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FreeSoftballStats Dunleavys Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2019-05-16Local 600 198Game Stats
2019-05-16Local 600 21710Game Stats
2018-10-23First Step Rehab67Game Stats
2018-10-18Da Guys 4244Game Stats
2018-10-18da guys 3123Game Stats
2018-10-11Universal245Game Stats
2018-10-11Universal 2163Game Stats
2018-10-04SB Ninjas 2523Game Stats
2018-10-04SB Ninjas 1716Game Stats
2018-09-27sunrise roofing 242Game Stats
2018-09-27sunrise roofing 11517Game Stats
2018-09-13da guys 2208Game Stats
2018-09-13da guys132Game Stats
2018-09-06hamtramck Flyers 22217Game Stats
2018-09-06Hamtramck Flyers 195Game Stats
2018-08-22TheeVC1121Game Stats
2018-08-21Playoffs - Crackers80Game Stats
2018-08-21Playoffs - Purple Cobras1410Game Stats
2018-08-09Brew Crew 41211Game Stats
2018-08-09Brew Crew 3187Game Stats
2018-08-02SHBT 42111Game Stats
2018-08-02SHBT 3269Game Stats
2018-07-26B1G 101711Game Stats
2018-07-26B1G 10 21514Game Stats
2018-07-19Sunrise Roofing 369Game Stats
2018-07-19Sunrise Roofing 41012Game Stats
2018-07-12Swing Kings 31910Game Stats
2018-07-12Swing Kings 465Game Stats
2018-06-28Local 600 31221Game Stats
2018-06-28Local 600 42014Game Stats
2018-06-21Metro Fire 130Game Stats
2018-06-21Metro Fire 2109Game Stats
2018-06-14Brew Crew 1133Game Stats
2018-06-14Brew Crew 21520Game Stats
2018-06-07SHBT 2154Game Stats
2018-06-07SHBT 1190Game Stats
2018-05-31Big10149Game Stats
2018-05-31Big10 21011Game Stats
2018-05-24Sunrise Roofing 1919Game Stats
2018-05-24Sunrise Roofing 2015Game Stats
2018-05-17Swing Kings38Game Stats
2018-05-17Swing Kings 2513Game Stats
2018-05-10Local 60065Game Stats
2018-05-10Local 600811Game Stats
2017-11-06Liberty Auto1715Game Stats
2017-11-06Moose Men1511Game Stats
2017-11-01Playoffs 21312Game Stats
2017-10-30Playoffs 1129Game Stats
2017-10-26Vitos298Game Stats
2017-10-26Superfriends Dimitris910Game Stats
2017-10-19Superfriends 11319Game Stats
2017-10-19Superfriends 2319Game Stats
2017-10-05Metrotech 1155Game Stats
2017-10-05MetroTech 22111Game Stats
2017-09-28Sunrise 1116Game Stats
2017-09-28Sunrise 22327Game Stats
2017-09-21Super Friends2117Game Stats
2017-09-21MetroTech192Game Stats
2017-09-14Super Friends 919Game Stats
2017-09-14Vitos1715Game Stats
2017-08-16Playoff Game 2622Game Stats
2017-08-15playoff Game 176Game Stats
2017-08-10Rats134Game Stats
2017-08-10Rats2142Game Stats
2017-08-03Falls makeup1122Game Stats
2017-08-03falls makeup2816Game Stats
2017-07-27The Rats1811Game Stats
2017-07-27The Rats 22012Game Stats
2017-07-20metro Fire 3192Game Stats
2017-07-20Metro Fire 41310Game Stats
2017-07-13brew crew 1312Game Stats
2017-07-13brew crew again177Game Stats
2017-07-06Falls138Game Stats
2017-07-06Falls 2214Game Stats
2017-06-29dodgers 3195Game Stats
2017-06-29dodgers 4206Game Stats
2017-06-08Downriver Kings1918Game Stats
2017-06-08Downriver Kings 21517Game Stats
2017-06-01Swing Kings 1105Game Stats
2017-06-01Swing Kings 21718Game Stats
2017-05-18Metro Fire 194Game Stats
2017-05-18Metro Fire 271Game Stats
2017-05-11Brew Crew 1116Game Stats
2017-05-11Brew Crew 2187Game Stats
2017-04-27Dodgers 1211Game Stats
2017-04-27Dodgers 2234Game Stats
2016-11-01Bomb Squad2229Game Stats
2016-11-01Gomez Imports1612Game Stats
2016-10-25Crackers 3815Game Stats
2016-10-25Crackers 4256Game Stats
2016-10-18Westborn Spa 11012Game Stats
2016-10-18Westborn Spa 2515Game Stats
2016-10-1110 deep188Game Stats
2016-10-1110 deep 2129Game Stats
2016-10-04Bomb Squad2919Game Stats
2016-10-04Bomb Squad 11617Game Stats
2016-09-27Crackers 21920Game Stats
2016-09-27Crackers921Game Stats
2016-09-20Jokerz 1100Game Stats
2016-09-20Jokerz 22516Game Stats