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Do Walks or Sacrifices Count as an At-Bat?
No! Walks and sacrifices do not count as at bats. Only outs, hits, reaching on an error, and fielders choice count as at bats. When entering stats, do NOT enter an AB for any walk or sac. This must be done manually when entered.

How can I see past seasons?
The "batter stats" tab defaults to the current season only. There's two ways to see past stats. Clicking on a player's name will show you that player's career stats. Past seasons batter stats are available on the "team stats" page. Just click the "player stats" link on the season you'd like to view.

Why Can't I Delete a Player?
To preserve statistical integrity, players can only be deleted if they haven't accumulated any at bats. This helps keep an accurate team batting average. If you'd like to delete a player who already has stats, you'll have to go back and delete that players stats by editing any games they played in. If you'd like a player to stop showing up, you can edit the player and set them to inactive. Inactive players won't show up when adding game stats.

Can I Recover Deleted Data?
Unfortunately, once something is deleted on it cannot be recovered. Please use caution when deleting data, players, games, or seasons.

How Do I Delete a Game or Season?
You can delete a season on the season tab. Be careful, deleting a season will also delete all games and stats for that season. There's no undo function.

You can also delete a game by going into the "edit game" area for that game. There is no undo for this either. Once deleted, games and seasons are gone for good.

What do some of these stats mean?
Confused about a particular stat? No problem, we have a Stats Glossary that explains most of the stats tracked on

Who can I contact if I have a question or suggestion?
If you have a question or suggestion, or just want to leave some praise please use the "feedback" form to the right of the page. For any partnership or business proposals, please contact Ryan Jones

Can I track other sports stats?
More sites are coming. Ryan is working on a hockey stats site. As a slow pitch softball pitcher, Ryan took very well to the game of cornhole so he also created Cornhole FAQ - a site that answers common cornhole questions.