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Fillies 14 White Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2013-05-05NJ Diamond Crush63Game Stats
2013-05-05NJ Maroon51Game Stats
2013-05-05Mystics Red39Game Stats
2013-05-04Mystics Red 54Game Stats
2013-05-04Lady A's142Game Stats
2013-04-05Title wave20Game Stats
0000-00-00Bells23Game Stats
0000-00-00abbington angels56Game Stats
0000-00-00Baseline Blues61Game Stats
0000-00-00teal150Game Stats
0000-00-00Thunder42Game Stats
0000-00-00Impact Panthers03Game Stats
0000-00-00Pride17Game Stats
0000-00-00Velocity34Game Stats
0000-00-00East Coast Bandits818Game Stats
0000-00-00PA Strikers50Game Stats
0000-00-00lacey storm010Game Stats
0000-00-00Brick Bombers07Game Stats
0000-00-00Jersey Bandits07Game Stats
0000-00-00Mayhem82Game Stats
0000-00-00Brick Bomber - elimination game106Game Stats
0000-00-00Tsunami210Game Stats
0000-00-00Force91Game Stats
0000-00-00Express98Game Stats
0000-00-00Velocity1011Game Stats
0000-00-00Beachside Bandits111Game Stats
0000-00-00Swoop013Game Stats
0000-00-00M. Blaze78Game Stats