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A. Hansen Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-07-29EC Bullets Grant416Game Stats
2021-07-29EC Bullets Grant08Game Stats
2021-07-28OC Batbusters - Lastrapes/Sasaki011Game Stats
2021-07-27San Antonio Bombers STX Cartagena 14u80Game Stats
2021-07-18MN Wave Caicedo23Game Stats
2021-07-18Midwest Power Wilson144Game Stats
2021-07-18MN Moose 14u411Game Stats
2021-07-17MN Wave Caicedo122Game Stats
2021-07-17MW Speed 14u Gold14Game Stats
2021-07-17MN Moose 14u09Game Stats
2021-07-16MN Starters - Smyth 18u56Game Stats
2021-07-10Brookings Outlaws Bortnem18Game Stats
2021-07-09SD Elite411Game Stats
2021-07-04Nebraska Edge Macken27Game Stats
2021-07-04Nebraska Quakes Buzzell32Game Stats
2021-07-04Nebraska Force 0682Game Stats
2021-07-03White Bear Lake Bears44Game Stats
2021-07-03Nebraska Venom Rychly71Game Stats
2021-07-02Nebraska Swingers102Game Stats
2021-06-19Minnesota Force Zavoral410Game Stats
2021-06-19Minnesota Starters Schulte117Game Stats
2021-06-19Minnesota Force Zavoral47Game Stats
2021-06-18Minnesota Bombers Gold113Game Stats
2021-06-18Minnesota Force Perkins60Game Stats
2021-06-18Midwest Power Ly010Game Stats
2021-06-13Rapid City Brakers46Game Stats
2021-06-12TSC Hurricanes71Game Stats
2021-06-12Dell Rapids Alderson94Game Stats
2021-06-11Brookings Outlaws 07103Game Stats
2021-06-06Hartford Sparx 18u08Game Stats
2021-06-06Optimal Impact 16u132Game Stats
2021-06-05Hartford Sparx 18u15Game Stats
2021-06-05Luverne Blaze 16u124Game Stats
2021-05-30Yankton Fury Red 16u45Game Stats
2021-05-30TSC Blaze 16u174Game Stats
2021-05-30Optimal Impact 16u170Game Stats
2021-05-29Watertown Impact 16u135Game Stats
2021-05-29Yankton Fury Red 16u48Game Stats
2021-05-23Sioux Falls Sparks 16u56Game Stats
2021-05-23TSC Vortex 16u80Game Stats
2021-05-22Sioux Falls Sparks 16u111Game Stats
2021-05-22Bennington Badgers 16u59Game Stats
2021-05-16Midwest Power 14u Blue49Game Stats
2021-05-16Brookings Outlaws Bortnem411Game Stats
2021-05-15Midwest Power14u Blue37Game Stats
2021-05-15Cyclones 14u Red08Game Stats
2021-05-09Hot Shots Blue013Game Stats
2021-05-09Golden Girls Wylie80Game Stats
2021-05-08TSC Hurricanes93Game Stats
2021-05-08RC 605124Game Stats
2021-05-07Hot Shots Blue45Game Stats
2021-05-02SD Elite74Game Stats
2021-05-02SD Renegades 14u112Game Stats
2021-05-02Cyclones Blue 0765Game Stats
2021-05-01Hot Shots Gray123Game Stats
2021-05-01SD Renegades 14u110Game Stats
2021-05-01SD Elite04Game Stats
2021-04-25TSC Wildfire36Game Stats
2021-04-25Predators133Game Stats
2021-04-24Yankton Fury Hornets73Game Stats
2021-04-24Yankton Fury Twisters170Game Stats
2021-02-15STMA Gold32Game Stats
2021-02-15TC Blitz12Game Stats
2021-02-15Twin Ports Rampage11Game Stats
2021-01-18STMA Gold43Game Stats
2021-01-18MN Force 16u Navy15Game Stats
2021-01-18MW Speed 14u Gold22Game Stats
2021-01-18MN Whirl 2004 Gold112Game Stats
2021-01-18Twin Ports Rampage31Game Stats
2021-01-18MW Power 14u Alan48Game Stats