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Dunleavys Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2023-10-25B1G517Game Stats
2023-10-18JV Lawn Care523Game Stats
2023-10-18JV Lawn Care 2919Game Stats
2023-10-11Traitors 2716Game Stats
2023-10-11Originals819Game Stats
2023-10-11The Originals 21022Game Stats
2023-10-04Traitors 1153Game Stats
2023-09-20Dodgers1625Game Stats
2023-09-20Dodgers 11727Game Stats
2023-09-13SB Ninjas1018Game Stats
2023-09-13SB Ninjas 2517Game Stats
2023-09-06Metro FIre 11115Game Stats
2023-09-06Metro Fire 22118Game Stats
2023-08-24playoff Ronnie Berry1617Game Stats
2023-08-10Ronnie Berry Meats1312Game Stats
2023-08-10Ronnie Berry Meats1314Game Stats
2023-08-03mega woo 1161Game Stats
2023-08-03mega woo 292Game Stats
2023-07-27mega woo164Game Stats
2023-07-27busch league189Game Stats
2023-07-13Metro Fire71Game Stats
2023-07-13Hype228Game Stats
2023-07-06Metro Fire1211Game Stats
2023-07-06Baby Bombers1417Game Stats
2023-06-29Busch League 194Game Stats
2023-06-29Busch League 2181Game Stats
2023-06-22Ronnie Berry's Dunleavys Meats610Game Stats
2023-06-22Ronnie Berry Meats142Game Stats
2023-06-08Busch League198Game Stats
2023-06-08Mega Woo177Game Stats
2023-06-01Baby Bomberz133Game Stats
2023-06-01Baby Bomberz 21719Game Stats
2023-05-25Metro Fire2413Game Stats
2023-05-25Hype2019Game Stats
2023-05-18Baby Bombers218Game Stats
2023-05-18Metro Fire220Game Stats
2023-05-11Busch League 1149Game Stats
2023-05-11Busch League 21915Game Stats
2022-10-26SB Ninjas111Game Stats
2022-10-25Thee VC913Game Stats
2022-10-20Sunrise 31525Game Stats
2022-10-20Sunrise 41719Game Stats
2022-10-13Apex 157Game Stats
2022-10-13Apex 2817Game Stats
2022-10-06HYPE104Game Stats
2022-10-06HYPE 2133Game Stats
2022-09-29Dodgers 1246Game Stats
2022-09-29Dodgers 2266Game Stats
2022-09-22BAMF gm 2118Game Stats
2022-09-22BAMF 1109Game Stats
2022-09-15Metro Fire 1107Game Stats
2022-09-15Metro Fire 21012Game Stats
2022-09-08Sunrise155Game Stats
2022-09-08Sunrise 21716Game Stats
2022-08-17ELE711Game Stats
2022-08-11Brightstar229Game Stats
2022-08-11Brightstar 2166Game Stats
2022-08-04Metro Fire 11613Game Stats
2022-08-04Metro Fire 253Game Stats
2022-07-28Dodgers123Game Stats
2022-07-28Busch Leaguers616Game Stats
2022-07-21brew crew 12111Game Stats
2022-07-21Brew Crew 276Game Stats
2022-07-14Brightstar 11215Game Stats
2022-07-14Brightstar 2108Game Stats
2022-07-07Baby Bombers 1220Game Stats
2022-07-07Baby Bombers 2116Game Stats
2022-06-30Built with Grit 1144Game Stats
2022-06-30Built with Grit 21210Game Stats
2022-06-23Dodgers156Game Stats
2022-06-23Brightstar2112Game Stats
2022-06-16Metro Fire89Game Stats
2022-06-16Metro Fire 258Game Stats
2022-06-09Dodgers54Game Stats
2022-06-09Busch Leaguers38Game Stats
2022-06-02Busch Leaguers68Game Stats
2022-06-02Busch Leaguers 2910Game Stats
2022-05-19Baby Bomberz 2204Game Stats
2022-05-19baby Bomberz98Game Stats
2022-05-12Built With Grit165Game Stats
2022-05-12Built With Grit 21910Game Stats
2022-05-05Dodgers314Game Stats
2022-05-05Brightstar143Game Stats
2021-10-28Playoffs DVC155Game Stats
2021-10-28Championship - Scruff3121Game Stats
2021-10-27Playoffs JM Patriots1411Game Stats
2021-10-27Playoffs Bush League2019Game Stats
2021-10-20Jb Bamboozles 3216Game Stats
2021-10-20Jb Bamboozles 41713Game Stats
2021-10-13Cocaine Cowboys 1327Game Stats
2021-10-13Cocaine Cowboys 2623Game Stats
2021-10-06Wise Guys 1524Game Stats
2021-10-06Wise Guys 21217Game Stats
2021-09-29Thee VC 11021Game Stats
2021-09-29Thee VC 21923Game Stats
2021-09-15Hammer Time 11019Game Stats
2021-09-15Hammer Time 22126Game Stats
2021-09-09Bamboozles177Game Stats
2021-09-08Bamboozles 21213Game Stats
2021-08-17ELE1410Game Stats
2021-08-17Kekembas201Game Stats
2021-08-12Busch Leaguers1225Game Stats
2021-08-12Busch Leaguers2011Game Stats
2021-07-29baby Bombers 41217Game Stats
2021-07-29Baby Bombers 3227Game Stats
2021-07-15Sunrise 3513Game Stats
2021-07-15Sunrise 4518Game Stats
2021-07-08Jedi Knights 3110Game Stats
2021-07-08Jedi Knights 4264Game Stats
2021-07-01brew crew 1195Game Stats
2021-07-01brew crew 2233Game Stats
2021-06-24Metro Fire 31620Game Stats
2021-06-24Metro Fire 42026Game Stats
2021-06-17Team Hype 176Game Stats
2021-06-17Team Hype 2172Game Stats
2021-06-10baby bomberz1315Game Stats
2021-06-10baby bomberz 22516Game Stats
2021-06-03Brightstar241Game Stats
2021-06-03Brightstar 2161Game Stats
2021-05-27Sunrise 1520Game Stats
2021-05-27Sunrise 21516Game Stats
2021-05-20Jedi Knigths 1140Game Stats
2021-05-20Jedi Knights 22112Game Stats
2021-05-13Busch Leaguers 11020Game Stats
2021-05-13Busch Leaguers 21814Game Stats
2021-05-06Metro Fire 11718Game Stats
2021-05-06Metro Fire 21811Game Stats
2020-10-06Detroit Stars1014Game Stats
2020-09-24Brew Crew 3164Game Stats
2020-09-24Brew Crew 41112Game Stats
2020-09-17Cave boys 3155Game Stats
2020-09-17Cave boys 4170Game Stats
2020-09-10Busch Leaguers 31610Game Stats
2020-09-10Busch Leaguers 42018Game Stats
2020-09-03Sunrise Roofing1429Game Stats
2020-09-03Sunrise Roofing 22122Game Stats
2020-08-27Dodgers 3172Game Stats
2020-08-27Dodgers 4185Game Stats
2020-08-20Metro Fire 198Game Stats
2020-08-20Metro Fire 22812Game Stats
2020-08-14Brew Crew 1151Game Stats
2020-08-13Brew Crew 21411Game Stats
2020-08-07Cave Boys 2815Game Stats
2020-08-06Cave Boys135Game Stats
2020-07-30Baby Bombers189Game Stats
2020-07-30baby Bombers 2239Game Stats
2020-07-23Busch Leaguers150Game Stats
2020-07-23Busch Leaguers 2174Game Stats
2020-07-09Dodgers 1110Game Stats
2020-07-09Dodgers 2410Game Stats
2019-11-04Playoffs 1129Game Stats
2019-11-04Playoffs 2155Game Stats
2019-10-24Sunrise Roofing316Game Stats
2019-10-24Sunrise Roofing 21015Game Stats
2019-10-17Busch League 3147Game Stats
2019-10-17Busch League 4166Game Stats
2019-10-10Moist Tunas 3515Game Stats
2019-10-10Moist Tunas 41718Game Stats
2019-10-03Sunrise Roofing 3311Game Stats
2019-10-03Sunrise 4414Game Stats
2019-09-26Busch Leaguers1311Game Stats
2019-09-26Busch Leaguers 21512Game Stats
2019-09-19Moist Tunas148Game Stats
2019-09-19Moist Tunas 21514Game Stats
2019-09-12Sunrise Roofing514Game Stats
2019-09-12Sunrise Roofing 21924Game Stats
2019-09-03Playoffs 21318Game Stats
2019-08-28Playoffs Game 151Game Stats
2019-08-22B1G 1072Game Stats
2019-08-22B1G 10 274Game Stats
2019-08-15Sunrise 1424Game Stats
2019-08-15Sunrise 21115Game Stats
2019-08-08Da Guys 32413Game Stats
2019-08-08Da Guys 42014Game Stats
2019-08-01Swing Kings 1621Game Stats
2019-08-01Swing Kings 21513Game Stats
2019-07-25Local 600 11711Game Stats
2019-07-25Local 600 278Game Stats
2019-07-11Busch League219Game Stats
2019-07-11Busch League 2104Game Stats
2019-06-27Metro Fire 1133Game Stats
2019-06-27Metro Fire 2166Game Stats
2019-06-06Sunrise Roofing93Game Stats
2019-06-06Sunrise Roofing 2917Game Stats
2019-05-30Da Guys 160Game Stats
2019-05-30Da Guys 2163Game Stats
2019-05-23Swing Kings2526Game Stats
2019-05-23Swing Kings 2623Game Stats
2019-05-16Local 600 198Game Stats
2019-05-16Local 600 21710Game Stats
2018-10-23First Step Rehab67Game Stats
2018-10-18da guys 3123Game Stats
2018-10-18Da Guys 4244Game Stats
2018-10-11Universal245Game Stats
2018-10-11Universal 2163Game Stats
2018-10-04SB Ninjas 1716Game Stats
2018-10-04SB Ninjas 2523Game Stats
2018-09-27sunrise roofing 242Game Stats
2018-09-27sunrise roofing 11517Game Stats
2018-09-13da guys132Game Stats
2018-09-13da guys 2208Game Stats
2018-09-06Hamtramck Flyers 195Game Stats
2018-09-06hamtramck Flyers 22217Game Stats
2018-08-22TheeVC1121Game Stats
2018-08-21Playoffs - Crackers80Game Stats
2018-08-21Playoffs - Purple Cobras1410Game Stats
2018-08-09Brew Crew 41211Game Stats
2018-08-09Brew Crew 3187Game Stats
2018-08-02SHBT 42111Game Stats
2018-08-02SHBT 3269Game Stats
2018-07-26B1G 101711Game Stats
2018-07-26B1G 10 21514Game Stats
2018-07-19Sunrise Roofing 369Game Stats
2018-07-19Sunrise Roofing 41012Game Stats
2018-07-12Swing Kings 31910Game Stats
2018-07-12Swing Kings 465Game Stats
2018-06-28Local 600 31221Game Stats
2018-06-28Local 600 42014Game Stats
2018-06-21Metro Fire 130Game Stats
2018-06-21Metro Fire 2109Game Stats
2018-06-14Brew Crew 1133Game Stats
2018-06-14Brew Crew 21520Game Stats
2018-06-07SHBT 2154Game Stats
2018-06-07SHBT 1190Game Stats
2018-05-31Big10149Game Stats
2018-05-31Big10 21011Game Stats
2018-05-24Sunrise Roofing 1919Game Stats
2018-05-24Sunrise Roofing 2015Game Stats
2018-05-17Swing Kings38Game Stats
2018-05-17Swing Kings 2513Game Stats
2018-05-10Local 60065Game Stats
2018-05-10Local 600811Game Stats
2017-11-06Liberty Auto1715Game Stats
2017-11-06Moose Men1511Game Stats
2017-11-01Playoffs 21312Game Stats
2017-10-30Playoffs 1129Game Stats
2017-10-26Vitos298Game Stats
2017-10-26Superfriends Dimitris910Game Stats
2017-10-19Superfriends 11319Game Stats
2017-10-19Superfriends 2319Game Stats
2017-10-05Metrotech 1155Game Stats
2017-10-05MetroTech 22111Game Stats
2017-09-28Sunrise 1116Game Stats
2017-09-28Sunrise 22327Game Stats
2017-09-21Super Friends2117Game Stats
2017-09-21MetroTech192Game Stats
2017-09-14Super Friends 919Game Stats
2017-09-14Vitos1715Game Stats
2017-08-16Playoff Game 2622Game Stats
2017-08-15playoff Game 176Game Stats
2017-08-10Rats134Game Stats
2017-08-10Rats2142Game Stats
2017-08-03Falls makeup1122Game Stats
2017-08-03falls makeup2816Game Stats
2017-07-27The Rats1811Game Stats
2017-07-27The Rats 22012Game Stats
2017-07-20metro Fire 3192Game Stats
2017-07-20Metro Fire 41310Game Stats
2017-07-13brew crew 1312Game Stats
2017-07-13brew crew again177Game Stats
2017-07-06Falls138Game Stats
2017-07-06Falls 2214Game Stats
2017-06-29dodgers 3195Game Stats
2017-06-29dodgers 4206Game Stats
2017-06-08Downriver Kings1918Game Stats
2017-06-08Downriver Kings 21517Game Stats
2017-06-01Swing Kings 1105Game Stats
2017-06-01Swing Kings 21718Game Stats
2017-05-18Metro Fire 194Game Stats
2017-05-18Metro Fire 271Game Stats
2017-05-11Brew Crew 1116Game Stats
2017-05-11Brew Crew 2187Game Stats
2017-04-27Dodgers 1211Game Stats
2017-04-27Dodgers 2234Game Stats
2016-11-01Gomez Imports1612Game Stats
2016-11-01Bomb Squad22229Game Stats
2016-11-01Bomb Squad2229Game Stats
2016-10-25Crackers 3815Game Stats
2016-10-25Crackers 4256Game Stats
2016-10-18Westborn Spa 11012Game Stats
2016-10-18Westborn Spa 2515Game Stats
2016-10-1110 deep188Game Stats
2016-10-1110 deep 2129Game Stats
2016-10-04Bomb Squad2919Game Stats
2016-10-04Bomb Squad 11617Game Stats
2016-09-27Crackers921Game Stats
2016-09-27Crackers 21920Game Stats
2016-09-20Jokerz 1100Game Stats
2016-09-20Jokerz 22516Game Stats
2016-09-13Tunnel Brothers1210Game Stats
2016-09-13tunnell brothers 187Game Stats
2016-08-08Playoff Game 2515Game Stats
2016-08-07Playoff Game 1319Game Stats
2016-08-01Off Constantly1410Game Stats
2016-08-01Off Constantly 284Game Stats
2016-07-25Bad Company226Game Stats
2016-07-25Bad Company 2911Game Stats
2016-07-18Dunleavys 31213Game Stats
2016-07-18Dunleavys 42017Game Stats
2016-07-11Detroit Celebs1317Game Stats
2016-07-11Detroit Celebs 4148Game Stats
2016-06-27Why So Serious931Game Stats
2016-06-27Why So Serious 21416Game Stats
2016-06-20Bad Company1516Game Stats
2016-06-20Bad Company 2421Game Stats
2016-06-13Dunleavys1419Game Stats
2016-06-13Dunleavys 22111Game Stats
2016-06-06Detroit Celebs 11619Game Stats
2016-06-06Detroit Celebs 2911Game Stats
2016-05-23Why So Serious713Game Stats
2016-05-23Why So Serious21819Game Stats
2015-08-18Playoff Game 3 GITA513Game Stats
2015-08-12Playoff 1 Brew Crew52Game Stats
2015-08-06Oakwood Bar 11512Game Stats
2015-08-06Oakwood Bar 2147Game Stats
2015-07-30Interstate Restoration78Game Stats
2015-07-30Walla Bro1713Game Stats
2015-07-23Old School 385Game Stats
2015-07-23Old School 4161Game Stats
2015-07-16Metro Fire 3121Game Stats
2015-07-16Metro Fire 4174Game Stats
2015-07-09Brew Crew 138Game Stats
2015-07-09Brew Crew 22310Game Stats
2015-07-02Oakwood Bar 1109Game Stats
2015-07-02Oakwood Bar 2910Game Stats
2015-06-25Blue Cross1011Game Stats
2015-06-25Blue Cross 267Game Stats
2015-06-18wheat 1161Game Stats
2015-06-18wheat 216Game Stats
2015-06-11PBT 179Game Stats
2015-06-11PBT 287Game Stats
2015-06-04Metroctech 1116Game Stats
2015-06-04Metrotech 2715Game Stats
2015-05-28Interstate Restoration 1121Game Stats
2015-05-28Interstate Restoration 22013Game Stats
2015-05-21Old School142Game Stats
2015-05-21Old School 22113Game Stats
2015-05-14Metro Fire 1218Game Stats
2015-05-14Metro Fire 2171Game Stats
2015-05-07Brew Crew 179Game Stats
2015-05-07Brew Crew 21011Game Stats
2014-10-28Playoff Game 134Game Stats
2014-10-21Mich Auto 11520Game Stats
2014-10-21Mich Auto 21011Game Stats
2014-10-07JQLS65Game Stats
2014-10-07JQLS 270Game Stats
2014-09-30pump fakes 21612Game Stats
2014-09-30pump fakes 1915Game Stats
2014-09-23Randys 2154Game Stats
2014-09-23Randys 147Game Stats
2014-09-16Ninjas 11211Game Stats
2014-09-16ninjas 254Game Stats
2014-09-09Crackers 156Game Stats
2014-09-09Crackers 268Game Stats
2014-08-20Playoff Game 257Game Stats
2014-08-14Playoff Game 1 - Leos39Game Stats
2014-08-07Dehaan's Ringers 169Game Stats
2014-08-07Dehaan's Ringers 2515Game Stats
2014-07-31Wrecking Crew 3147Game Stats
2014-07-31Wrecking Crew 4136Game Stats
2014-07-24whackout boyz105Game Stats
2014-07-24whackout boyz 2711Game Stats
2014-07-17Brew Crew 1132Game Stats
2014-07-17Brew Crew 2118Game Stats
2014-07-10Metro Fire 1150Game Stats
2014-07-10Metro Fire 253Game Stats
2014-06-26WRye 173Game Stats
2014-06-26wRye 298Game Stats
2014-06-19Oakwood Bar 195Game Stats
2014-06-19Oakwood Bar 2814Game Stats
2014-06-12Hit It N Quit It 164Game Stats
2014-06-12Hit It N Quit It 2105Game Stats
2014-06-05Zap Zone - lost stats1317Game Stats
2014-05-29Blue Cross 1810Game Stats
2014-05-29Blue Cross 276Game Stats
2014-05-22Bobby Palmer's Team 21513Game Stats
2014-05-22Bobby Palmer's Team 11510Game Stats
2014-05-15Pitches Be Trippin67Game Stats
2014-05-15Pitches Be Trippin 273Game Stats
2014-05-08Wrecking Crew 1153Game Stats
2014-05-08Wrecking Crew 2149Game Stats
2013-08-21Ronnie Berries1418Game Stats
2013-08-19Playoffs Goodfellas100Game Stats
2013-08-19Playoffs DCF297Game Stats
2013-08-15Bad News Ballers2221Game Stats
2013-08-15Bad News Ballers2616Game Stats
2013-08-09Midway Dental 11011Game Stats
2013-08-08Midway Dental 21016Game Stats
2013-08-01PBT187Game Stats
2013-08-01PBT2413Game Stats
2013-07-25HitNQuit11117Game Stats
2013-07-25HitNQuit21614Game Stats
2013-07-18Brew Crew24Game Stats
2013-07-18Brew Crew 2113Game Stats
2013-07-11BCBS 119Game Stats
2013-07-11BCBS 215Game Stats
2013-06-20Wheat gm2213Game Stats
2013-06-20Wheat gm 1313Game Stats
2013-06-13Metro Fire 1191Game Stats
2013-06-13Metro Fire 21917Game Stats
2013-06-06Sullys gm 1158Game Stats
2013-06-06Sullys gm 2918Game Stats
2013-05-16Midway Dental 1010Game Stats
2013-05-16Midway Dental 2713Game Stats
2013-05-09Pitches Be Trippin 1111Game Stats
2013-05-09Pitches Be Trippin 289Game Stats
2013-05-02hit it and quit it 1613Game Stats
2013-05-02hit it and quit it 2113Game Stats
2010-10-28Wheat & Rye919Game Stats
2010-10-27The Bar232Game Stats
2010-10-20AWA714Game Stats
2010-10-20AWA810Game Stats
2010-10-13Tzu Chang Clan426Game Stats
2010-10-13tzu chang clan312Game Stats
2010-10-06Ya Heard68Game Stats
2010-10-06Ya Heard159Game Stats
2010-09-29Betting Public1617Game Stats
2010-09-29Betting Public2012Game Stats
2010-09-23Motor City Auto177Game Stats
2010-09-23Motor City Auto1816Game Stats
2010-09-15Out Cold76Game Stats
2010-09-15Out Cold513Game Stats
2010-09-08Gateway Travel134Game Stats
2010-09-08Gateway Travel35Game Stats
2010-08-18Playoff Game 1212Game Stats
2010-08-12Excalibur A313Game Stats
2010-08-12Excalibur B412Game Stats
2010-08-05The Bar A1612Game Stats
2010-08-05The Bar B155Game Stats
2010-07-29stress relief A87Game Stats
2010-07-29stress relief B62Game Stats
2010-07-22Scoreboard A106Game Stats
2010-07-22Scoreboard B1117Game Stats
2010-07-15Post Bar125Game Stats
2010-07-01Brew Crew A616Game Stats
2010-07-01Brew Crew B214Game Stats
2010-06-24Buffalo Wild Wings A148Game Stats
2010-06-24Buffalo Wild Wings B313Game Stats
2010-06-17Excaliber A1210Game Stats
2010-06-17Excaliber B813Game Stats
2010-06-10Metro Fire A91Game Stats
2010-06-10Metro Fire B97Game Stats
2010-06-03The Bar A1716Game Stats
2010-06-03The Bar B1815Game Stats
2010-05-27Stress Relief B95Game Stats
2010-05-27Stress Relief A2110Game Stats
2010-05-20Scoreboard A196Game Stats
2010-05-20Scoreboard B103Game Stats
2010-05-06New Place Lounge A76Game Stats
2010-05-06New Place Lounge B07Game Stats