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Mikula Wednesday nights Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2019-10-23Game 200Game Stats
2019-10-23Game 100Game Stats
2019-10-21Game 200Game Stats
2019-10-21Game 100Game Stats
2019-10-16Game 200Game Stats
2019-10-16Game 100Game Stats
2019-10-15Game 100Game Stats
2019-10-15Game 200Game Stats
2019-09-25Game 300Game Stats
2019-09-18Game 200Game Stats
2019-09-18Game 1020Game Stats
2018-10-25Cantrells Carpet Cleaning Playoff 22430Game Stats
2018-10-25Boom Renovation Playoff 11914Game Stats
2018-10-24Bootleggers Game 2221Game Stats
2018-10-24Boom Renovation Game 12514Game Stats
2018-10-17Cantrells Carpet Cleaning Game 22120Game Stats
2018-10-17Mitten Sports Game 1173Game Stats
2018-10-10Boom Renovation Game 21915Game Stats
2018-10-10Boom Renovation Game 11411Game Stats
2018-09-26Mitten Sports Game 12210Game Stats
2018-09-26Mitten Sports Game 22627Game Stats
2018-09-19Cantrells Carpet Cleaning Game 22613Game Stats
2018-09-19Cantrells Carpet Cleaning Game 12720Game Stats
2018-09-12Bootleggers Game 22210Game Stats
2018-09-12Bootleggers Game 1233Game Stats