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dover starz Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-09-03Muskie 16102Game Stats
2021-08-01Ohio Warriors15Game Stats
2021-07-31OG Ice95Game Stats
2021-07-31Muskie 1643Game Stats
2021-07-31Oil Valley Lightning45Game Stats
2021-07-16Maryland Heat411Game Stats
2021-07-16Freedom Firebirds23Game Stats
2021-07-15Maryland Dynasty109Game Stats
2021-07-15Hickory Hornets24Game Stats
2021-07-04Vipers - Reese214Game Stats
2021-07-03Big walnut eagle37Game Stats
2021-07-02Vipers118Game Stats
2021-07-02Grove City Racers18Game Stats
2021-06-27MOV Pride15Game Stats
2021-06-26Misfits17Game Stats
2021-06-26Muskie 1622Game Stats
2021-06-26lightning69Game Stats
2021-06-20smokin Ace154Game Stats
2021-06-20Sugar City Slammers315Game Stats
2021-06-19Lookouts White95Game Stats
2021-06-19Sugar City Slammers07Game Stats
2021-06-18Ohio Monsters Black07Game Stats
2021-06-12Lady Legends65Game Stats
2021-06-12Lady Irish017Game Stats
2021-06-06Cap City Force18Game Stats
2021-06-05Mad Dogs016Game Stats
2021-06-05Lasers015Game Stats
2021-05-30Muskie 16108Game Stats
2021-05-30Muskie chix 18212Game Stats
2021-05-29Muskie 1665Game Stats
2021-05-29Pitbulls120Game Stats