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Da Goats Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-10-27Hogwild (Playoff) R1717Game Stats
2021-10-20Hogwild G11619Game Stats
2021-10-20Hogwild G21013Game Stats
2021-10-06Flannery's G2184Game Stats
2021-10-06Flannery's G1344Game Stats
2021-09-29Reapers G12510Game Stats
2021-09-29Reapers G21112Game Stats
2021-09-22Brews at 1st G22514Game Stats
2021-09-22Brews at 1st G1376Game Stats
2021-09-15Scaliwags G11710Game Stats
2021-09-15Scaliwags G21523Game Stats
2021-09-08Nite Games G22015Game Stats
2021-09-08Nite Games G11819Game Stats
2021-09-01Carbones G22615Game Stats
2021-09-01Trees G2222Game Stats
2021-09-01Trees G1283Game Stats
2021-08-25Carbones G1200Game Stats
2021-08-18Balls Out G21615Game Stats
2021-08-18Balls Out G1168Game Stats
2021-08-11Damage Inc. G2414Game Stats
2021-08-11Damage Inc. G11211Game Stats
2021-07-07Scaliwags (Playoff) R11417Game Stats
2021-06-30Damage Inc. G21118Game Stats
2021-06-30Damage Inc. G1180Game Stats
2021-06-23Reapers G11413Game Stats
2021-06-23Reapers G22013Game Stats
2021-06-16Cool Arrows G2205Game Stats
2021-06-16Cool Arrows G1121Game Stats
2021-06-09Hog Wild G21216Game Stats
2021-06-09Hog Wild G11222Game Stats
2021-06-02Isotopes G1520Game Stats
2021-06-02Isotopes G2528Game Stats
2021-05-26Blue Bees G21610Game Stats
2021-05-26Blue Bees G11311Game Stats
2021-05-19Nite Games G21922Game Stats
2021-05-19Nite Games G11325Game Stats
2021-05-05Flannery's G1270Game Stats
2021-05-05Flannery's G23110Game Stats
2021-05-05Balls Out G21716Game Stats
2021-05-05Balls Out G1100Game Stats
2021-04-21Scaliwags G2817Game Stats
2021-04-21Scaliwags G1129Game Stats