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HijosD'VillaElisa Softball Team Pitcher Statistics Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

Hijos D' Villa Elisa Bienvenidos!!

Esequiel Medrano209.00610.6616150.2002.814
Yael Medrano567.32858.957213220.5912.239
Amauris Cruz605.61530.99293110.2732.130
Ignacio Betemit0112.0244.99103000.000
Rouset Espinal1312.39015.9833470.5712.628
Juan Carlos Castro726.54836.6540771.0001.146
Rady Aracena2465.416163.9614873451.6221.647
Juan Bueno (Guandule)0036.1451.6610350.60018.072
Fausto El MaeƱo213.17617.0091427.0000.706
Keury Reyes0154.5450.333130.33354.545
Starling (Caivo)214.05113.339641.5001.800
Note: ERA and BB/6 are calculated based on 6 innings per game. You can change this in team settings.
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