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American Freedom 2K12 Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-10-31LH 10U Panthers All Stars48Game Stats
2021-10-31Georgetown IT06Game Stats
2021-10-30Bandits61Game Stats
2021-10-29Lady Legends 10U22Game Stats
2021-10-29LH 10U Panthers All Stars23Game Stats
2021-10-10RVG Thunder 10U012Game Stats
2021-10-10Buzz CTX 10U Sheka612Game Stats
2021-10-09DSTX 10U Knapp114Game Stats
2021-10-09Unity Fastpitch 10U14Game Stats
2021-10-09StrikeZone Knockouts 10U Alcozer96Game Stats
2021-09-26Blaze 2K12 - Copeland 10U313Game Stats
2021-09-26Tier 1 Platinum 10U153Game Stats
2021-09-25Austin Sun Devils 10U313Game Stats
2021-09-25Pro Form CTX Smith 10U56Game Stats
2021-09-25Blaze 2K12 - Copeland 10U95Game Stats
2021-09-18StrikeZone Knockouts 10U Alcozer40Game Stats
2021-09-18Pro Form CTX Smith 10U102Game Stats
2021-09-18Pro Form CTX Smith 10U143Game Stats
2021-09-18Blaze 2K12 - Copeland 10U38Game Stats
2021-09-18Bandits124Game Stats
2021-09-12Swarm 10U58Game Stats
2021-09-12Buzz Bombs-Helpert 10U85Game Stats
2021-09-11Aftershock 10U Wolff36Game Stats
2021-09-11Swarm 10U106Game Stats
2021-09-11Waco Heat Moore 10U415Game Stats