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Spartans 51 Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-08-01Warriors game 8318Game Stats
2021-08-01warriors game 7021Game Stats
2021-08-01warriors game 6230Game Stats
2021-08-01warriors game 5224Game Stats
2021-07-25noise boyz game 5919Game Stats
2021-07-25noise boyz game 6923Game Stats
2021-07-25noise boyz game 41226Game Stats
2021-07-11warriors game 4234Game Stats
2021-07-11Warriors game 3218Game Stats
0006-06-21noise boyz game 11117Game Stats
0006-06-21noise boyz game 21014Game Stats
0000-00-00Smiths aut game 6017Game Stats
0000-00-00Smiths aut game 5314Game Stats
0000-00-00sm auto game 4822Game Stats
0000-00-00Sm auto game 3525Game Stats
0000-00-00warriors game 11023Game Stats
0000-00-00Smith auto game 2323Game Stats
0000-00-00Smith auto game 1110Game Stats
0000-00-00warriors game 2717Game Stats