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Orlando Lady Titans Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2020-10-25Space Coast Titans27Game Stats
2020-10-25Palm Bay Storms63Game Stats
2020-10-24NLS95Game Stats
2020-10-24Palm Bay Storms73Game Stats
2020-10-24Space Coast Heat140Game Stats
2020-10-18Shaka110Game Stats
2020-10-18Lady Lightning87Game Stats
2020-10-18Crushers64Game Stats
2020-10-17Crushers712Game Stats
2020-10-17Shaka06Game Stats
2020-10-04Flagler Lady Bandits35Game Stats
2020-10-04CFL Outlaws51Game Stats
2020-10-04Altamonte Respect Manlove21Game Stats
2020-10-03CFL Outlaws43Game Stats
2020-10-03Altamonte Respect Muscara92Game Stats
2020-09-20Altamonte Respect Muscara64Game Stats
2020-09-20Palatka Lady Panthers64Game Stats
2020-09-19Palatka Lady Panthers134Game Stats
2020-09-19Altamonte Respect Muscara98Game Stats
2020-09-13Lake County Tigers20Game Stats
2020-09-13Aftershock Purple111Game Stats
2020-09-12WC Storms36Game Stats
2020-09-12CF Diamond Dolz04Game Stats
2020-08-16Ohana90Game Stats
2020-08-16Rage71Game Stats
2020-08-16Lady Bandits52Game Stats
2020-08-15Lady Bandits17Game Stats
2020-08-15Ohana81Game Stats
2020-08-01Rage65Game Stats
2020-08-01Altamonte Respect122Game Stats
2020-07-17Crushers19Game Stats
2020-07-17Queen of Diamonds63Game Stats