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ILLINOIS ESPRIT 14U Game Results Showing Latest Season. Click On A Heading To Sort

DateOpponentRuns ForRuns AgainstView Stats
2013-02-10CRUSH04Game Stats
2013-02-09CRUSH52Game Stats
2013-02-09WARCATS132Game Stats
2013-01-06WISCONSIN LIGHTNING32Game Stats
2013-01-06TEAM OAK STARS81Game Stats
2013-01-06ILLINOIS GOLD62Game Stats
2013-01-05WISCONSIN LIGHTNING64Game Stats
2013-01-04AURORA ILLINOIS260Game Stats
2012-11-04DEMARINI OVERLAND PARK, KS29Game Stats
2012-11-04DOWNERS GROVE 314Game Stats
2012-11-03TUCSON SUN CATS010Game Stats
2012-11-02INDIANA SHOCKWAVES419Game Stats
2012-11-02STL FUSION - FEDERHOFFER012Game Stats
2012-10-28BLACK WIDOWS 9975Game Stats
2012-10-28PROSPECTS JONES67Game Stats
2012-10-27FUSION JONES32Game Stats
2012-10-27FURY 98 53Game Stats
2012-10-27SO IL SWAT171Game Stats
2012-10-21SOUTHERN EXPRESS 9823Game Stats
2012-10-20MAURAUDERS124Game Stats
2012-10-20STL ESPRIT EAST72Game Stats
2012-10-20SOUTHERN EXPRESS 9973Game Stats
2012-10-13NEMO HOTSHOTS82Game Stats
2012-10-13WORTH PROSPECTS JONES25Game Stats
2012-10-13FUSION - JONES82Game Stats