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Season 2 under way... 4 games under our belts time to put together a winning streak

SeasonGamesWLWin%RFRATeam AvgSLGBsRExpectationPlayer StatsPitcher Stats
2110.5034270.0000.0000.0000.613Player StatsPitcher Stats
Summer 2013 Playoffs5320.6050370.4620.55039.2080.646Player StatsPitcher Stats
Summer 20132614120.542402660.4530.611231.8680.449Player StatsPitcher Stats
2012 Summer Playoffs8530.6369480.4580.59171.1710.674Player StatsPitcher Stats
Summer 2012 Night League279180.331823050.4110.525163.2690.263Player StatsPitcher Stats

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