SunRays2013 - 2014 SunRaysView Stats
532washingtonwildfire 18utourney3View Stats
530washingtonwildfire 18u2011View Stats
3398Wasted TalentMens C LeagueView Stats
1028watch my sac fly2012View Stats
3519Waterloo JV2014View Stats
4705Waterloo Ponytails 20162016View Stats
9052Watertight2022 D1 SeasonView Stats
5569Waterville Shockers2017View Stats
2969watson ososf2013View Stats
679Waukee 12u GoldFall 2011View Stats
2687Waukesha Blazers2013 SeasonView Stats
2666Waukesha Crush2013View Stats
1054Wausaukee Rangers2012 Regular SeasonView Stats
6988Wauseon IndiansView Stats
2348Waverly softball7th grade softball, 2013View Stats
6499Waves - 12U2018View Stats
8387wayneView Stats
230Wayne Memorial Varsity Softball2011 View Stats
7439Waynesville2019View Stats
2196Wazabe BlueLC 35View Stats
7311WB All-Stars 2019All-Stars 2019View Stats
856WBC Lady Eagles2012View Stats
8347WC Comets Softball 20212021View Stats
4977WC MinorsView Stats
9334WCA View Stats
1136WCI Fusion2012View Stats
1143WCI Fusion - Marshall2012View Stats
1706WDM Tigers2012 Fall BallView Stats
5439We Are FamilySpring Coed SoftballView Stats
499We Got The RunsSummer 2011View Stats
4682We Got the RunsBicentennial West Men's E 2016View Stats
5121We're that teamView Stats
9847We've Got WoodFall 2023View Stats
2440Weak SauceBSSC Spring/SummerView Stats
997Webgems2012 SeasonView Stats
6253Wedron Wildfire '042018View Stats
7541Well SwungTournament 2020View Stats
3050Wells Fargo2013View Stats
1233Wesley United Methodist2012 Summer SeasonView Stats
4592West Allis Central Bulldogs2016View Stats
1043West Canada Valley2012View Stats
2719West carroll greenFreeport summer leaugeView Stats
2601West Carter Lady Comets2013View Stats
7695West Chester Wild2024View Stats
738West Coast Mitlitia2011View Stats
5708West Coast Tankers Association2017View Stats
5474West County Bulldogs2017 SoftballView Stats
7750West Creek Coyotes2020-2021View Stats
4577West Deptford Storm 03View Stats
1599West Liberty Force 16uSummer 2012View Stats
1635West Liberty Force-HorsleySummer 2012View Stats
4639West Milford JV Softball2016View Stats
2065West Perry Mustangs2013View Stats
3340West portspring fp 2014View Stats
3449west side ironspringView Stats
42West Softball2010View Stats
8186West Springfield Softball2021View Stats
7297West valley slammersAll starsView Stats
3499West Vigo Vikings - JV2014 High School JVView Stats
1920West Washington Senators2012View Stats
6214WEST YORK JV2018View Stats
2246Western Brown JV Softball2021 WB JV softballView Stats
5506Western Mennonite2017View Stats
9587Western Waffles2023View Stats
7914Westfield 12u BlueD2 - Fall 2020View Stats
9951Westhampton Beach Hurricanes2023 SpringView Stats
1687Westlake WavesFall 12u 2012View Stats
728Westlake WavesBurbank Fall 2012View Stats
1775Westlake wavesBurbank Fall 2012View Stats
7842WestminsterFall 2020View Stats
1023westmont high schoolView Stats
8213Weston2021 View Stats
520Westrem Delivery2011View Stats
302Westside Outlaws2011View Stats
6576Westside WolvesSummer '18View Stats
3264Westville BlackhawksFreshman YearView Stats
7829Westville MSFall 2020View Stats
1746Westwood2012 fallView Stats
3568Westwood Alliance ChurchOntario Christian FellowshioView Stats
7180Westwood Patriots2018-19View Stats
2825Wetumka Lady ChieftainsView Stats
10158WH Freedom Fighters2024 Wednesday Night SpringView Stats
1176Wheatfield Pink2012View Stats
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9538Where My Pitches AtSpring 2023View Stats
702Where My Pitches At?Fall 2011View Stats
1759Where my pitches at?Fall BallView Stats
7517Where my pitches at?2019 Fall BallView Stats
8079Whetstone High School SoftballView Stats
1901WHIPLASH2013 Spring View Stats
7526Whiskey WheelsToy Drive TournamentView Stats
429Whistle StopThwaitsView Stats
724White Lightening - Fall 2011Buffalo Creek - Fall 2011View Stats
2878White LionsFall 2013View Stats
9531White Oak Warriors 20232023View Stats
6982White Sox2019 8U SoftballView Stats
875Whiteouts10U Spring Recreational View Stats
765Whitewater JVJV 2011View Stats
5401Whitewater WhippetsSpring 2019View Stats
751Whitewater Wildcats2011View Stats
2319Whiting Oilers2013 SeasonView Stats
4861Whitmore Lake Varsity 2017Varsity 2017View Stats
7504Who's on first2019 FallView Stats
5687Who's On First2017View Stats
10199Who's on First Sports2024 Women'sView Stats
4564WHS Owls Softball2016View Stats
7060WI Bandits U12 Black 2019View Stats
4931Wich'n Warriors2016View Stats
8986Wicked2022View Stats
7733Wicked 14USummer 2020View Stats
3863WICKED MARTINI'SSpring 2015View Stats
1862Wicked Softball2013View Stats
1937wicked stixView Stats
9484Widow Makers2023View Stats
10031Wiffle While You TwerkSpring 24View Stats
2542Wii Not FitY-12 Employee Summer LeagueView Stats
1022WILD CATS2013 SpringView Stats
2141WILD CATS2013 WILD CATSView Stats
3582wild warriors2014 warriorsView Stats
3583Wild WarriorsWild Warriors 2014View Stats
7865WildCardsSeason 1View Stats
3388Wildcat Fastpitch2015View Stats
9457Wildcat Softball2022View Stats
3517WILDCATSSPRING 2014View Stats
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1668WildcatsFall Ball 2012View Stats
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3534Wildcats2014View Stats
8184Wildcats 14U2021 14U NCCGSLView Stats
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2175wildcatsu102013 travelView Stats
4851Willamina Bulldogs2017 Willamina League View Stats
588WilldcatsSummerView Stats
4416William Allen Canaries2016 Varsity SeasonView Stats
5972Williamsburg Blaze - Black2017 Fall View Stats
1693Williamsburg Starz 16UTravel 2013View Stats
8997Willie's GangWillie's Gang 2022View Stats
6377Williston Coyotes2018View Stats
5734Willow Ridge 2017 SeasonView Stats
6546Willowridge Kickball2018 TCAKLView Stats
6790Wilson Hall2019View Stats
646Wilson WranglersSummer/FallView Stats
154winchester sachems2010View Stats
10177Winchester Sox2024View Stats
7246Windermere Royals2019View Stats
7030Windham JV2019 View Stats
8768Windmills2021-2022View Stats
713Windmills2012View Stats
1447Windsor Wildcats Bondy2012 View Stats
5776Windy City Ice Blue 16uSummer 2017View Stats
3849Wine Reloaded/Demarini2015 Tournament YearView Stats
5482Winfield High School JV2017View Stats
3386Winfield Sting 12U2014View Stats
7238Winfrey-Miller2019View Stats
2531Winhawks2013View Stats
1769Winnetonka Softball2012View Stats
9773Winslow Baptist Church2023View Stats
2455Winter2013View Stats
8700Winter 2023View Stats
3201Winters High SchoolWinters HS 2014View Stats
4630Winters Mill VarsitySpring 2016View Stats
290WipeoutSpringView Stats
2073Wirt County Tigers2013View Stats
1434Wisconsin Elie2012 Wisconsin Elite 16UView Stats
575Wisconsin Twisters 16U - DBSummer 2011View Stats
3001WisconsinWildFall 2013View Stats
4780wiskullsin View Stats
1860Wizards 13U EliteFall/Winter/Summer 2013View Stats
10189Wizards Smith 10u2024 SummerView Stats
3145WL03Spring 2014View Stats
4986WMLL FireSummer Tourneys 2016View Stats
5871WMSPL StormView Stats
3916WNY Sting 002015 SeasonView Stats
2632Wolf Pack18UView Stats
9520WolfpackApril 8View Stats
468WolfpackBRMSL Spring 2011View Stats
1210WOLFPACKSUMMER 2012View Stats
5591Wolfpack2017View Stats
6553WolfpackThursday Night Summer 18'View Stats
8896Wolfpack2022 WolfpackView Stats
5574wolverinesSpringView Stats
293Wolverines2011View Stats
3195Wolverines2014View Stats
8099Wonder Boys Softball Club2021View Stats
3741Wood Skate DecksNMB Fall Mens LeagueView Stats
6842Woodburn JV2019 JVView Stats
10164Woodbury 10u 2024Summer 2024View Stats
6311Woodbury Royals 9Spring 2018View Stats
2271Woodgrove JV2013View Stats
5348Woodland HS2017 WHS VARSITYView Stats
1863Woodland WranglersPCS Co-ed13View Stats
3837Woodlawn PanthersWoodlawn 2015View Stats
5039Woodpeckers2016View Stats
2790WoodPeckers20132013 SummerView Stats
3494Woodridge Lumberjacks2014 Tues DView Stats
224Woofs Pounders2011View Stats
7440wookiesFall 2019View Stats
2779Woopass2013 coed summer leagueView Stats
8880Worcester 14U CesarView Stats
1794Worth Prospects 952012-2013View Stats
10022Worthington Kilbourne2024View Stats
9134WRCC2022 SummerView Stats
1712WreckersFall 2012View Stats
6603Wreckin Crew Fall Softball View Stats
3254Wreckin' CrewSpring 2014View Stats
4048Wrecking CrewSummer 2015View Stats
4891Wren Lady Canes Spring 20162016 Spring WYAView Stats
1162Wright Tree StormTues C1View Stats
6368WS Blue2018 Twin ShoresView Stats
3308WS SoftballView Stats
8208WS TsunamisWS Tsunami Spring 2021View Stats
215WSHS Wildcats2011View Stats
1420Wulfpack992012View Stats
6312WVHS 2018View Stats
282WWPSouth2011View Stats
4296Xplicit SoftballXplicit Softball 2016View Stats
884Xplosion2012 SeasonView Stats
4595Xplosion 10uSpring View Stats
2180Xplosion Fastpitch2013 SeasonView Stats
1527XpressXpress 2012View Stats
9091Xtreme2022View Stats
2960Xtreme2013 FallView Stats
5287Xtreme / JRM Pallets2022 Tournament TeamView Stats
5256Xtreme 06View Stats
8388Xtreme 10U2021 Travel BallView Stats
1471Xtreme Chaos 14U2012 SeasonView Stats
523xtreme fastpitch \'952011 SummerView Stats
9398Xtreme Heat 2012Spring/Summer 2023View Stats
2914Xtreme RealtyFall 2013View Stats
8330Yank DeezUAL Inaugural SeasonView Stats
6048YankdeezSpring '18 - SmithView Stats
7064Yankees2019 YankeesView Stats
2844YankeesFall BallView Stats
8846Yankees '22Spring 22View Stats
274Yankees 12USpring 2011View Stats
5885Yankees SuckFall 2017View Stats
6867Yardogs 2019Yarddogs 2020View Stats
2628YBFDSeacoast SoftballView Stats
7886Yeet SquadFall 2020 SeasonView Stats
6981Yellow DiamondsSpring 2019View Stats
1299YellowJackets2012View Stats
1799YHS SoftballFall 2013-14View Stats
425YL Mustangs2011 SpringView Stats
2528YMCA CoedLansing Coed 2013View Stats
5939Yogurt TimeFall 2017 E3View Stats
2824yonkers fdfallView Stats
1166York Freshmen2012View Stats
1465Young & RecklessMondays starting 06/04/2012View Stats
5157Young GunsFall 2016View Stats
7057Young Guns2019 Young GunsView Stats
3951Young Guns 2015Marthasville LeagueView Stats
2751Young Guns EliteSummer 2013View Stats
4755Young Gunz2016View Stats
4165Your Neighbor's Shells Angels2015 C LeagueView Stats
3653YUKISView Stats
1739Yukon JV2012-2013View Stats
352Yuma TCTravel 2011View Stats
5232Yuma Unknowns2017 SSUSA SeasonView Stats
9853Z-BattitudeNSA Provies 2023View Stats
3501Z/HQ Shilo Intersection View Stats
3458zackdani2014View Stats
2403Zephyrs 022013 Spring & SummerView Stats
8165ZERO DEGREES Spring 2021 View Stats
5099ZH0114U Fall 2016View Stats
4841Zia Auctions2016 SummerView Stats
1087Zimmerman High School JV2012View Stats
6401Zion2018View Stats
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