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Central Jersey Tornado Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2011-08-06All American Road Runners36Game Stats
2011-08-06Carolina Cardinals912Game Stats
2011-08-05Va Scrappers82Game Stats
2011-08-04Lancaster Shockwave67Game Stats
2011-08-04PIttsburgh Lady Bulldogs59Game Stats
2011-08-03Michigan Bulldogs410Game Stats
2011-07-30NJ Pride Gold611Game Stats
2011-07-30Diamond Dolls58Game Stats
2011-07-29Jaxx Gold517Game Stats
2011-07-29Thunderbolts 18u09Game Stats
2011-07-24Palm Beach Pride Gold23Game Stats
2011-07-23Miami Wildcats 18u28Game Stats
2011-07-23Brevard Stealers 18u Gold03Game Stats
2011-07-23Lake County Tigers 18u312Game Stats
2011-07-22Quicksilver 18u111Game Stats
2011-07-22Tampa Heatwave 18u15Game Stats
2011-07-10CT Shock102Game Stats
2011-07-10New Caanan Storm76Game Stats
2011-07-10Rapid Fire31Game Stats
2011-07-10S. Maine Smashers90Game Stats
2011-07-09CT Seahawks43Game Stats
2011-07-08Palmers Merchants24Game Stats
2011-07-03Mystics Blue76Game Stats
2011-07-03Top Gun80Game Stats
2011-07-03Jersey Fusion102Game Stats
2011-07-02Jersey Fusion95Game Stats
2011-07-02Mystics Blue111Game Stats
2011-07-02NJ Sparks32Game Stats
2011-06-26Blaze Elite31Game Stats
2011-06-26NJ Pride40Game Stats
2011-06-26NJ Pride73Game Stats
2011-06-25Hoboken Shockers1123Game Stats
2011-06-25Hoboken Shockers2111Game Stats
2011-06-19Xtreme80Game Stats
2011-06-19OC Crush82Game Stats
2011-06-18Rage40Game Stats
2011-06-18Force50Game Stats
2011-06-18XTreme85Game Stats
2011-06-18Mystics Blue42Game Stats
2011-06-12Frozen Ropes LI145Game Stats
2011-06-12SJ Rage18Game Stats
2011-06-11Stingrays97Game Stats
2011-06-11Mystics Blue16Game Stats
2011-06-11Diamond Crush53Game Stats
2011-06-05Inferno Elite 18u33Game Stats
2011-06-05NJ Rangers 18u37Game Stats
2011-06-04Insanity 18u45Game Stats
2011-06-04NJ Pride 18u19Game Stats
2011-06-04Empire State Huskies 18u510Game Stats
0000-00-0000Game Stats