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12U Crushers Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2013-07-21San Ramon Valley Stompers82Game Stats
2013-07-21Sunnyvale Shockwave B08Game Stats
2013-07-20Los Gatos Magic81Game Stats
2013-07-20NC Raptors101Game Stats
2013-07-13Redwood City Wicked46Game Stats
2013-07-13French Valley All Stars78Game Stats
2013-07-12Hacienda Heights134Game Stats
2013-07-07Palo Alto Heat Red86Game Stats
2013-07-06Palo Alto Heat Red76Game Stats
2013-07-06Cupertino Inferno64Game Stats
2013-07-05Mountain Dream103Game Stats
2013-06-23Pacific Grove Breakers29Game Stats
2013-06-23Carmel All Stars611Game Stats
2013-06-22Palo Alto Heat Blue160Game Stats
2013-06-21Burligame Flames87Game Stats
2013-06-21Almaden Lightning87Game Stats
2013-06-16Carmel All Stars17Game Stats
2013-06-15San Jose Twisters90Game Stats
2013-06-15Sunnyvale Shockwave171Game Stats
2013-06-15Palo Alto Heat Blue120Game Stats
2013-06-15PV Tremblers150Game Stats
2013-06-09Morgan Hill Spirit69Game Stats
2013-06-09Foster City Flash83Game Stats
2013-06-09Palo Alto Heat Blue121Game Stats
2013-06-08Morgan Hill Spirit81Game Stats
2013-06-08Mountain Dream170Game Stats
2013-06-07Raptors30Game Stats