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Softball & Baseball Statistics Definitions Learn the formulas & defintions for softball sabermetrics used on

AVG  Average - A player's hits divided by at bats. Sacs and walks do not count as at bats.
BB  Base on Balls - otherwise known as a walk.
BsR  Base Runs - is a measure of how many runs a team "should" create based on offensive performance. It attempts to factor out luck.
Expectation   Expectation is a team's expected win percentage based upon their runs scored and given up.
FC   Use this field for fielders choice or reached on error if you want a more accurate OBP calculation.
HROL   Home Runs Over Limit - Many softball leagues have a limit of home runs that a team can hit. HROL tracks home run outs.
OBP  On Base Percentage - is a measure of how often a player reaches base for any reason other than an error.
OPS  On Base Plus Slugging - is simply On Base Percentage added to Slugging Percentage.
R  Runs - the number of runs a player scored by crossing home plate.
RBI  Runs Batted In - RBIs are awarded whenever the outcome of a player's at-bat results in a run being scored.
RC  Runs Created - is an estimate of the number of runs a hitter contributes to his team.
S  Sacrifice - In Softball a sacrifice occurs when a batter gets a hit with fewer than 2 outs, the batter is out, and a runner already on base scores.
SecA  Secondary Average - is a batting average that accounts for extra base hits, walks, and stolen bases.
SLG  Slugging Percentage - is a measure of a hitter's performance calculated by total bases divided by total at bats. (TB/AB)
TAv  True Average - is a measure of total offensive value per out.
wOBA  Weighted On Base Average - measures a players overall offensive contribution per plate appearance. .320 is average, over .400 is elite.