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kingorourke Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2011-07-11Holy Cross Game-21522Game Stats
2011-07-11Holy Cross Game-1619Game Stats
2011-06-27Mud Hens Game 2628Game Stats
2011-06-27Mud Hens Game 1815Game Stats
2011-06-20Smithtwn Pres. Game 1329Game Stats
2011-06-20Smithtwn Pres. Game 22311Game Stats
2011-06-13Desperados Game-21319Game Stats
2011-06-13Desperados Game-11819Game Stats
2011-06-06Beavers - Game - 21310Game Stats
2011-06-06Beavers - Game - 1319Game Stats
2011-06-03Maple Park - Game - 2634Game Stats
2011-06-03Maple Park - Game -1717Game Stats
2011-05-16Napper Tandys Game - 2728Game Stats
2011-05-16Napper Tandys Game - 11920Game Stats
2011-05-02Holy Cross game 11611Game Stats
2011-05-02Holy Cross Game -21122Game Stats
2011-04-25Lights out Game-1621Game Stats
2011-04-25Lights Out Game-2432Game Stats
2011-04-18Mud Hens Game-21328Game Stats
2011-04-18Mud Hens Game-11333Game Stats