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Jackson J-Hawks U10 Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

Welcome J-Hawks! WOW! Class C ASA State Champs!!! Awesome job in Watertown!!! Now let's take it to 'em in the Jackson Slammin' Jammin' Tournament!

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2013-07-21Waupon Eclipse (Watertown Tourney Game 4)133Game Stats
2013-07-21Verona Cougars (Watertown Tourney Game 3)86Game Stats
2013-07-20Watertown Thunder (Watertown Tourney Game 2)94Game Stats
2013-07-20Verona Cougars (Watertown Tourney Game 1)119Game Stats
2013-07-15Brown Deer290Game Stats
2013-07-12Whitefish Bay261Game Stats
2013-07-08Grafton Stingers (Game 1)141Game Stats
2013-07-08Grafton Stingers (Game 2)134Game Stats
2013-06-30Kaukauna Ghosts (Plover Tourney Game 5)45Game Stats
2013-06-30Prebble Hornets (Plover Tourney Game 4)81Game Stats
2013-06-29Oshkosh Raiders (Plover Tourney Game 3)51Game Stats
2013-06-29New London Bulldogs (Plover Tourney Game 2)21Game Stats
2013-06-29Tri-County Thunder (Plover Tourney Game 1)50Game Stats
2013-06-26Whitefish Bay223Game Stats
2013-06-22Fondy Fusion (Poynette Tourney Game 2)65Game Stats
2013-06-21WI Bandits (Poynette Tourney Game 1)65Game Stats
2013-06-15Brown Deer201Game Stats
2013-06-10Cedarburg223Game Stats
2013-06-05Slinger Storm63Game Stats
2013-06-02Sussex (Slinger Tounrey Game 4)161Game Stats
2013-06-02West Allis (Slinger Tourney Game 3)194Game Stats
2013-06-01Merton (Slinger Tourney Game 1)210Game Stats
2013-06-01Slinger (Slinger Tourney Game 2)46Game Stats
2013-05-29Slinger Storm23Game Stats
2013-05-24Cedarburg90Game Stats
2013-05-19Richfield Rockets (Game 2)122Game Stats
2013-05-19Richfield Rockets (Game 1)171Game Stats
2013-05-17Mequon Heat120Game Stats