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Playmaker Express Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2024-04-27Why so serious? Game 1-Bham158Game Stats
2024-04-06Game 3 Cullman412Game Stats
2024-04-06I201722Game Stats
2024-03-16Sharp Shooters72Game Stats
2024-03-16Got 'em618Game Stats
2024-03-16Dirt Bags810Game Stats
2024-02-25Winter Worlds Game 4-Dalton, GA815Game Stats
2024-02-24Winter WORLDS-Game 11210Game Stats
2024-02-03Warrior-Game 495Game Stats
2024-02-03Warrior-Game 1316Game Stats
2024-02-03Warrior-Game 3817Game Stats
2024-02-03Game 2 Warrior316Game Stats
2024-01-20GAME 3-SYLACAUGA1112Game Stats
2024-01-20Game 5-Sylacauga132Game Stats
2024-01-20GAME 1-Sylacauga1011Game Stats
2024-01-20Game 2-Sylacauga2314Game Stats
2024-01-20Game 6- Sylacauga916Game Stats
2024-01-20Game 4-Sylacauga72Game Stats
2023-04-06Game 5 Cullman176Game Stats
2023-04-06Game 4 Cullman137Game Stats