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Novatos vip Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-10-10Los Tanqueros103Game Stats
2021-10-10Los Tanqueros310Game Stats
2021-10-03Estrellas de Nava100Game Stats
2021-10-03Estrellas de Nava57Game Stats
2021-09-26Los Compadres HC190Game Stats
2021-09-26Los Compadres HC31Game Stats
2021-09-19Los Osos120Game Stats
2021-09-19Los Osos122Game Stats
2021-09-05Los Gobernao43Game Stats
2021-09-05Los Gobernao218Game Stats
2021-08-29Victoria en Cristo104Game Stats
2021-08-29Victoria en Cristo81Game Stats
2021-08-22Aguilas Cristianas113Game Stats
2021-08-22Aguilas Cristianas1913Game Stats
2021-08-15PicaPalos61Game Stats
2021-08-08Aguilas Cristianas139Game Stats
2021-08-08Aguilas Cristianas108Game Stats
2021-08-01Bethel111Game Stats
2021-08-01Bethel87Game Stats
2021-07-25Indetedibles 116Game Stats
2021-07-25Indetedibles 1620Game Stats
2021-07-18Los Matachatas72Game Stats
2021-07-18Los Matachatas79Game Stats
2021-07-11PicaPalos1211Game Stats
2021-07-11PicaPalos53Game Stats
2021-07-04Los Troncos89Game Stats
2021-07-04Los Troncos108Game Stats
2021-06-27LOS TERRIBLES98Game Stats
2021-06-27Los TEMIBLES142Game Stats
2021-06-13Los Rebelde 91Game Stats
2021-06-13Los Rebelde 122Game Stats
2021-05-23Los Astros166Game Stats
2021-05-23Los Astros122Game Stats
2021-05-16Los Unicos216Game Stats
2021-05-16Los Unicos119Game Stats
2021-05-09Los Hermanos de la cienega32Game Stats
2021-05-09Los Hermanos de la cienega714Game Stats
2021-05-02Los Compadres217Game Stats
2021-05-02Los Compadres813Game Stats
2021-04-25Las Panteras97Game Stats
2021-04-25Las Panteras2025Game Stats
2021-04-18Los Hermanos de la cienega102Game Stats
2021-04-18Los Hermanos de la cienega166Game Stats
2021-04-11Los Compadres86Game Stats
2021-04-11Los Compadres166Game Stats
2021-03-28Los Temibles93Game Stats
2021-03-28Los Quemadores2818Game Stats
2021-03-21Los Gobernaos1213Game Stats
2021-03-21Los Gobernao813Game Stats
2021-03-14Expreso del Congo138Game Stats
2021-03-14Expreso del Congo50Game Stats
2021-03-07Los Rebelde126Game Stats
2021-03-07Los Rebelde199Game Stats
2021-02-28Los Temibles163Game Stats
2021-02-21Aguilas Cristiana104Game Stats
2021-02-21Ɓguilas cristianas 131Game Stats
2021-02-14Los Reales47Game Stats
2021-02-14Los Reales1413Game Stats
2021-02-07Los Gobernaos108Game Stats
2021-02-07Los Gobernaos150Game Stats