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Free Softball Stats

Manage and track your softball team stats for free.

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Career batting statistics are now available on the player stats page and as a complete team view. Just look for the tab on your team stats page.

Free Softball StatsManage and track team and individual softball or baseball statistics.

Free Softball Stats is the free, easy way to manage & track your slow pitch, fast pitch, beer league, high school, or competitive softball team's statistics. Whether you play softball or baseball, is the right solution for your team - at any level. Free Softball Stats tracks team, batting, hitting & pitching stats. You can also track career statistics and more! We're also the only softball stat site to include sabermetrics!

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Our free downloadable softball scoresheet makes keeping stats simple. Download a free copy (.pdf)

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Confused by some of the stats we use? Learn about sabermetrics and other softball stats in our stat glossary

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