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Team page for OddSox and Lots of Potential

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-11-10Catch of the Day714Game Stats
2021-11-03Mother Duckers714Game Stats
2021-10-27Team RSI617Game Stats
2021-10-27OddSox713Game Stats
2021-10-27Lots of Potential137Game Stats
2021-10-20When I've Been Drinking728Game Stats
2021-10-13When I've Been Drinking1024Game Stats
2021-10-06Catch of the Day524Game Stats
2021-09-22Jennys818Game Stats
2021-09-22Team RSI222Game Stats
2021-09-15Mother Duckers1122Game Stats
2021-09-15Team RSI615Game Stats
2021-09-01When I've Been Drinking910Game Stats
2021-08-25When I've Been Drinking718Game Stats
2021-08-25Jennys717Game Stats
2021-08-04Mother Duckers520Game Stats
2021-07-28Mother Duckers718Game Stats
2021-07-21One Too Many518Game Stats
2021-07-14Big Ol' Hitties727Game Stats
2021-07-07Grompas618Game Stats
2021-06-30Benchwarmers1315Game Stats
2021-06-23You Mad Bro229Game Stats
2021-06-16Catch of the Day1117Game Stats