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Havoc '11 Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2021-07-02316 Tulsa Elite 10U110Game Stats
2021-07-02Oklahoma Force 2010415Game Stats
2021-06-30Missouri Bombers 2010415Game Stats
2021-06-29Monticello Mayhem 2010111Game Stats
2021-06-29Diamond Elite 10U01Game Stats
2021-06-27Sparks 10U25Game Stats
2021-06-26Monsters 10U51Game Stats
2021-06-26Knox County Crush80Game Stats
2021-06-20Steam '10110Game Stats
2021-06-20Bettendorf Lil' Dawgs 10U Gold114Game Stats
2021-06-20MidWest Sluggers 11110Game Stats
2021-06-19Muskie Prospects120Game Stats
2021-06-19Green Xtreme 2011130Game Stats
2021-06-19PV X-Plosion White 201071Game Stats
2021-06-15Bettendorf Lil' Dawgs 10U Gold15Game Stats
2021-06-15PV X-Plosion 10U Blue90Game Stats
2021-06-08Quad City Firebirds 10U43Game Stats
2021-06-08PV X-Plosion 10U Blue154Game Stats
2021-06-06Havoc '10111Game Stats
2021-06-05Cedar Rapids Blue Devils 10U48Game Stats
2021-06-05PV X-Plosion Grey 201004Game Stats
2021-06-05East Iowa Express 10U38Game Stats
2021-06-01QC Angels Blue64Game Stats
2021-06-01Steam '1024Game Stats
2021-05-25Bettendorf Lil' Dawgs 10U Gold52Game Stats
2021-05-25Quad City Firebirds 10U62Game Stats
2021-05-23Illinois Gold Fastpitch 10U Jensen118Game Stats
2021-05-23PV X-Plosion Grey 201009Game Stats
2021-05-23Mudd Dawgs75Game Stats
2021-05-22Muskie Prospects132Game Stats
2021-05-22Dubuque Thunder 9U71Game Stats
2021-05-22East Iowa Express 10U25Game Stats
2021-05-22Metamora Flames31Game Stats
2021-05-16Yorkville Foxes 10U52Game Stats
2021-05-16Mudd Dawgs911Game Stats
2021-05-16Illinois Lady Hawks 10U37Game Stats
2021-05-11Green Xtreme 201084Game Stats
2021-05-11QC Angels Blue111Game Stats
2021-05-08QC Bombers180Game Stats
2021-05-08Peoria Sluggers 10U McCoy53Game Stats
2021-05-08MidWest Sluggers 11142Game Stats
2021-05-08Illinois Gold Fastpitch 10U Jensen41Game Stats
2021-05-04Bettendorf Lil' Dawgs 10U Gold48Game Stats
2021-05-04PV X-Plosion 10U Blue74Game Stats
2021-04-27Steam '1055Game Stats
2021-04-27Green Xtreme 201073Game Stats
2021-04-25Rage Fastpitch 10U Beloit Wisconsin54Game Stats
2021-04-25Rage Fastpitch 10U Beloit Wisconsin81Game Stats
2021-04-25Midwest Aftershock 10U71Game Stats
2021-04-24Davenport Falcons 10U140Game Stats
2021-04-24Rage Fastpitch 10U Beloit Wisconsin23Game Stats
2021-04-24Midwest Aftershock 10U64Game Stats
2021-04-24Green Xtreme 2010114Game Stats
2021-04-18Mudd Dawgs17Game Stats
2021-04-17QC Bombers184Game Stats
2021-04-17Mudd Dawgs23Game Stats
2021-04-17Muscatine Monsters49Game Stats
2021-02-21Hartford Velocity 10U111Game Stats
2021-02-21Richfield Rebels211Game Stats
2021-02-20Richfield Rebels270Game Stats
2021-02-19Franklin Force85Game Stats
2020-10-25Monsters 10U125Game Stats
2020-10-25PV X-Plosion White 201098Game Stats
2020-10-24Bettendorf Lil' Dawgs 10U Gold70Game Stats
2020-10-23QC Angels Blue144Game Stats
2020-10-23PV X-Plosion Grey 201046Game Stats
2020-10-20Lady Ronas102Game Stats
2020-10-20QC Angels Blue101Game Stats
2020-10-13Lady Ronas95Game Stats
2020-10-13Steam '11154Game Stats
2020-10-06PV X-Plosion 10U Blue100Game Stats
2020-10-04Bettendorf Lil' Dawgs 10U Gold46Game Stats
2020-10-03North Scott Lightning 2010141Game Stats
2020-10-03Green Xtreme 2010100Game Stats
2020-10-03PV X-Plosion White 2010140Game Stats
2020-09-29Steam '1193Game Stats
2020-09-29Lady Ronas130Game Stats
2020-09-26Steam '1035Game Stats
2020-09-26Muskie Prospects157Game Stats
2020-09-26QC Angels 2010010Game Stats
2020-09-26MidWest Sluggers 11167Game Stats
2020-09-26QC Angels 201089Game Stats
2020-09-22QC Angles 11' 9U106Game Stats
2020-09-22QC Angels Blue105Game Stats
2020-09-15MidWest Sluggers 11111Game Stats
2020-09-15PV X-Plosion 10U Blue141Game Stats
2020-09-05G7-Knight 10U115Game Stats
2020-09-05Muskie Prospects134Game Stats
2020-09-05BNGSA Angels 10s1413Game Stats
2020-09-05Havoc '10114Game Stats