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Log Drivers Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2022-05-25Brew Jays3038Game Stats
2022-05-17WildBrain267Game Stats
2022-05-11Big League Chews2423Game Stats
2019-09-14DHX3113Game Stats
2019-09-14a bunch of jerks1925Game Stats
2019-09-04Yo Batta Batta2628Game Stats
2019-08-29Ball Busters1828Game Stats
2019-08-08Spin VFX3319Game Stats
2019-07-29No Glove No Love624Game Stats
2019-07-25Big League Chews725Game Stats
2019-07-18SXM Brew Jays1530Game Stats
2019-07-09Ball Busters2428Game Stats
2019-07-02Spin VFX1917Game Stats
2019-06-25Yo Batta Batta2519Game Stats
2019-06-20SXM Brew Jays714Game Stats
2019-06-12Ball Busters414Game Stats
2019-06-11Backdoor Sliders1625Game Stats
2019-06-04Ball Busters1124Game Stats
2019-05-30Spin VFX2930Game Stats
2019-05-23Yo Batta Batta1933Game Stats